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Kevin Bean of Reading, Pennsylvania is a funeral director and Certified Celebrant, and he thinks of his work in an unusual way.
Kevin Bean of Reading is a funeral director and Certified Celebrant, he is very passionate about his career. He likes to think of his job as a mortician, funeral director and Celebrant as an opportunity to help people with their grief. Having grown up in a funeral home, he has always viewed death as a part of life. Although we live in a death-denying society, it will happen to everyone at some point.

Bean Funeral Home and Crematory

Since 1997, Kevin Bean, PA has owned and operated Bean Funeral Homes and Crematory. He is exceptionally proud of his business. Mr. Bean also takes great pride in his work. He sees beahis job as a chance to comfort individuals who are going through a very difficult time. Losing a loved one is never easy; but, with the help of a caring, patient funeral professional, it is possible to survive the experience.

Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home

In addition to running Bean Funeral Home and Crematory, Kevin is the owner of and is in charge of Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. This funeral home works very hard to provide low income families with burial services for their deceased loved ones. Kevin has always believed that all families should have the opportunity to give their relatives a proper send-off, even if they cannot afford the services at a typical funeral home.

Planning for a funeral

Kevin Bean recommends that all individuals make as many end-of-life decisions as possible. Planning a funeral can prove a terrible burden for families. If you choose to make your own memorial arrangements, you can make life much easier for your loved ones after you are gone. Making your final arrangements is a much easier process to complete then most people think.
Kevin Bean, PA funeral director, has more than 30 years of experience in his field. He currently operates his own business--Bean Funeral Home and Crematory. He also runs Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home. This location is dedicated to providing tasteful funeral services for many underprivileged families who would not ordinarily have the ability to pay for their loved one’s burial expenses. Mr. Bean is very passionate about his work. He considers it a great honor to help many grieving families through the difficult process of planning funerals for their deceased relatives.

Kevin’s background and education

Kevin has always understood the importance of academic success. Even when he was a boy, he knew that he would have to work hard and make good grades if he wanted to succeed in the working world. After Kevin graduated from high school, he enrolled at Albright College, where he studied pre-med. He eventually pursued a liberal arts degree at Penn State University. After his time at Penn State, he enrolled at the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Sciences. After earning a degree in the funeral arts, Mr. Bean went to work as an intern and attained his funeral director license in 1982. After one year of shadowing a professional mortician and 15 years working as a licensed funeral director, Kevin took over Bean Funeral Home and Crematory, which he has operated since 1997.

Mr. Bean’s commitment to underprivileged individuals

In addition to running Bean Funeral Home and Crematory, Kevin also operates Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home, which provides memorial and burial services for low income households. Mr. Bean firmly believes that all families, regardless of their financial difficulties, deserve the right to bury their loved ones with dignity. For this reason, he provides cost-effective solutions for all types of funeral needs at Whelan Schwartz Funeral Home.

Although it is sometimes unpleasant to think about, everyone will die sooner or later. In light of this realization, it is very important to plan for the end of your life. If you do not make any of your funeral arrangements in advance, your loved ones will suffer a terrible burden. Funerals cost thousands of dollars. The price of the average burial service is enough to completely liquidate a person’s savings. By placing funds into an irrevocable trust, an individual allows those funds to be preserved and exempt for Medicaid qualification purposes. For this reason, it is very important that all individuals make at least some of their burial plans before they die.

Kevin Bean on celebrating life

Kevin Bean, Reading, PA funeral director and Certified Celebrant, believes that all memorial services should celebrate life. Although losing a loved one is always difficult, a funeral presents the unique opportunity to celebrate the life of an individual who has passed away. For this reason, it is always important to make a memorial service an uplifting occasion.

Passion for classic cars

Kevin has always had a fascination with classic cars, especially Corvettes. Mr. Bean’s love of cars began when he was only a young man. He always dreamt of owning a classic Corvette. He is a member of the Skyline Drive Corvette Club, a group consisting of sports car aficionados.

Sailing with his son

Kevin Bean, Reading, PA nautical enthusiast, is very fond of sailing. Whenever he has the opportunity to take a vacation from his job as a funeral director, Kevin always enjoys sailing with his son Michael. The two have traveled quite a bit by boat in the last few years. One of their favorite sailing destinations is the Florida Keys.

The beauty of the Florida Keys

Anyone who is looking for an amazing oceanside adventure should consider visiting the Florida Keys. This gorgeous location is home to crystal-clear waters and many beautiful beaches. Over the years, Mr. Bean and his son have made the Florida Keys a frequent stop on their vacation itinerary. The waters off of the coast of the Sunshine State are excellent for sailing.

Kevin Bean a Reading, PA intellectual, has always loved to bury his nose in a good book. Kevin enjoys reading all genres of literature, from biographies to fiction. After a long, hard day at work, nothing thrills him more than escaping into a great story. He finds that when he reads frequently, it helps him to relieve stress.

Reading is good for your health

Reading is not only a great way to relieve stress, it can even help you live longer. Several recent studies have suggested that individuals who read at least 30 minutes every day are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe that reading keeps the mind alert, which can help to prevent the breakdown of brain tissue.

Mr. Bean’s son Michael

Kevin Bean, Reading, PA father, is very proud of his 13-year-old son Michael. Even though he is still young, Michael is already able to play works by many great masters of classical music on the piano. He is absolutely thrilled to have a son who is so talented.

The many benefits of taking piano lessons

Believe it or not, learning to play the piano can help young people develop many important life skills, even if they do not grow up to become professional musicians. For example, taking piano lessons teaches children the value of hard work and discipline. In addition, playing a musical instrument also gives children the opportunity to express their own creativity. Learning to think in an abstract way can prove very beneficial in the professional world, as many modern jobs require thinking outside of the box.

Affinity for scuba diving

Kevin Bean, PA is also an excellent scuba diver. In fact, he has maintained his diving certification for more than 13 years. Whenever he has the opportunity to visit the Florida Keys with his son, he always tries to schedule in an undersea adventure. Thirteen-year-old Michael has come to look forward to exploring the bottom of the ocean with his dad, Kevin.
Kevin Bean of Reading PA plans to continue helping families in his area deal with their grief. He loves his work and wouldn't dream of leaving it.

The importance of the funeral industry

Death is an unfortunate part of life; however, funeral professionals who take their work seriously can help the families of deceased individuals to survive the difficult process of letting go.

The future of the funeral business

Although many individuals still stick to tradition when it comes to planning a memorial service, most modern funeral homes are capable of accommodating a variety of requests. Today, many families choose to honor their loved ones in a more unique way. As our culture continues to change, Kevin Bean, PA and funeral homes everywhere are expected to evolve as well.

The influence of technology

The traditional obituary is quickly becoming a thing of that past. Today, many families choose to create a memorial website for their deceased loved ones instead of placing an obituary in a local newspaper. Internet sites last forever, and they also allow the family of the departed to post their favorite pictures or videos. It is even becoming a trend to covert the Facebook pages of deceased individuals into memorial sites. As a professional with more than 30 years of experience in his field, Kevin Bean, Reading, PA funeral director, is always more than willing to accommodate any of his clients’ needs.

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  • Penn State University , United States

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  • Dallas Institute of Mortuary Sciences , United States , Dallas, TX

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  • Albright College , United States , Reading, Pennsylvania

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    01/1997 to 12/2099
  • Owner , United States , Reading, PA
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