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Doug Lauffer

United States
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Over the last three (3) quarters, I have been working on a new eLearning company! Participate with GPAC et al.; I am a part of a team with more than a combined two (2) centuries of automation in computing machines and telecommunications... Educated a market segment in commercial IP based wireless and founded a wireless telecom company (Total Access). An important concept I developed while working in AI is recognizing and dealing with the recursive chain of data, information, knowledge and intelligence (DIKI).

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Training, Sales, Assessing Marketability of New Products/Services, Demystifying/Simplifying Complexity, Develop patent pending technologies

Over the last year my team has monikered me the master of eLearning. I accepted. It is who i am, having been teaching online for about 20 years. My first online course was Visual C++, currently i teach online, Introduction to Information Technology. Over the years of being a minister and teacher, i have had the privilege of teaching more than ten thousand students.

Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning, has played a part in his field since its inception. Committed to the advancement of education, Lauffer has even introduced his own company. As students grow and learn, they also develop lifelong habits that will become a part of who they are. Helping All Learn, or HAL, focuses its attention on the developmental standards to which students are held.

Over 10,000 students have learned under the tutelage of Doug Lauffer. His innovative approach to education makes learning easier. These methods were developed after spending a number of years as a student himself. While in school, Doug Lauffer earned his first master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

The Internet is the great equalizer. Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning, uses this tool to put every person on the same level, no matter their class or capabilities. Simply put, people who work all day have the same opportunity as those with disabilities or ample free time. This virtual playing field is possibly the only place where such a diverse group of people would ever mingle.

Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning, knows that eLearning solutions are often more affordable than traditional school offerings. Requiring less travel and more generous hours, this method is preferable for students who live an already active lifestyle. Instructional material is located online and is accessible when needed by the student, meaning life isn't put on hold for class.

Global presence

Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning, encourages those who have not advanced their education to do so. Life does not stop for education. Enrolling in a hybrid course is a good way to learn without heavily impacting your normal, day-to-day routine.

Wherever there is Internet there is access to the materials required for online coursework. Hybrid classes offer the best of both worlds, as they adhere to a schedule that provides flexibility in students’ lives. Offering the benefit of a face-to-face relationship, they supplement traditional learning models with the convenience of global accessibility.

Shared experience

Breaking the ice with someone you've never met in person isn't something that comes naturally. It helps to have some sort of common ground, and the work required in an eLearning course often serves as a great way to introduce yourself to other students. Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning suggests using this as a jumping off point for striking up a conversation and meeting someone new.

Doug Lauffer, the master of eLearning, believes people thrive on human interaction, as even the most introverted of individuals needs to interact with others from time to time. As social creatures, humans benefit greatly from learning about different people and sharing their histories. Most people in the modern world receive an education, and eLearning allows them to share their edification with one another.


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