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Frank Holder is the Chairman of FTI Consulting in the Latin America region. He is an expert in establishing anti-corruption and risk mitigation strategies.
Frank Holder is the current Chairman of the Latin America Region of FTI Consulting, one of the world’s premier business advisory firms. He is based out of the FTI Consulting executive headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL, where he has worked as the leader of the Latin American Region’s Forensic and Litigation Consulting Segment in Latin America for the past six years.

FTI Consulting professionals rely on industry experience, innovation and leadership to address critical long-term and event-driven client challenges as they arise. With decades of direct experiences, FTI professionals are prepared to provide immediate, sustainable and practical solutions to clients.

Trusted advisors at FTI Consulting consistently meet and overcome client challenges. Regardless of economic fluctuations, FTI consultants are able to deliver results and uphold strong client partnerships.

With FTI Consulting, Frank Holder is responsible for security consulting and corporate investigations, among other areas. He also specializes in the fields of risk mitigation and anti-conrruption. As a leading security expert, he has designed security solutions for complex multi-jurisdictional distribution networks and international seaports and airports.
Frank Holder is unique among corporate risk management professionals. He is personally sought out by clients for his fields of specialization, his industry expertise and his consistent professionalism. He is recognized as both an expert in strategic security and a leader in his industry.

Frank’s Education

Frank began his career with an education from the United States Air Force Academy. Frank Holder enrolled in the Academy in 1986 and graduated summa cum laude six years later in 1992.

Shortly after graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, he enrolled with the Universidad de Belgrano. At Belgrano, he studied for three years, graduating in 1995. He earned a Master’s degree in International Relations and a PhD in Political Science.

Frank’s Career History

Frank Holder began his career by accepting a position with the United States Air Force. He worked as a political and military analyst for the United States embassy in Argentina. He contributed professional insight as a special agent at the Langley Air Force Base in Virginia for the Office of Special Investigations.

Following his position at the Air Force, he founded his own consultation firm devoted to areas of business including intelligence and risk mitigation. This firm, located in Buenos Aires in Argentina, became Holder Associates, with Frank taking the position of President.

In October of 1998, Frank left the business to join Kroll, Inc. Here, he became the President of Kroll’s Consulting Services Group. He became responsible for all of Kroll’s consulting services across the globe. Exceling at this position involved managing business operations in more than 35 different countries. He was appointed the head of the company’s Latin American and Caribbean regions.

He spent six and a half years at Kroll, Inc. At RAND, Frank Holder became a member of the company’s Advisory Board. In this capacity, he supported and guided RAND’s Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment (ISE) department with its operational mission. This mission included the conducting of research to improve the management, protection, and development of both the manmade and natural vital assets of society.

Eight and a half years later, he continues his valuable work with RAND.

In 2005, Frank founded Holder International and became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. In January of 2007, Holder International was acquired by FTI Consulting.

Frank continues to hold a position with FTI Consulting over six and a half years later.

Through his work at FTI Consulting, He has proven himself to be an industry expert in risk mitigation, anti-bribery engagements and security. He has directed corporate investigations and security engagements globally, and has largely concentrated his work both in the United States and Latin America. These assignments have included hostile takeovers, product protection, due diligence, litigation support, public corruption investigations and internal fraud investigations.

Holder earned the position of Chairman of the firm’s Latin American region. His professional purview includes offices in multiple major Latin American cities, including São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiroand Bogota.

Writing and Other Accomplishments

Frank has achieved multiple distinctions outside of his career history. He is a published author as well as a widely-sought-after speaker on a variety of societal topics.

While working with the United States Air Force, he earned the Airman’s Medal for valor based on his actions during the aftermath of the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires.

He has taught courses with the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These courses addressed political law and science in an inter-American system. Frank Holder has also become a popular speaker on topics including targeting money laundering, risk mitigation and national security.

He has published multiple successful books and articles. His first book, released in 1997, is titled Narcotics Trafficking: A Constructed Typology of the Deviant Market of Illicit Drug. His second book, Integrity in Business: Developing Ethical Behavior Across Cultures and Jurisdictions, was released in 2013.

Frank Holder’s second book deals with the parameters of ethical behavior across multiple cultures and jurisdictions. As business transactions become more complex on a global scale, Holder’s publications address the new local and situational ethical dilemmas that managers at all levels must successfully address.

Business integrity, is rarely ever a matter of simple and straightforward rules. His 2013 book explores the very complex nature of business and integrity, illustrating how different organizations have avoiding major setbacks to their company value and reputation through the implementation of ethical practices and company-wide integrity. The book examines multiple organizations that have failed or have experienced serious damage to their reputations due to a lack of leadership, transparency and ethical preparation. He upholds the connection between integrity and professional success.

Frank has published several reports and videos dealing with business integrity, operational risk and other pressing issues that both business organizations and societal bodies regularly face.
Frank Holder continues to expand his knowledge and experience in multiple areas of industry specialization, including:

• Risk Management
• Business Intelligence
• Due Diligence
• Crisis Management
• Security Audits
• Forensic Accounting
• Fraud Examination
• Management Consulting
• Computer Forensics
• Litigation Support
• Mergers
• Private Investigations
• Special Investigations
• Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance
• Anti-Bribery
• Corruption

Holder is trilingual, boasting fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Frank intends to utilize and expand his expertise on industry topics including security infrastructure, business integrity and operational risk management. Through the publication of business books and articles as well as the development of professional informative speeches, and videos, he lends his industry wisdom, experience and ethical insight gained from over 20 years of direct industry experience.

Holder plans to continue with his work as the Chairman and Senior Managing Director of the Latin American region of FTI Consulting, one of the leading risk mitigation companies in the world. Through his work with FTI Consulting, he will assist global organizations in facing the complex challenges that are presented to them by modern global interdependencies, unpredictable financial markets and ever-shifting government regulations. With insights and specializations in sectors ranging from risk mitigation to ethical professional practices, Frank Holder will continue to play a vital role in international business and security.

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  • Universidad de Belgrano , Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Master’s in nternational Relations & PhD in Political Science
    01/1992 - 01/1995
  • United States Air Force Academy , United States , Colorado Springs, Colorado
    01/1986 - 01/1992
Career History
  • Chairman , United States , Miami, Florida , Frank Holder is responsible for all of FTI's businesses in the region.!
    01/2007 to 12/2099
  • Advisory Board Member, ISE , United States
    05/2005 to 12/2099
  • President, Consulting Services Group , United States
    10/1998 to 02/2005
  • Political and Military Analyst , United States , Langley, Virginia
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Core Competencies
  • Fraud
  • Due Diligence
  • FCPA
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Litigation Support
  • Corporate Governance
  • Computer Forensics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consulting
  • Crisis Management
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