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Shai Fisher

United States
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Shai Fisher is a Health and Physical Education Teacher at Syosset High School in New York.

Shai Fisher of Commack, New York, is recognized as an accomplished Health and Physical Education Teacher at Syosset High School. He has worked at Syosset for almost nine years, building a respectable reputation amongst other teachers and students alike. Health is his primary subject matter of teaching but he often instructs the Physical Education classes as well. After school, Shai coaches the Varsity boys’ tennis team and the Junior Varsity girls’ tennis team. He has also taken on the position of Nassau County Section VIII Girls’ Tennis Coordinator.

As Coordinator, Shai Fisher’s primary duties consist of organizing and scheduling all events and matches. He runs the country tournament each year as well. Mr. Fisher has a deep passion for the sport, which has influenced his desire to participate in all related events.

Back at Syosset High School, he manages an event called SportsNight. This student-loved event brings the student body together and builds teamwork and relationships. The concept of SportsNight is that each class competes against one another in sporting events. The winners are treated to a prize by Mr. Fisher and the title of SportsNight Champions. Mr. Fisher considers this one of the most enjoyable parts of his job as he sees his students work together and have fun.

Aside from his commitment to his school and its athletics, Mr. Fisher delves into other personal activities as well. He is a licensed real estate agent through Ashlind Properties with 10 years of experience behind him. During the summer, Mr. Fisher directs a sports program at Piping Rock.

Shai Fisher has worked as a teacher for almost nine years at Syosset High School. His participation as an educator and sports coach has shaped him into the highly regarded man that he is today. But it was more than just his role at the school that has developed his character. He is also an avid philanthropist who has regularly contributed to charitable organizations.

Each year, Shai Fisher organizes a walk for Breast Cancer at Jones Beach, New York. The participants, a majority consisting of his students, walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. In addition, he and his students volunteer several times a year at the Mary Brennan Ian Soup Kitchen to feed the homeless.

Other philanthropic efforts of Mr. Fisher include his volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park. He is an active member of Birthday Wishes. This charity celebrates birthday parties at local shelters with children who cannot afford them.

Shai Fisher has a strong love for the sport of tennis. Along with coaching several teams and coordinating other related programs, he often plays the sport as well. There are numerous articles that praise his coaching abilities and recognize his teams for performing well for the past several years. Syosset athletics also received recognition for charity efforts.

In March of 2011, during the last few cold weeks of winter, Coach Fisher warned his players that they need to practice year round. According to him, it is vital, even if it is very cold out, to get used to all types of conditions. By tryout time, he knew which players had practiced year round by how comfortable they looked. This helped him develop the starters for his roster.

Tryouts were carefully monitored for potential. The coach believed that every player deserves a shot and needs to catch his eye. Since there are only 11 starters required for the team, it is necessary to inspect the best of the best out of the 30 boys who try out. Shai has stated that if he notices a player who shows commitment or a willingness to work hard, he will open up another spot in the starters.

Shai Fisher has stated the importance of the doubles teams. He finds that singles are easier for most students but they need to practice pairing up with one another. Doubles tennis requires strong communication and devotion.

In association with the tennis team’s organization, Syosset High School had initiated the BravesSaves4Autism movement. This program donates to autism awareness charities in proportion to how many goals and saves are made during the sports season. By the beginning of the 2011 Spring season, six tennis players had already accumulated over $1,500 in donations.

In April of 2011, Syosset High School won matches against rival schools Jericho and Great Neck South, pulling them into a good start for the season. Shai Fisher reportedly told his team that each match counts no matter how small it may seem. Only 12 matches are played throughout the season so they should never underestimate a win.

Later on in the same month, when the students returned from spring break, there were a few pleasant surprises from the tennis players. Shai Fisher admired and appreciated how veteran players were accepting of the rookies. The teamwork and friendship balanced the team’s chemistry, which he believes attributed greatly to their future wins.

In May 2011, as the tennis season began to progress towards finals, Syosset High School was seeing ups and downs in performance. After defeating Plainview JFK high school, they acquired second seed in the playoffs and ended a losing streak. This break in momentum helped them get back on track. Coach Fisher was recognizing the challenges they were about to face and dedicated full attention to their performance.

December of 2011 brought on more recognition to the Syosset Braves Tennis Team. Once they defeated the number one seed, Hewlett High School, they took to the Nassau team championship. However, their competitors, Cold Spring Harbor, won with a score of six to one. Shai Fisher showed support of his team, praising their determination to fight to the end, but also gave considerable credit to Cold Spring Harbor. Mr. Fisher stated that their opponents deserved to win for the tremendous effort they put into the match.

In November 2012, Nassau County saw one of their top tennis players graduate as New York State Champion in singles tennis. Vivian Cheng played on Syosset High School’s tennis team during her freshman year, but did not return until her senior year. Despite this, she still showed exceptional skill that helped her clinch the championship.

Coach Fisher recognized the accomplishments of all of the players during the tournament. All singles players made it into the quarterfinals and the number one doubles team made it into the semifinals. Although they lost in the finals, Coach Fisher was still proud of his teams.

Most recently, Shai Fisher has taken part in a large award presentation in his school district. In January of 2013, Long Island Tennis Magazine announced that it would sponsor the Nassau Boys and Girls High School Coach of the Year Award. With his high status in the tennis coaching world, Coach Fisher congregated with other coordinators such as Barry Kubit and Mike Pavlides to develop the criteria for the award. They agreed that the judgment was made on the following qualities:

- Sportsmanship
- Team Improvement
- Community Outreach
- Final Record

Coach Fisher found it an honor to take part in this process. He believes that the fellow tennis coaches in Nassau Country deserve recognition for the hard work they put into their jobs.

Mr. Fisher still works to further develop his different talents and abilities. In 2011, he received a degree in Advanced Study and Educational Administration from the College of Saint Rose. He believes that continuing education is necessary for all professionals, including teachers. This certification has helped Shai Fisher continue in his process to become the top-quality teacher that he believes his students deserve.

Shai Fisher is a teacher and a coach who is dedicated to his students and players. He works tirelessly to lead his pupils to nothing but success. As the future unfolds he continues to strive towards his own personal development as well as his students.

The future of school sports, however, looks bleak. While the country is still crawling out of a recession, public school systems seem to suffer the hardest. Budget cuts are forcing schools to trim and forego many much needed resources. Some schools see that sports are not entirely beneficial and have proposed the elimination of the school teams. Once funding to sports is cut, students and teachers work to raise money to keep the activities in force. In the meantime, school athletes are doing the best they can to reduce expenditures by using old equipment or playing fewer matches.

One of the major fears is the privatization of school athletics. In some regions of Europe, private associations are the only means that students have to play sports. This presents the issue of students who cannot afford to pay for the sport. Many find that schools provide not only education, but also an affordable method of recreation for children.

The question arises regarding who is more important: the teachers or the coaches. People like Shai Fisher, who serve in both roles, find that they are equally important. Teachers and coaches act as role models to their students, helping guide their way through school and influencing students to succeed in life. Hopefully, others will see this point of view and find a way to keep the age-old tradition of school sports alive.

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    : College of Saint Rose
    : Certificate of Advanced Study – Educational Administration
    : United States
    : Albany, NY
  • N/A to 01/1998
    : SUNY Stony Brook
    : Economics & Business Management
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  • N/A to 01/2004
    : Hofstra Universtiy
    : Physical Education
    : United States
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  • 01/2008 to 12/2099
    : Real Estate Salesperson
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    : United States
    : Hauppauge, New York
  • 01/2006 to 12/2099
    : Health & Physical Education Teacher
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    : United States
    : Syosset, NY
  • 01/2005 to 12/2099
    : Camp Director
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    : United States
    : Locust Valley, New York
  • 01/1994 to 01/2004
    : Sales Manager
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    : Hauppauge, NY
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