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Benoit Laliberté is a respected entrepreneur and tech innovator from Vancouver, Canada who currently serves as the President and CEO of téliPhone Navigata-Westel
Today, Benoit Laliberté continues to pursue innovations and progress in business leadership within the telecommunications and tech industry. As the President and CEO of téliPhone Navigata-Westel, Laliberté has crafted a powerful company that continues to make waves in the global telecommunications. In fact, téliPhone Navigata-Westel is noted as one of the leading independent Canadian telecom providers and serves approximately fifty countries.
While his work with téliPhone has proven a central point of success in his career, Benoit is a multifaceted entrepreneur who remains invested in new opportunities within the telecom market. For example, he is currently involved in a project that aims to install, manage, and control domestic and global telecom platforms in several countries throughout Africa. The project is lead through NYTEX—a company that Laliberté founded in 2008 and served as the Chief Technology Officer. NYTEX became a part of téliPhone Corp. in 2011. Due to this commitment to improving global telecommunications and other company efforts, NYTEX has quickly grown to become recognized as the world’s first telecom commodities exchange.
As an entrepreneur, he notes that today’s tech industry presents a lot of incredible opportunities for business leaders, innovators, and other professionals within telecommunications. For this reason, Laliberté is a strong supporter of entrepreneurship and the development of corporate sustainability, especially within the telecom space.
In addition to encouraging other enterprising individuals to remain dedicated to the progress of telecommunications, Benoit Laliberté recently acquired a new company that he is focused on growing. In his short time of managing this new project, Laliberté has already saved many jobs within the company and boosted its overall performance.
Ever since he was a young professional, Benoit Laliberté has proven an incredible business leader who has maintained a strong resilience in a competitive industry. After growing up within Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Benoit pursued his desire to become an entrepreneur with steadfast dedication—so much dedication that he even was able to find success by dropping out of high-school and pursuing his business leadership dreams full-time.
In 1986, Benoit Laliberté established his first business in his basement at the young age of 14. It began as a small enterprise that Laliberté used to serve family and friends, specifically in building computer systems. His ability to construct computing devices at such an early stage of the tech revolution demonstrated just how advanced his technical and entrepreneurial skills were.
While operating as a sole proprietorship, Benoit discovered his passion for telecommunications and took on exciting new challenges that helped not only shaped his career, but also transformed Canada’s telecom and tech market. In 1992, he took it to the next level by incorporating the company and expanding its operations to sell computers, software, and other related products and services within Canada and Vancouver.
As an incredibly young frontrunner in the tech business, Benoit Laliberté had the opportunity to experiment and prove himself as a thought leader within the field. In 1994, Benoit created the Electronic Virus Activity Control—also known as EVAC—which served to protect computers from viruses. EVAC was regarded as the first type of program of its kind, and more importantly, showcased Laliberté’s adept ability to detect future needs and trends within the tech industry. This insight earned Benoit the designation of Young Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by the Business Development Bank of Canada in 1996. Since this award, he has steadily grown as a leading figure that was not only poised to introduce several new ideas in the telecom and tech space, but also transform the business world in general.
A Versatile Innovator
Although the early accomplishments of Mr. Laliberté were enough to determine himself as a pioneer in the tech space, he remained committed to realizing exciting new solutions for years to come—an interest that he continues to hold and encourage today. In 1997, Benoit Laliberté created the Windows Based Intelligent Terminals (also referred to as Win Bit)—a program that connected powerful central serves with the Microsoft Hydra operating system.
He is also designated as one of the pioneers in what is now known as cloud computing. While the concept of shared data in large storage databases was only emerging in the 90s, Benoit detected that this technology would hold a major importance in upcoming years. Today, cloud computing has become a household term that many companies and consumers rely on for several purposes. While cloud computing has proven itself a vital component of the modern business world, Laliberté suspects that it will continue to evolve and offer new possibilities, particularly in relation to telecommunications.
Focused on telecommunications, Benoit Laliberté began to explore new opportunities made possible through digital voice technology and Internet communications. As such, in 2001, Benoit shifted his concentration toward the innovative concept of Voice over Internet Protocol (commonly referred to as VoIP). While many individuals may take VoIP for granted today through casual use of mobile communications and online messaging, this concept was revolutionary at the dawn of the New Millennium. Specifically, VoIP technology has allowed business professionals and everyday consumers to connect and communicate with other parties at incredible speeds through the Internet. In short, the contributions experts—such as Laliberté—have made toward VoIP development has allowed modern society to shift away from basic telephone communications and explore new potential in wireless, remote, mobile communication.
As a result of his involvement with VoIP technology, Benoit sensed another opportunity for an entrepreneurial endeavor. In 2001, he founded Vectoria—the first company to provide VoIP services across the entirety of Canada. In 2004, Vectoria assumed a new brand under téliPhone.
While the accomplishments of Benoit Laliberté have proven transformative to the modern world, many suspect that his contributions in tech, business, and telecommunications have only just begun.
As an entrepreneur and thought leader in technological innovation, Benoit Laliberté always has his eyes set on the future of the telecommunication industry and how new developments will impact the lives of modern professionals and everyday consumers. While he is already looked to as a solid figure in the industry as the CEO and President of téliPhone and CTO of NYTEX, Benoit is always looking for new challenges and business opportunities.
In addition to his roles in maintaining, growing, and representing these leading companies, Laliberté recently acquired a company that has offered him an opportunity to explore new challenges as a business leader. In taking control of this company, he has already helped turn business around, heighten employee job security, and increase its presence within its industry. In terms of the future, he suspects that this new endeavor will prove fruitful and influential for years to come.
As far as the tech and telecom markets are concerned, he anticipates exciting new developments will emerge in upcoming years. For example, he suspects that the next phase of the mobile revolution lies in the introduction of wearable technology—an emerging trend that has already exhibited signs of entirely transforming the way human beings communicate.
In terms of business development, Benoit explains that it is essential for today’s innovators to consider the entrepreneurial opportunities that the tech sector offers. As such, he is a strong advocate of supporting tech startups and encouraging greater dedication to the telecommunications field. While this industry is competitive, Benoit Laliberté explains that new companies are expanding employment opportunities for modern professionals, introducing new products for the consumer of Vancouver and the world.

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