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Srinivasa Erramilli is the CEO and Founder of ProductSpace Solutions Inc., which uses cloud technology to offer customers the tools and service they need to develop their products.
Srini, and ProductSpace aims to help businesses generate greater productivity efficiencies through the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) practice. The company continues to improve and advance its products and services, as well as its area of expertise, in alliance with the evolving needs of its customers. With a focus on advancements in cloud computing power and visualization, ProductSpace keeps up with technological developments and is committed to remaining ahead of the curve. This enables the company to provide its customers with the best possible products and services.

The team is comprised of highly skilled and trained professionals who take a constant interest in doing what is best for all customers in order to help them surpass the level of success they desire. According to ProductSpace, the company works to take its client’s products “to the Nth Power.”

Srinivasa and his team achieve this through the transfer of product development theory to pragmatic practice, the implementation of technology solutions to drive development, and the maintenance of systems and organizational changes for continual success.

The company offers free consultations for small and large companies. Many satisfied clients call ProductSpace their preferred partner.

ProductSpace has its headquarters located in Downers Grove, IL, with an additional facility in Oak Brook, IL.
With the leadership of Srinivasa Erramilli, ProductSpace has developed an effective formula for helping its clients reach optimal levels of success. With the use of the Winchill360 service, ProductSpace enables clients to eliminate the need to invest in IT infrastructure, database and system personnel. offers PLM hosting and global support 24/7. The service offers clients cloud-technology base productivity tools and staffing solutions, which helps them to apply their PLM production systems with maximum efficiency.

Windchill as a Service (WaaS) on Cloud is the ability of PTC’s Windchill and the cloud as a service without needing upfront investments.

Windchill360 Cloud Service - What is the Cloud?
The cloud is a collection of available computing resources, such as networks, storage applications and services that can be quickly provisioned and released with little effort and limited reliance on a service provider.

Srinivasa Erramilli explains that the cloud provides the services to support IT infrastructure, platform and the application needs. PTC’s Windchill Service on Cloud allows clients to better use and better manage their resources. The key to the service’s abilities is in its ability to give companies the freedom to focus on more important issues. These clients gain the ability to actually implement and utilize these various components rather than focusing on organization.

Srinivasa points out that one area in which cloud-centered services excel is in lowering costs. On-premise IT costs include the likes of personnel, storage and backup, database license, operating systems, data center/on-premise space, power and cooling, hardware maintenance, network hardware and server hardware. If one were to add up all the costs, the On-Cloud service is remarkably cheaper There is no upfront IT investment and enables client to pay for what they use.This removes under-utilization - a frequent money-waster.

Windchill360 Cloud supports the following PTC Windchill Products: ProIntralink, ProjectLink, Arbortext, PDMLink and FlexPLM. Clients can save time by focusing on business configuration and user validation and are able to instantly turn on infrastructure without any hefty upfront costs. This, in turn, results in faster achieving desired value.

Srini explains that the service also offers flexibility, as it enables clients to scale infrastructure based on company’s changing needs. Reliability of cloud-serviced hardware is over 99.99% with built-in redundancy and superior quality.

The service has frequent updates. These upgrades are low cost, require little effort and allow for the latest technologies to be used. With effective system checks, clients don’t have to worry about how efficient the system is working.

According to Srinivasa, the movement from on-premise hardware to an optimally-functional on-cloud service involves a definite transition. The first step to consider is moving non-production instances (Development / Test etc) to the cloud. This will allow companies to understand what it is like working in a cloud-provisioned model. Subsequently, they can take the leap towards completely off-premise and cloud-based services. Customer can choose to have a VPN connection to the Cloud, thereby keeping the same type of control as they would on their internal network.

To optimize the file transfer performance in the case of customers with users/partners in multiple international locations, remote fileservers will need to be configured in tandem with Master server. Customers have the ability to deploy these fileservers on cloud near each of the users/partners locations.

RAPiDS – Production Support Services
The RAPiDS (Remote Administration for Production Data Systems), offers administrative services for PLM/Windchill platform and its other applications. ProductSpace makes this service possible by maintaining a team of experience PLM/Windchill experts that are available to provide remote administrative and end user support to its client base.

The experts provide proactive support by using application-monitoring tools that alert clients before problems actually arise. They also are responsible for weekly scheduled tasks that enable them to manage routine work that needs to be done for each corresponding client.

The support service starts with the completion of a thorough analysis of client environments. The system is then fine-tuned to fit the specific needs of the client. Monitoring tools are used to ensure the efficiency and optimization of the system. If unexpected problems occur, clients can submit their concerns through the telephone hotline, which will connect them directly with a RAPiDS representative.

Production System Administration Modules, or pSAM, is a host of tools that helps Windchill administrators successfully run the production of the systems efficiently and effectively. The reporting portal provides industry-strength abilities to PLM stakeholders, enabling them to access real-time system and utilization measures, explains Erramilli.

These modules include the following capabilities:
• Load testing: simulations are loaded to help predict any problems in performance and testing before any actual production upgrade or deployment
• Deployment management: all changes to the Windchill configurations and customizations are managed and tracked
• Quick refresh/cloning of non-production instances helps manage synchronization.
• pSAM allows for on-demand utilization using cloud-based instatiation.
• Mobile and tablet access to the portal
• Automatic backup and archival

ProductSpace specializes in assessing business processes both within PLM/Windchill and beyond. The company provides top-tier reports on the best ways to make each service the most profitable.

The Product Development Assessment (PDPA) is the first step towards full company efficiency. Using the “Look Ask Model Discuss Act,” or LAMDA, approach, ProductSpace will analyze the current operations of the prospective client and will develop ways to improve the company’s efficiency while reduces operation costs, free of cost.. Together, the ProductSpace consultants and prospective client employees will figure out what the current system lacks and how ProductSpace’s services can improve the overall functioning of the company as a whole.

The second step is the Vision Assessment, or PDVA, which is ProductSpace’s unique plan for the client over the next few years. This plan will ensure constant improvements in the development process for years to come. Once the client has the PLM/Windchill service, the Product Infrastructure Scalability Assessment, or PISA, will ensure that service is working to its optimal ability. Srini explains that the assessment will uncover detailed ways to consistently increase performance.
As years go on, organizations’ costs and demands grow. Srinivasa Erramilli reveals that many of these costs include maintaining extra machinery, purchasing more machinery for increased production, increasing purchase of raw materials, hiring more personnel to stay updated on new projects, and pay raises for employees. ProductSpace’s “Product Development Visions Assessment (PDVA) helps outline these future goals. PDVA’s usefulness goes deep into future company planning and changes.

When using PDVA, clients’ main goals should be to figure out where the company will be ten years from now and how to ensure that the company is maintaining the best possible practices throughout its existence in production. ProductSpace services enable companies to stay updated in the latest technologies, allowing for the most efficiency and effectiveness in the business.

Erramilli and his company are pioneering along with industry trends. After realizing the many benefits of utilizing the cloud, many businesses have switched over to these services. In a recent survey, 61 percent of SMBs claim to use cloud-based solutions, with an additional 5 percent planning on doing so with the next six months. Companies are rushing to switch their manufacturing and distribution software to IaaS/SaaS-based, with the number expected to jump from 22 percent in 2012 to 45 percent in the next decade and traditional on-premise deployments continuing to plunge.

Cloud-based services are taking the world by storm -- and for good reason. Any company that is looking to save money and become an overall more effective production organization should strongly consider utilizing the services of ProductSpace Solutions Inc and Srinivasa Erramilli.

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