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Dr. Charles Butrick has achieved impressive educational and workplace success in the field of urogynecology.
Dr. Charles Butrick is a urogynecologist in Kansas City with a private practice that specializes in helping patients with pelvic floor disorders. Patients love the private office feeling that his qualified personnel provide as they offer a variety of treatment options. Dr. Butrick’s office offers a variety of services including surgical and nonsurgical therapies for patients with pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and pelvic pain. His twenty years of experience as a provider and as an educator has made him an international thought leader in the field of urogynecology.

He also understands how his knowledge can help improve treatment for patients across the country. When he’s not practicing, Dr. Charles Butrick is known for his lectures and presentations on various topics in the field of urogynecology. He has helped to spread his medical knowledge through presentations on interstitial cystitis, chronic pelvic pain, and surgical management of stress incontinence, among many other related topics. These lectures and presentations allow him to share his extensive medical knowledge while educating other medical professionals. For those who cannot attend his lectures or presentations, medical professionals enjoy reading Dr. Butrick’s published articles. His pieces have appeared in medical journals, books, and peer-review journals. Medical professionals recognize his intelligence and devotion as they read his published work or listen to his lectures. Through his practice, his lectures, and his written work, he continues to establish himself as a leader in the urogynecological field.
Dr. Charles Butrick graduated from Shawnee Mission West High School in 1973. Feeling inspired and ready to begin his life, he quickly enrolled in an undergraduate program at Kansas State University. In 1977, after four short years, he received his bachelor’s degree in premedical studies and felt compelled to continue his educational journey. With an impressive grade point average and test scores, he was quickly accepted into the Kansas University Medical School. Butrick focused all of his energy on gaining as much medical knowledge as possible and was able to complete medical school in three years. In 1980 he graduated from the Kansas University Medical School in the top 10 25 percent of his class. While earning that distinction was no easy feat, it helped establish his work ethic and dedication to the medical field.

Feeling empowered by his medical knowledge and educational success, Dr. Charles Butrick began an internship and residency at Barnes Hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri. This internship gave Butrick the chance to learn from practice while applying the medical knowledge that he had gained during medical school. As a resident, he learned how to interact with patients during their treatment. These daily interactions developed his bedside manner and the communication skills that help him treat patients today. He also learned the value of sharing information with other medical professionals during this time, which influenced his lecture work later in his career. After thoroughly proving his talent and dedication, he was appointed as the chief resident in 1983.

For many medical professionals, medical school, internships, and residencies satisfy their requirements and enable them to begin practicing medicine. For Dr. Charles Butrick, these experiences helped him come to appreciate additional training and inspired him to pursue specialized training in urogynecology. During the next several years he continued his education by participating in multiple preceptorships with world renowned urogynecologist and female urologist around the country. He later was asked to work with the developer of the TVT synthetic sling in Sweden and become one of the foremost authorities on the treatment of stress urinary incontinence using the TVT- considered by most as the standard of care in the treatment of loss of urine with physical activities.

These educational experiences sharpened his medical knowledge and provided him with enough experience to share with other professionals. Medical professionals consider Dr. Charles Butrick’s insight to be one of a kind in his field. Medical programs frequently request that Dr. Butrick share his expertise with other medical professionals and medical students alike. This type of recognition has helped to inspire Dr. Butrick to continue to share his knowledge. His wealth of experience translates into powerful lectures and presentations that leave crowds feeling inspired. He has traveled while giving thorough presentations on things like inflammatory pain disorders, pelvic pain, reconstructive pelvic surgery and many more interesting topics. These lectures have not only expanded the reach of his medical knowledge but they have also contributed to the success of other medical professionals.

In 2003, Dr. Charles Butrick moved his practice to a new facility in Kansas City where his staff dedicated their time to helping patients who are suffering with incontinence, pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse. As a well-qualified urogynecologist, Dr. Butrick is able to help women who are struggling with these painful and inconvenient disorders. Some women come into his facility complaining of pelvic pain, a weak bladder, or even infections. The staff in Dr. Butrick’s practice is dedicated to the management of patients with problems that so many suffer with needlessly.

Some patients experience problems after childbirth where their organs fall into an abnormal position. This is known as pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic prolapse can affect the vaginal canal, the bladder, the womb, or the rectum. When an organ has fallen, Dr. Charles Butrick reports that the patient can often feel a fair amount of pressure, bulging and dysfunction.

Once a new patient enters the office, the staff works quickly to evaluate each of his or her symptoms and strives to resolve each one. Urodynamics is a series of individual tests that allow the staff to study the patient’s bladder, the nerves within it, as well as the muscles in the pelvic floor.

Once the staff completes these tests they are better able to diagnose and plan a treatment regimen for the patient. While bladder dysfunction like leakage, infections or pain are common, they are never normal. Treatments are initially directed toward simple nonsurgical therapies like behavioral modifications, kegel exercises and fluid management schemes. Sometimes medications can be used to help especially for problems like overactive bladder or bladder infections. Surgery is needed if nonsurgical therapies do not help. Most surgeries are simple office procedures or minor outpatient procedures. Dr. Butrick was one of the first doctors in the country using techniques like urethral injections with collagen, synthetic slings, InterStim® and Botox®. Dr. Butrick’s consistent commitment to research and innovation helps his patients benefit from the most up-to-date treatment available. Dr. Charles Butrick and his trusted staff are committed to helping patients with their urogynecology issues.
In the future, Dr. Charles Butrick plans to stay abreast of the changes in the urogynecology field. Through his educational writing, he explores various topics in the medical field that are published in respected journals. Although his practice is based in Kansas City, he plans to continue his lectures and presentations throughout the country. These lectures help to inspire other professionals in the urogynecology field and beyond. His membership in the 3 major societies in the area of urogynecology results in invitation to speak at 1 or 2 of their national meetings each year.

Dr. Charles Butrick continues to set a standard in medical care through his own practice. His patients find his bedside manner and thorough medical knowledge to be comforting when they are feeling uncertain about their ailments. Throughout his medical experience he has continued to expand his knowledge while giving back to the medical community. Whether he is lecturing, practicing medicine, or writing for a medical journal, Dr. Butrick approaches everything in his life with a commitment to excellence that is truly inspiring.

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    05/1978 - 08/1982
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    08/1973 - 08/1977
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    10/1984 to 12/2099
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