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Paulo Deassuncao

United States
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Paulo Deassuncao is a professional in the construction and civil engineering industries.

Paulo Deassuncao has had over two decades of experience in both construction and engineering. With much experience to his name, he has been able to complete numerous multi-million dollar projects. In fact, he has gained much attention and recognition in his field, earning several awards to acknowledge his accomplishments. Devoted to providing the highest quality of work in every project he becomes involved with, Paulo Deassuncao is a leader when it comes to creating teams. Serving as both project manager and superintendent, he has increased his talents in both areas of expertise and developed useful managerial skills.

Paulo Deassuncao can often be found steering individuals into several different fields within construction. While it may seem like an endless array of tools and hard hats, construction is actually full of widespread career paths. A leader in the construction industry, a civil engineer, and a project superintendent, he is experienced in several different areas, allowing him to provide valuable career advice. He is also a constant advocate of safety in the workplace, especially when it comes to construction. Deassuncao always practices the safety techniques he preaches about.

Paulo Deassuncao has been successful in many areas related to engineering and construction. Because he has effectively and quickly accomplished several projects, interested parties often seek his services. His skills lead construction and engineering projects safely and productively to completion. Because he focuses on both quality and meticulousness, his work is always well received.

Paulo Deassuncao is able to manage and synchronize subcontractors and complete budgets for various materials and equipment that are needed to execute a project or task. Because he has a thorough knowledge regarding the overall cost of construction, he is able to keep track of and manage funds for projects in order to guarantee the costs will not run over the budget. He is also capable of controlling numerous schedules with the highest levels of precision and dedication. His work is always able to meet strict deadlines as well as produce quality and positive results.

While Paulo Deassuncao has always been known to finish such projects within an appropriate amount of time, he does not do this at the expense of the quality. He notes that despite the fact that construction and engineering work holds its own benefits, it also mandates a certain level of safety for everyone involved. His certification from the Occupational Health and Safety Association has enabled him to project the best safety strategies and procedures available. While he notes that safety should be practiced at all work locations, construction is a specific place where safety protocol should be followed at all times. Because of this, he has managed to successfully administer safety protocol to make sure both his employees and the general public is safe.

Accompanying his focus on safety, Paulo Deassuncao has always met his obligations in every aspect of the project. Because of this, he has had to cultivate a proficient knowledge of architecture and the most efficient and unique construction techniques to ensure buildings are created effectively. Working with engineers and various architects, he analyzes the necessary blueprints and other required plans to construct these designs. During this time, he follows specific provisions and principal building codes through the course of each construction project.

Paulo Deassuncao often relates his success in the field of construction and engineering to the educational opportunities he received. These exposures enabled him to gain an understanding of engineering and construction moralities while also staying up-to-date with the latest in terms of tools, trends, and different kinds of practices within these fields. He often urges any potential engineers to have a tight relationship with academics, and he acknowledges the benefits of a complete education.

A large part of his education was in his home country of South Africa. In 1987, he earned his National Senior Certificate. Following this honor, he began 10 years’ worth of exposures and certifications in order to obtain a higher level of education. While he was in South Africa, Paulo Deassuncao earned his Technical Degree, National Higher Diploma, and National Diploma in Civil Engineering. These endeavors alone would prove enough for a strong standing in the career of engineering and construction. However, Deassuncao decided to project his efforts even further, as he went on to complete a Postgraduate Specialist Program in Construction Management. This achievement allowed him to reach the level of professional expertise he has today. He suggests knowledge should not stop at graduation from college. Rather, he stresses that in order to remain an authority figure in such areas, a continued education mixed with further training and certifications are key.

Paulo Deassuncao has successfully completed many complex and challenging projects due to his impressive skills. He has been the recipient of many awards, including:
• In 1995, he was honored as the Employee of the Year from a previous employer. He acted as a Project Manager and Estimator.
• A few years later, in 1997, the same employer gifted Paulo with the Group Award for Safety and Quality Control.
• Paulo was acknowledged with a Texas Construction Best of 2006 Award for his outstanding work on a building recognized for the environmentally friendly materials that were used during construction.

Paulo Deassuncao has yet to limit his broad range of skills, as he is always looking to further himself. In fact, he plans to enlarge his knowledge of engineering by seeking skills in commercial landscape engineering and irrigation. These are both main elements of prevailing property developments. Deassuncao has received numerous certifications and training, such as:
• Certification as a State of Texas Licensed Irrigator
• Graduate of the Associated General Contractors Supervisory Training Program
• Graduate of the Associate General Contractors Project Manager Program
• Graduate of Quoin Construction Site Safety Programs
• Completed Ken Bradford’s “Leader Course”
• Trained in Project Presentation through MBM Consulting
• Certified in Mine Safety and Health Administration
• Certificate of Merit in Geometric Design for B: Civil Engineering Degree
• Completed C.E.F Course in Construction Scheduling with Primavera
• Certified in First Aid and AED.

Paulo Deassuncao has worked in the U.S. for thirteen years. His time has been spent managing numerous teams and executing projects in order to meet all expectations in terms of developmental goals. Acknowledging the ever-changing world of construction, Paulo Deassuncao has proven that he has the capabilities necessary to be successful.

Paulo Deassuncao has a bright future ahead, as he continues his journey in the field of engineering and construction. Because he wishes to always ensure the safety of everyone involved in a project, he will continue to teach safety precautions and their importance.

Because of his firm belief in a high education, it is unlikely Paulo Deassuncao will stop at the high quality education he has already received. In fact, with changing developments in construction and engineering, he plans to continue to keep abreast of new trends and methods.


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  • 04/2000 to 12/2099
    : Project Superintendent
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    : United States
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