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Avram Freedberg is a self-made entrepreneur and a dedicated local and national philanthropist.
Calling on over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience, Avram Freedberg currently manages three successful businesses. Avram is the president of Maximum Entertainment Productions. As president, Freedberg has produced multiple Broadway shows while bringing diverse theater productions to the US, Great Britain, and Japan.

Since founding the company in 2005, he has provided Maximum Entertainment with financial support, management input and production assistance for investors and artists. Whether producing a little-known play or a Broadway spectacle, Freedberg works to build a high-quality performance featuring a dedicated and talented cast.

Avram is the president of National Collector’s Mint, a widely acclaimed coin and collectible resource. National Collector’s Mint allows collectors and coin enthusiasts to access hard-to-find American coins as well as high-quality replicas.

Since its founding in 1994, National Collector’s Mint has evolved into one of the largest direct-to-consumer coin sellers in the world.

As president, he maintains a firm commitment to quality, selling coins and other collectibles that are beautiful and historically meaningful. While the company is not formally associated with the US government, Freedberg is proud to produce coins that commemorate American heroes and historical events.

Avram’s holding company owns FMC International Ltd. FMC’s, tradestyle, Biologic Solutions, markets a popular line of skin care products.

Avram Freedberg is devoted to a diverse range of national and international philanthropic efforts. He especially supports efforts to bring relief to the families of 9/11 victims. He is also an ardent patron of the local arts. He supports his local community and celebrates his Jewish heritage by serving on the board of Jewish Family Service.
Avram Freedberg launched his career as a self-made entrepreneur when he realized the value of self-directed success. He recognized that a successful career as an entrepreneur would benefit him, his employees and the patrons of his businesses. While establishing his entrepreneurial ventures, Avram Freedberg secured success in numerous other capacities.

Through print marketing and commercials, he generated $2 billion in direct-to-consumer sales revenue. Freedberg produced newspaper and magazine inserts, infomercials, and television spots. During his joint-marketing career, Freedberg collaborated with high-profile companies including Sears, JC Penney, bank credit cards and oil conglomerates.

Freedberg celebrated literature and the arts by successfully publishing 12 books. Along with his marketing and publishing successes, he started a thoroughbred stable, Everything’s Cricket Racing, where he has delighted in the prize-winning efforts of his cherished racehorse, Ahvee’s Destiny.

As he rose to entrepreneurial success, Avram Freedberg soon recognized his responsibility to support his community on a local and national level. Thanks to the customers of National Collector’s Mint, he donated over $2 million to an assortment of 9/11 charities.

Avram was proud to partner financially with Tuesday’s Children. The non-profit organization reaches out to the children and spouses of 9/11 victims. Tuesday’s Children provides local programs, mental health outreach avenues, and events to strengthen families and communities.

His contribution supported the Tuesday’s Children Mentoring Program, which links youth aged 8 to 18 with responsible and compassionate adult role models. The Career Paths program has provided adolescents with workshops, career seminars, and leadership development courses to prepare for professional life.

Mental health assistance offered by Tuesday’s Children includes psychological assessment, counseling services and local support groups. The organization supports community service, 9/11 first responder support, and initiatives to unite individuals who have lost a loved one due to terrorism. Freedberg was proud to financially contribute to this vital non-profit venture.

Freedberg’s donation bolstered the Flight 93 Memorial fund. Under the Flight 93 National Memorial Act, the 40 passengers who died in the Flight 93 crash are remembered and celebrated in a stunning natural setting. Avram’s contribution assisted with the maintenance of the 2,000 acres of natural landscaping and wildflower gardens. Avram Freedberg supported the efforts of the Flight 93 Memorial fund to convert tragedy into a celebration of 40 unique American lives.

Freedberg contributed to A Journey for 9/11, an organization that seeks to support and honor the heroic rescuers at Ground Zero. His contribution supported efforts to minimize medical expenses and increase mental health assistance for these selfless American heroes.
A contribution to the National Association of EMTs allowed Avram to support the emergency medical care workers involved in September 11. As emergency workers tirelessly assist and heal others, NAEMT ensures that these individuals are assisted as well.

Freedberg’s support for the New York Presbyterian Hospital bolstered the development of comprehensive and life-saving medical services.

Freedberg’s $2 million donation also supported
• The Putnam Engine and Horse Co., No. 2
• The Scott Hazelcorn Children’s Foundation
• The Todd Beamer Foundation
• The United Firefighter Widows and Children Association
• United Way’s September 11th Fund
• The World Trade Center United Family Group.

While each organization offered unique services, Freedberg recognized that every non-profit supported vital aid and relief for the victims of 9/11 and their families. Freedberg has maintained that the heroes and victims of 9/11 deserve gratitude and assistance.

As a 35-year resident of Stamford, Connecticut, Avram Freedberg has repeatedly shown his willingness to pledge his time and energy to local causes.

Freedberg became actively involved with Always Reaching for Independence. ARI allows elderly or disabled community members to maintain a satisfying life. ARI has aided disabled citizens at home by offering assistance with a variety of daily needs. Volunteers cook, clean and interact with participants in order to support their needs without violating their right to dignity and respect. Participants are given the opportunity to become members of an ARI-supported community where they can receive further support.

ARI participants are instructed in a variety of professional skills including resume writing and job prospecting. Participants learn jobs that they are best suited for, and prepare for interviews and new careers alongside dedicated ARI staff members. Disabled participants can choose to pursue an individual position or a group work opportunity.

Freedberg’s involvement with ARI has strengthened local outreach to struggling community members. Community service, therapeutic recreation and social development opportunities enhance the lives of participants and meet their physical and emotional needs.

Avram Freedberg was a member of the Allocations Committee and Executive Search Committee of the United Jewish Federation. This organization unites Jewish community members on a local, national and international level. The UJF supports community outreach efforts as well as charitable endeavors.
12,000 Jewish citizens reside in Stamford, Connecticut. Freedberg’s involvement with the UJF allowed him to become directly involved in efforts to strengthen the religious identity and common bonds of these men and women.

Avram and other UJF members have supported Teacher’s Education Night, which equips Jewish school instructors with educational tools and support networks.
Freedberg’s leadership with the UJF has allowed him to support the Jewish Education and Engagement Project. This initiative has established seminars and lectures to enhance the spiritual education of Jewish community members. The project covers topics including philosophy, history, prayer, ethics and the Bible.
Along with the UJF, Freedberg became a proud supporter of Jewish Family Service. This organization offers support for Jewish families and community members physically, emotionally and professionally. The organization reaches out in particular to community members facing challenging transitions or hostile environments.

Jewish Family Service offers paths to summer camps for young community members and college scholarships for motivated young adults. The organization has provided information about medical concerns, legal matters, housing, social security and finances to countless community members.
Avram has supported counseling, financial assistance and employment transitioning to numerous community members regardless of their age, religion, background or sexual orientation. Avram Freedberg was proud to partner with the UJF in its efforts to join faith with charity and community support.
As his companies flourish, Avram Freedberg will renew his commitment to entrepreneurial excellence. He will retain his position as a self-made success by adhering to the values that brought him accomplishment in the first place.

Avram upholds the importance of hard-hitting marketing and sales awareness in order to create a national or international brand. He will continue to extol the unique value of the products and services offered by his three firms.

Freedberg will rely on intuition and confidence to guide his future endeavors. In a successful entrepreneur, logical and critical thinking replace indecisiveness and paralysis, he affirms. He will rely on astute time management as well as an ability to communicate clearly, confidently and directly. These strategies will secure the continued success of his existing brands as well as his future ventures.

Avram will never diminish his dedication to community support. He will sustain his involvement with Connecticut Free Shakespeare, which brings renowned plays to the public free of charge.
He will continue to support Bi-Cultural Day School, Jewish Family Service and the United Jewish Federation. He pledges to link faith and cultural heritage with support for struggling community members.
He is glad that ARI (Always Reaching for Independence) will continue to significantly enhance the lives of elderly and disabled citizens.

Freedberg will continue to sustain his local and national community. Along with national charitable contributions, Avram Freedberg will renew his support for the ventures that bring culture and vibrancy to his Connecticut locale.

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