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Moshe Begim is an entrepreneur, CEO, company president, family man, and innovator, dedicated to turning challenges into opportunities.
As an innovator and problem solver, Moshe Begim has faced many great challenges and found ways to overcome them. Because of these skills, he has seized opportunity and is now an entrepreneur, CEO, and business president. His affiliated companies include Juicy Ladies, LifeMel Honey, and AVC Corp.
In addition to his companies, he has developed and attained a wide variety of patents. These patents are a testament to his innovation. AVC Corp, which provides solutions for product packaging, inspired Begim to design many different packaging patents to advance his company and improve the customer experience.
All the while, he is proud to be a role model for his three sons. He uses his problem solving skills and ability to identify the positive to teach and raise his children. He spends time bonding with them and attending his sons’ hockey games, as he is a supportive father and an avid hockey fan.
In addition to teaching his sons about facing challenges and finding the positive, Moshe Begim is passionate about health and wellness. He wants to instill knowledge about living an active lifestyle, which his sons do through hockey, and proper nutrition. His company, Juicy Ladies, was designed to promote wellness through nutrition, and he passes this knowledge on to those he loves.
As a man committed to looking for the positive and living a life of wellness, Begim also has strong ties with LifeMel Honey. This company’s products were clinically suggested to support chemotherapy and radiation treatment side effect management in patients battling cancer.
While balancing his family and multiple companies, Begim is able to be a role model as an entrepreneur, a leader, and a loving father.
Moshe Begim has always been a man led by his commitment to improving the lives of others. That is why he spent many years as an officer in the Israeli Airforce. Here, he worked passionately and put his life on the line for his beliefs. He exhibited great bravery and honor while also cultivating the skills that have made him the exceptional businessman and father he is today.
His experience in the Israeli Airforce taught Moshe Begim how to be a great leader. It also taught him how to problem solve in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Even more, it taught him how to look out for the good of others and to find the best attributes, even in a challenging situation.
In 1988, Begim completed his work with the Israeli Airforce. One year later, he went on to found AVC Corporation in 1989. This company was designed to be a one-stop retail packaging manufacturing business. It leverages more than 50 years of industry experience in customized retail packaging. Since its inception, the company has led the way in packaging, and is now at the forefront of environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. AVC Corp was created to provide a rich selection of solutions to meet the varying and demanding packaging needs of businesses.
To provide his customers with the best service possible, Moshe created AVC with a commitment to performing all services in-house. By doing so, Begim was able to provide exceptional turnaround times, unrivaled anywhere else in the industry. It is a true full-service manufacturer that is ISO 9001-2008 Certified and has plants in China.
The company has also expanded and now specializes in supply chain management. It reaches out as a true international manufacturer and is spearheading advancements and solutions within its industry.
Since 2005, Moshe Begim has been developing, applying for, and receiving patents, as well. Many of these patents are directly related to AVC Corp, as they are innovations in packaging methodology. These patents include:
-Reusable environmentally friendly package and storage album
-Archive for memory cards
-Clamshell package with spinner insert
-Environmentally friendly dual-use package and associated manufacturing business method
-Folding impact resistant packaging container insert
As a man of many projects, Moshe Begim also took on leadership opportunities with LifeMel Honey. This company provides customers the only honey on the market backed by a clinical study to determine product effectiveness in addressing the side effects of chemotherapy. These side effects can include neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, and anemia.
This company is the result of more than three decades of work, research, and innovation. Its products have been uniquely developed to offer customers the recognized health advantages of real honey, while combining these benefits with natural ingredients and therapeutic herbs.
In 1996, a study was conducted to prove the effectiveness of these products. The study suggested that Moshe's products were effective in reducing instances of anemia in almost 65 percent of patients observed. The study also suggested that the products could reduce instances of severe neutropenia, and also reduce instances of thrombocytopenia, which can be fatal.
A third business venture that Moshe Begim has successfully supported is Juicy Ladies. This company provides casual dining and on-the-go nutritious solutions for those wanting to satisfy cravings, cleanse their bodies, and feel healthier. Since its opening in 2009, Juicy Ladies has been guided by three principles:
-What people eat greatly impacts their health
-Healthy food can nurture the mind, body, and spirit
-Healthy food can be delicious
Since its founding, the idea behind Juicy Ladies has been to spread awareness of health by offering organic, wholesome foods in a welcoming casual dining environment. Juicy Ladies serves up full meals, refreshing juices, and everything in between. These foods are developed to show people how energizing and delicious healthy, clean foods can be.
As each of these business ventures continue to grow, Moshe grows alongside them, offering guidance, experience, and innovative problem solving to help them provide the most outstanding products and services to his diverse customers.
While being a respectable and inspiring family man is Moshe Begim’s main aspiration, he has many dreams for his businesses, too. He is passionate about his involvement in developing innovative sustainable packaging concepts and inventions. His patents have been promising, and his involvement in AVC Corp has been a testament to his visionary capabilities.
While he remains the head decision-maker at AVC Corp, Begim plans to expand his sustainable packaging company to even more locations across China. AVC Corp already has plants in the nation, but he aims to build more infrastructures to better serve his growing number of customers.
Additionally, he plans to expand the company to a new location in Europe. Because all of AVC Corp’s goods are produced in-house, they must be shipped from these locations. In turn, Begim wants to provide the fastest turnaround time for his customers, which means building new facilities closer to where his buyers conduct business.
Beyond his involvement in the sustainable packaging industry, Moshe Begim also plans to continue his work in the organic whole food industry. He also has plans to continue working with cancer charities, as well as many reputable holistic medicine solutions. He has always been a man dedicated to working for the greater good, and his influence and involvement in these areas are directed with the hope that he can provide the support, insight, and resources to continually make advancements that can give hope and solutions to those in need.

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