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Pauline Lant is a licensed veterinarian who is passionate about providing quality care for animals in shelters and studying animal behavior.
For Pauline Lant, being a veterinarian is not just a job. It is a way of life. Making the decision to care for animals is a lifelong endeavor. Working in shelters she has the opportunity to care for animals who will hopefully find loving homes with adoptive families. She ensures that they are in good health, get spayed or neutered, and that any medical concerns are addressed. Her job entails much more than that, however.
As a veterinarian at the Denver Animal Shelter she takes on a wide range of responsibilities. She has played an instrumental role in the development of a local spay and neuter program. Lant also developed the surgical protocols that are followed at the shelter and makes sure that the correct anesthesia procedures are followed. Effective communication is essential for the safety and health of everyone involved. To help ensure that animals are receiving the care they need, she stays in communication with other shelters in the area. Building these relationships is important. Since shelters rely on the assistance of volunteers and other staff, she also coordinates these operations to keep things running smoothly and maintain adequate coverage.
For Pauline Lant, the wellbeing of the animals is her top priority. She continues to further her education and training in order to provide them with the highest quality care she can. Two areas of particular interest for her are animal behavior and training, as these directly support the work she performs. It is important that she have a thorough understanding of not only how to treat animals, but how to interact with them as well. Although there are many places where she could work as a veterinarian, Lant has found her niche in working at shelters.
Pauline Lant has always loved animals, and working as a veterinarian allows her to play an active role in supporting their health and wellbeing. Just as humans require regular check-ups and care, animals do as well. They too become sick and injured sometimes and need vaccinations and preventative care. Learning to tend to animals requires in-depth knowledge and training to understand how their bodies work and how to best meet their needs.
A Strong Foundation in Education
On the road to becoming a veterinarian, Pauline first earned her Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan. She then went on to receive her Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine, St. Paul, Minnesota. While she learned how to care for a wide range of animals, her focus was on small/companion animal surgery and medicine. This provided her with a strong foundation for working in animal hospitals and shelters. Care is generally centered on family pets and similar types of animals.
While this training is certainly enough to become a successful veterinarian, Lant was not content to stop there. She wanted to learn more. Intrigued by animal behavior, she decided to pursue her Master of Science in Animal Behavior Analysis and Counseling at the American College of Applied Sciences, Crescent City, Florida. She expects to complete her degree within the next year. This program has allowed her to enhance her knowledge of animal behavior in the shelter environment and improve her skills in behavior enrichment, modification, and training.
Through this program Pauline has had the opportunity to use her experience to design a master’s level course, which she is teaching to others. The course, Infectious Disease in Animal Shelters, is something that is closely associated with her current work.
In addition, she is also in the process of obtaining her certification in Shelter Medicine through the University of Florida. This certification covers many different aspects of shelter care including:
• Surgery
• Infectious disease surveillance
• Investigation of public health and safety concerns
• Epidemiology
• Forensics
• Behavior evaluation
All of these areas will help her to excel in her career and the level of service she is able to provide.
A Wealth of Experience
Pauline Lant has not always focused on shelter work. She has built a solid career working in a variety of different settings including veterinary clinics and pet hospitals. Caring for both small and large animals, she has refined her ability to quickly and efficiently diagnose conditions and develop treatment plans. While spaying and neutering are very common surgical procedures performed in these types of facilities, Lant also performed soft tissue, orthopedic, laser, and dental surgeries. She made sure to address each animal’s needs and provide them with comprehensive care.
Establishing strong relationships with pet owners is important. Pauline makes sure that she educates owners about preventive care, public health concerns, diagnostic procedures, post-operative care, treatment plans, and anything else that relates to the wellbeing of their pet. Taking the time to answer their questions and keep them informed builds stronger bonds and helps ensure that pets are well cared for. In addition, she also has experience supervising and training new doctors, veterinary students, and associate staff. She is able to pass on her knowledge and experience to others and help them to grow.
To Pauline Lant, working as veterinarian is more than just a nine to five job. Working at the After Hours Veterinary Clinic in Lakewood, Colorado, she provides medical and surgical care for a wide variety of animals, including rescues and fosters. She also works as a relief veterinarian and volunteer for the Animal Hospital Specialty Center, Highlands Ranch, CO; Foothills Animal Shelter, Golden, CO; and Paws Plus Vaccination Clinics. She is able to help an even greater number of animals and provide them with high-quality care.
Being a veterinarian has allowed Lant to make a positive impact on the lives of countless animals. Working in shelters allows her to ensure that animals that are strays or are surrendered to these facilities are well cared for and ready for adoption. Pauline Lant has dedicated her life to caring for animals and providing them with the medical and surgical care that they need.
Pauline Lant plans to continue working with the Denver Animal Shelter and providing valuable veterinary services to the animals in their care. Before the animals can be adopted it is important to make sure that they are in good health. She will continue to evaluate each animal and diagnose and treat any conditions that they may have. In order to perform these services effectively she makes sure that proper protocol is in place, procedures are followed, and surgical suites are sterile and in working order. Staying in close communication with other local shelters helps to ensure that all animals are getting the treatment they require and supports adoption efforts.
Lant also intends to continue pursuing additional training and education. As she completes her master’s degree and certification program, she wants to focus more on the area of animal behavior. Combining her experience and education, she will be able to provide more comprehensive and in-depth services. It will help her to better understand animals in the shelter environment and how to more effectively care for and interact with them. She will continue to gain as much knowledge and experience in the field of animal behavior as she can.
Although working and going to school are a full-time job, Lant makes sure that she also focuses on spending time with her family. She has managed to create a balanced life that allows her to do all of the things that she enjoys. Even as she completes her master’s and certification and takes on new opportunities to excel in her career, her family is still a top priority. For Pauline Lant, caring for her family as well as animals lets her do the things that she loves most.

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  • University of Florida , United States , Gainesville, Florida

    Professional Certificate, Shelter Medicine and Behavior
    01/2013 -
  • American College of Applied Science , United States , Crescent City, Florida

    Master's Degree
    01/2011 - 12/2099
  • University of Minnesota , United States , Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Michigan Technological University , United States , Houghton, Michigan

    Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
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  • Veterinarian , United States , Greater Denver Area, Colorado

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    12/2005 to 12/2099
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