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Dr. Lauren Rodgers is an experienced OB/GYN dedicated to providing patients with compassionate, comprehensive and professional care.
Recognizing the important role that health plays in a woman’s life, Dr. Lauren Rodgers is committed to caring for women throughout all stages of their life and health. As founder of her own private practice, she offers a wide range of obstetrics and gynecology services to meet women’s needs. Whether coming in for a routine exam, prenatal care or delivery, birth control or other gynecologic concerns, Dr. Rodgers offers personal attention and care.

She takes the time to sit down and talk with her patients to understand the full scope of their concerns or situation. Before making any decisions, she educates them on the benefits and risks of each option. Dr. Rodgers makes sure to answer any questions and empower patients regarding their health. If they need additional care beyond what she provides in her office, she refers them to another professional and collaborates on their care.

Throughout her career, Dr. Lauren Rodgers has made it a point to stay current on the latest trends and developments in women’s health. She focuses on getting patients the tests that they need and keeping treatments affordable. Rather than sending patients to a hospital or other medical facility for procedures, there are many that she offers right in her office, allowing patients easier access to specialized care. However, she also has available an array of in-hospital services when treating patients.

When it comes to women’s health, Dr. Rodgers has amassed a wealth of knowledge across all facets of obstetrics and gynecology. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and provides women with high-quality care along each step of the way, building long-lasting relationships for optimal health.
Becoming a doctor requires hard work, passion and dedication – three qualities that Lauren certainly possesses. In order to become licensed and qualified in their field of choice, doctors must undergo years of education and training. They study alongside seasoned professionals who help them to further develop their craft and broaden their skills and understanding.

Dr. Lauren Rodgers attended Princeton University, in Princeton, N.J., where she graduated with her B.A. in chemistry. Before starting medical school, many students first earn their undergraduate degree in a science-related field to build a strong background. This supported her in developing a solid foundation on which she would continue to build as she went on to medical school.

The next step in her journey led her to Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn. It was here that she was exposed to a wide array of medical specialties and mastered the basics of medicine and patient care. She engaged in rotations across many fields and gained hands-on experience treating a variety of patients and conditions. She graduated with her M.D. in 1991 and decided to pursue her interest in obstetrics and gynecology.

She went on to complete her residency at George Washington University Hospital, Washington, D.C., in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. During this time she advanced her knowledge and skills as she learned from leading professionals in the field. She was able to diagnose, and treat patients with diverse conditions and continue to build and refine her talents.

Throughout her studies, Lauren engaged in numerous professional endeavors and opportunities. She was awarded three different fellowships that have supported her career:

- American Association of University Women Selected Professions Fellowship
- Scaife Fellowship in Alcohol and Other Drug Dependency
- Wilbur Downe International Health Fellowship, Nairobi, Kenya

While in Kenya she participated in the Malaria Vaccine Project at Kemri Medical Research Institute, which allowed her to participate in research geared toward improving the health of those in need in other countries. She also conducted research for her senior thesis while at Yale University.

Professional Experience

Upon completing her residency, Dr. Lauren Rodgers accepted a position as a provider for an OB/GYN private practice. She worked closely with patients to address their needs and provide exceptional care. Developing a more in-depth understanding of how the private practice sector operated would support her when she decided to go into practice for herself.

During this time she also spent two years as a staff physician in OB/GYN for Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly, Md. She was able to work with patients in both a public and private setting. Dr. Lauren Rodgers gained experience in hospital care as well as practice care and treated patients with a multitude of conditions.
In 2003 she left her position with the private practice and decided to open her own solo practice. Over the course of her career, she had acquired the knowledge and experience necessary to allow her to thrive in her own work. She was confident that she had the ability to provide women with the high-quality, affordable care that they were looking for.

In building her practice she incorporated many different services that are essential to comprehensive women’s care. In the area of obstetrics she offers not only prenatal care and delivery, but also cares for high risk patients, such as those with gestational diabetes, hypertension and incompetent cervix, as well as those who go into premature labor. Dr. Lauren Rodgers tends to women throughout their entire pregnancy, from conception through birth.

As far as gynecological services are concerned, she offers both adult and adolescent exams, various forms of birth control and contraception, pelvic exams, hysteroscopic procedures, treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and more. She provides not only basic and routine care, but also treats more complex conditions as well. Lauren cares for the overall health of women and conditions related to obstetrics and gynecology.
Patient care has always remained central in everything Dr. Lauren Rodgers has done. She will continue to make patients a top priority and strive to provide them with the comprehensive, beneficial services, and treatment that they have come to expect. Affordability is also something that she keeps in mind as she wants to ensure that women have access to the services that they need to remain in optimal health.
In order to offer the best services for her patients and more effectively meet their needs, Dr. Rodgers plans to continue staying abreast of the latest developments and advancements in the field. She is then able to apply and pass on this knowledge to her patients. The more options and resources she has at her disposal, the more targeted and effective care she can provide to women as she helps them to navigate their health.

As she continues growing and building her practice, she looks to add even more valuable services. Dr.Rodgers believes that patients should have the ability to get the basic tests and procedures that they require right in the office. This is not only more convenient, but in many cases more cost effective as well. She focuses on providing patients with the tests they need for improved prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Women are faced with many different health concerns throughout their lives. From having children and navigating all of the facets of this time in their life, to caring for themselves in the face of other challenges and staying up-to-date with preventive and routine care; it can seem overwhelming. However, Dr. Lauren Rodgers stays by their side along each step of the way and helps them to better understand their health and options. She is committed to providing women with the most beneficial care at every stage of their life.

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  • Yale University School of Medicine , United States , New Haven, Connecticut

  • Princeton University , United States , Princeton, New Jersey

    A.B. in Chemistry
  • George Washington University Hospital , United States

    Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
    - 01/1995
Career History
  • Staff Physician , United States , Cheverly, Maryland

    01/1996 to 01/1998
  • Provider for OB/GYN , United States , Was a provider of OB/GYN services for the private practice ran by Susan Jenkins, M.D.

    07/1995 to 04/2003
  • Marketing Representative , United States , Lawrenceville, New Jersey

    not defined
    01/1984 to 01/1987
  • OB/GYN , United States , Oxon, Maryland

    not defined
    to 12/2099
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  • Gynecology
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