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Engineer and military veteran Joseph R. Mathewson has over four decades of experience in construction project management, offshore and marine engineering, demolition, environmental site remediation and hazardous waste disposal. He is also an experienced mining engineer, commercial diver, retired military officer and president of a family-owned farming company.
Joseph R. Mathewson is the Vice President of Operations and Senior Project Manager for Diversified Project Services International. The firm offers oil and gas engineering services to the major oil companies of California.
Diversified Project Services International is a full-service mechanical, civil and marine engineering firm headquartered in Bakersfield, California with offices in Long Beach, San Luis Obispo and in the country of Oman.
Mathewson is currently responsible for managing the Long Beach, California branch of Diversified Project Services International. His branch specializes in engineering, geomatics, permitting, inspection, construction management, and energy management for California’s oil and gas companies. Mathewson and his branch offer client services in the areas of offshore facilities engineering, alternative energy and power generation, pipelines, mechanical integrity inspection and environmental remediation.
As Vice President of Operations, Mathewson oversees the restoration and return-to-service of offshore oil platforms. Mathewson manages the Energy Management Services Division and DPSI, which develops waste and associated gas projects into power generation and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) initiatives. Mathewson and his branch diligently pursue projects that satisfy the California Renewable Energy and Green House Gas emissions requirements.
Joseph R. Mathewson holds numerous certifications and licensures. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, a Registered Environmental Property Assessor, and a Registered Hazardous Substances Professional. Mathewson also holds a Class A General Engineering Contractor license as well as a Hazardous Substance Removal and Remediation License. Additionally, Mathewson holds a Class B General Building Contractor license, a Class A Unlimited California Blasters license, and a Class C-61 Drilling for Blasting Contractors license.
Mathewson also co-owns with his brother the 160 acre Solana Farms located in the rolling hills of the Paso Robles Appellation which produces premium quality wines and olive oils that have been celebrated at the local and state level. As a military veteran, Mathewson is a dedicated supporter of the American Legion Post 291.
Joseph R. Mathewson began his education at Kansas State University. In 1970, he was awarded a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management and Architecture. Mathewson went on to complete a commercial diving certification in 1976 at the College of Oceaneering in California. He received extensive training in commercial diving, salvage, marine construction, and underwater welding.
In 1980, beginning with just a single pick-up truck, Joseph co-founded Industrial Waste Engineering. As the General Manager, Mathewson developed his business into a formidable fleet of hazardous waste transportation vehicles. His trained technicians and waste handling teams provided important hazardous waste transportation and disposal services to both private industry customers, the USEPA and US military bases across the country.
Mathewson co-founded ProTek Environmental Inc. in 1985. From 1985 to 1990, Mathewson sustained the firm as its general manager, senior project and program manager, and technical director. ProTek offered environmental site remediation and construction, including the safe removal of toxic and hazardous wastes.
Mathewson and ProTek were among the first companies in California to employ low-temperature thermal desorption, chemical fixation, and bio-remediation, pioneering the technologies to benefit the toxic removal process for the entire state of California.
While President of ProTek, Mathewson closed 32 contaminated sites through the use of his unique “active bio-remediation” techniques that were quickly copied by other firms. In 1990, Mathewson and his partners sold ProTek to Allied Environmental Services in Houston.
Joseph R. Mathewson served as general operations manager for Dames & Moore/Aman Enviromental Construction, Inc. Between 1990 and 1994, Mathewson and his team specialized in demolition, clean-up and remediation of contaminated sites, and the construction and rehabilitation of various fueling facilities and tank farms in the US and Hawaii.
While at Dames & Moore/Aman, Mathewson served as the senior manager and project director for an extensive demolition and site restoration initiative in the mountains at remote sites in Alaska. The US Army Corps of Engineers hired Mathewson and his Team to demolish former US Air Force DEW Line installations along the coast in western Alaska and to restore the sites to natural habitat.
By 1994, URS Inc. had purchased Dames & Moore/Aman. Mathewson’s division was integrated into Cleveland Wrecking Co.
Joseph joined Earth Tech, Inc., as a Construction Division Manager in 1994. As Construction Division Manager, Mathewson oversaw a variety of Superfund and Site Remediation projects across the nation. Mathewson managed site remediation, plant closures, and demolition projects. Mathewson’s team of construction managers estimated and completed a variety of civil, mechanical, demolition and underground utility projects for the firm.
While at Earth Tech, Mathewson assisted in the building of a major Air Force JP-8 Fuel System at Barksdale AFB, removed and liquidated surplus equipment, property and systems from three US Army Ammunition Plants and conducted emergency repairs on the Sacramento River levees for the Army Corps of Engineers.
In 1995, Joseph R. Mathewson completed and received a Master’s of Business Administration degree from Pacific Western University.
Between 1998 and 2000, Mathewson served as Western Regional Manager and Business Development Manager for Harding Lawson Associates (later MACTEC). Mathewson was again responsible for overseeing engineering and construction initiatives for civil, mechanical, and public works projects. While managing projects for water and wastewater treatment plants, Mathewson made estimates and bids for a number of general civil construction projects.
By 2001, Mathewson had joined CH2M Hill, one of the nation’s top ranked environmental engineering and construction firms. Here, Mathewson served as Western Regional Construction Manager, and Senior Project Manager for the Western Region. Mathewson specialized in engineering, construction, and rehabilitation project for US military installations across the country. Mathewson and his team constructed numerous projects for the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
In 2003, Mathewson began collaborating with Dr. Ralph M. Pray, PhD and together they formed US Mining and Minerals Corporation. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California with a Minerals Laboratory in Monrovia, Ca, the firm was established to support the interests of Mathewson and Pray in prospecting, exploring, locating, and permitting forgotten commercial-grade industrial mining properties in the Mojave Desert.
Joseph and Dr. Pray worked closely together part-time to locate, sample, stake, test, evaluate, and validate industrial mineral deposits for commercial development. Dr. Pray published “How To Succeed In A Small Mine: A Case History – 1990 to 2000,” relying on the research he performed with Mathewson.
Mathewson oversaw the development, permitting, and sale of these neglected sites to commercial industrial mining companies. These companies utilized the forgotten properties for the production of raw materials supplying various industries and projects. Mathewson and Dr. Pray continued to collaborate on the United States Mining and Minerals Corporation until 2010.
From 2003 to 2006, Mathewson served as the Vice President and General Manager of Special Service Contractors, Inc (SSCI ). Special Service Contractors, Inc. is a specialty Class A General Engineering Contractor offering mechanical construction services for power plants, underground pipelines, and waste/wastewater treatment plants. The firm’s services included mechanical and pipeline construction, general vessel and structural fabrication, and refinery and power plant turn-around support services.
With SSCI, Mathewson, as General Manager, was responsible for managing a wide range of cost estimates, engineering, scheduling, and overall project management. Mathewson oversaw upgrades, expansion, and construction for manufacturing plants and industrial plants as well as waste/wastewater processing facilities.
Mathewson has served on both active duty and in the Reserves as a US Army officer for decades. By 1998, he had attended the US Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Mathewson completed the US Army War College in Pennsylvania, and attended numerous other US Army and Air Force training schools.
Joseph R. Mathewson served on active duty in the United States Army and in both the Missouri and California National Guard for 28 years. He was deployed to Vietnam briefly with the US Army Corps of Engineers and also was hand-picked to serve as a Project Engineer on the USACE Hurricane Agnes Flood Disaster Team.
During his honorable service, Mathewson served as Company Commander, Cavalry Troop Commander, Battalion Commander, and staff member in the 40th Infantry Division (Mechanized).
In 1992, during the Rodney King Verdict inspired “Los Angeles Riots,” Mathewson commanded the 4th Battalion 160th Infantry during which he and his Battalion were responsible for restoring order in several of the most lawless districts of South-Central Los Angeles.
Mathewson retired as a Colonel and executive officer of the 1st Brigade 40th Infantry Division Mechanized.
Mathewson has managed and implemented restorations and remediation for clients including the US Department of Defense, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Air Force. Mathewson has worked with numerous permitting agencies and multi-level regulation departments, including the Department of Substance Control, California Air Resources Board, Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources ( DOGGR), the US Bureau of Land Management, California State Lands Commission, various City and County Departments and Agencies and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
As Vice President, Mathewson upholds the five core values of Diversified Project Services International: innovation, integrity, communication, quality, and safety. Mathewson works hard to build solid, long-term relationships with each client and ensure each project is completed on-time and on or below budget. He continually seeks new and innovative solutions to project challenges and he continually strives for quality, reliability and efficient project implementation.
As a retired Colonel, Mathewson is a proud member of both American Legion Post 291 as well as the American Legion Yacht Club of Newport Beach, California. Since 1919, the American Legion has been supporting heroic American war veterans. Membership extends to veterans of conflicts including World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror.
Mathewson’s contributions to the American Legion Post 291 will continue to aid and enrich the lives of fellow veterans. Post 291 offers assistance with veteran’s benefit services while providing companionship and daily support.
Mathewson will continue to journey to the PTSD unit of the Veterans Administration Hospital, providing emotional and physical support for returning servicemen and women. He actively participates with Post 291 in sponsoring youth athletics, national oratorical competitions, and the nonpartisan Heroes to Hometowns program.
Mathewson is proud to be an award-winning producer of fine wines and olive oils as the co-owner of Solana Farms. Mathewson and his brother plan to continue utilizing the centuries-old secrets of Spanish agricultural production to grow outstanding olives and grapes.
As a senior manager of Diversified Project Services International Inc., Joseph R. Mathewson plans to continue utilizing his extensive skills and specialties, including management, technical expertise, and engineering foresight, to help build this dynamic and successful company.

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  • Pacific Western University , United States

    Masters in Business Administration
    01/1994 - 01/1996
  • U.S. Army Command and General Staff College , United States

    Military Science, Strategy and Planning
    01/1985 - 01/1986
  • Kansas State University , United States , Manhattan, KS

    Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management and Architecture
    01/1967 - 01/1970
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  • Engineering and Construction Manager , United States

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    01/1998 to 01/2000
  • General Operations Manager , United States

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    01/1990 to 01/1994
  • Co-Founder , United States

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    01/1985 to 01/1990
  • Vice President of Operations, Senior Project Manager , United States , Bakersfield, CA
    to 12/2099
  • Co-Founder, General Manager , United States

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  • Western Regional Construction Manager, Senior Project Manager , United States

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    to 01/2001
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