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Ty J. Young is a noted financial services industry professional who carries a comprehensive background in the investment world. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in wealth management, particularly that of investments, he has created a competitive and prominent wealth management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Ever since founding Ty J. Young Inc., experienced CEO Ty J Young has made it a mission to lead a top-notch wealth management firm. Since its inception, this firm has not wavered from its mission to deliver the best products and services to its clients. Ty and his team of trusted and talented financial advisors lead a mission to keep a focus on their customers, delivering the best possible options for their individual success—rather than directing decisions to benefit the firm.
While holding true to its values and dedication to the customer, this nationwide wealth management firm is constantly focused on innovations. Having gained considerable experience in the financial services industry, he strives to direct his firm to do things differently than their competitors.
As a result of this focus, Ty has not only become a reliable wealth management firm, but a thought leader in its market. For example, Ty J. Young leads comprehensive dinner seminars not only to promote services and products, but also to better help the public appreciate the value that his vision can bring to them.
Paying close attention to trends within the market and what clients seek in today’s financial environment, Young has expanded the reach of his firm and tapped into several corners of the media, including conservative television and radio outlets.
Both new and long-time clients can rely on the services of this highly-experienced and progressive wealth management firm to deliver high-quality results that meet the unique goals of each individual. He takes such stock in offering this superior level of service that he continues to lead comprehensive training among his staff to ensure that they are ahead of industry curves and can present the best, specialized options to every client.
While Ty founded Ty J. Young Inc. in 1998, his experience within this competitive and fast-moving industry extends much further. With such comprehensive exposure to the financial services industry, he has been able to understand market trends and apply them to the unique services and products that his wealth management firm offers today.

In order to truly appreciate the experience and value of Ty J. Young Inc., it is important to take a more detailed look at the professional accomplishments and contributions of its founder.

The Beginning of a Great Enterprise

Before founding his successful enterprise, Young started his career with some of the largest brokers in the Atlanta, Georgia market. While competitive, he developed a strong passion to rise to the top and become the most successful financial advisor in the market. Since the beginning, Ty has maintained a strong priority to protect the principle of every investment made by clients and deliver a reasonable rate of return. Although this has remained a goal among the multitudes of investors and financial advisors, he applied his early experiences to ensure that he could unlock the secrets to providing these results to his clients.

Young entered the competitive world of financial services with a great deal of responsibility. Required to make 500 investment calls a day, Ty was quickly able to grow familiar with the market—particularly, what consumer needs were and how the investment could work to meet those demands.

While rigorous phone communication is enough to dissuade many from success, Ty J. Young stayed focused and used this initial experience as an opportunity to learn. Specifically, he gained an appreciation for the business of trading stocks and the complex strategies behind it. Confident in his ability to navigate this challenging—and often confusing—sector of the economy, he became a successful trader on his own.

With a solid track record under his belt, Young was hired at Raymond James—a noted financial services company—where he was able to show his skills as a thought leader in the business. At Raymond James, he led training classes to help team members grow more familiar and confident in their duties as financial services representatives. This comprehensive effort and insight allowed Young to receive awards for achieving the highest level of production for the first three years.

After his time at Raymond James, he accepted a position at J.C. Bradford—an investment banking and brokerage firm. At J.C. Bradford, he traded stocks and mutual funds as well as managed conventional investments for individual clients. Not only did this professional experience allow Ty to grow even more familiar with the risks and rewards of the stock market, but it also presented him with an opportunity to identify gaps in the wealth management field.

Working with a wide variety of clients, Ty J. Young discovered a massive vacuum in investments that could help investors ensure against loss while simultaneously gaining a reasonable rate of return. Understanding that this result was the ultimate goal of most investors, Ty detected an opportunity for a new venture.

The Beginning of Ty J. Young Inc.

Experiencing initial success at a local and regional level, Ty branched out and began utilizing structured products to help protect investments and deliver market rates of return. Following this premise, clients were able to experience gains and not have to risk losing their investment in the process. With a keen eye for strategy, CEO Young directed this wealth management firm to tactically revise its business model to deliver low-risk products to clients—but at a much larger, national level.

Working with some of the larger field marketing companies in the country, Young began marketing these structured products immediately—allowing his enterprise to become one of the top producers in the industry. This approach was not only successful in the company's early days, but it also continues to deliver exceptional results today.

One factor that allowed such an expansive entry of these structured products was Young’s dedication to educating industry professionals on the tools. With a partner, Ty launched The Revolution—a company designed to help train other brokers and agents in use of the structured products he had brought to market. Finding success in The Revolution, he sold his half and began to launch a similar mission through Ty J. Young Inc.

The Progression of a Leading Wealth Management Firm

At one of the revolutionary periods in national media and technology, Ty was able to use his strategies to move his firm to the current national model of investment strategy. Since then, the business has competed with some of the most well-known and successful brokers in the world.
He explains that as Ty J. Young grows, he aims to keep all services in-house to ensure that all advisors and clients are able to direct success that strictly adheres to the company’s message. As such, this firm looks to hire more talented support staff and advisors to ensure that hands-on, one-on-one and compassionate service is always available.
Although this wealth management company has already proven its ability to compete with some of the most powerful figures in investment brokerage, Young says his firm is set to expand even further in the next few years. While expanding geographically, hesays this firm will stick to its specialty—delivering consistency and passion to serving the customer through its unique business model.
Specifically, the firm is currently assessing strategies to offer their own structured products that will be developed and built in-house. While this plan is expected to roll out within the next two years, the effort behind it will create a firm that is even more efficient and able to deliver higher client satisfaction.
According to Ty, this wealth management firm has plans to grow its offerings in the niche of secure investments that they have helped develop over the years. These products will continue to focus on the overall goal of protecting client funds and creating room for solid, steady growth in their earnings.
Having experienced immense success with its current structured products, his business also has plans to develop and offer new product lines in the coming future. He believes that staying current with the many exciting, yet challenging trends in the economic world make it necessary for the firm to remain committed to delivering top-notch structured products for investment security.
Young still maintains a direct relationship with his clients and markets their continued success as a priority. As such, he believes clients who want to protect their money should have the opportunity to understand every option they have in the investment world. Under this belief, Ty J. Young and his associates will continue to strive to educate customers as they provide top-notch assistance that is unmatched by others in the industry.

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