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Ann Tatum

United States
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Ann Tatum is the owner of the popular Santa Barbara tourist attraction Outdoor Adventures with Ann.

An outdoor enthusiast, Ann Tatum thoroughly enjoys her career. Her business, Outdoor Adventures with Ann, allows her to introduce others to some of her life passions. Ann believes that regular outdoor activity is essential for healthy brain and body function. She enjoys biking, hiking and white water rafting among many other exhilarating activities. Outdoor Adventures with Ann is a platform for Tatum to introduce others to an active lifestyle.
This company provides Santa Barbara natives and tourists alike the opportunity to take part in safe, affordable excursions with trained professionals. Along with her team, Ann has designed specific adventures for a range of audiences. She offers specific excursions for children, families, teenagers and adults. Also, educational excursions and team building exercises are offered for clients who come in a group. These exercises are designed to assist the team in accomplishing a common goal, an important skill in any facet of life.
Ann Tatum hopes that the services offered by her business will strike up a passion for the outdoors in clients. Additionally, Tatum desires to inspire an appreciation for nature, which might cause others to take part in the conservationist effort. Preserving wildlife and natural environments are important to Tatum, and she conveys that importance to clients of all ages during outdoor activities. During these activities, Tatum assists her clients to challenge themselves and feel the adrenaline and pride that come with conquering nature. Despite the adventurous excursions taken on by clients, Ann ensures safety during all activities. To Tatum, it is necessary that everyone enjoy time in nature without the risk of injury.

Ann Tatum grew up in a suburban home outside of Chicago. As a child, her passion and yearning for adventure was evident to all around her. Her parents fondly referred to her as a ‘wild child’. She and her brothers constantly looked for any opportunity to be outdoors, even braving the cold temperatures of the winters. If it was snowing, they dug trails and forts to play in. To them, the backyard was a challenge waiting to be conquered. Ann consistently opted for skiing, paddle boarding or tree climbing while many other girls her age preferred to play with dolls and blocks. No matter the season, Ann could be found outdoors seeking an athletic endeavor. Beginning at a young age, Tatum’s desire for adventure could not be contained.
As a young adult, Ann Tatum still felt a call to the outdoors. In high school, she was a highly involved member of the school’s outdoors club. After graduation, Tatum continued to participate in outdoor activities. As a college student, she worked as a guide on white water rafting trips. She always enjoyed the thrill of extreme sports. Instead of spending her college years inside of a bar, Ann preferred adrenaline inducing activities. For her 21st birthday, she participated in her first sky diving experience. When asked, she can still recall the rush. It has always been clear that Tatum was never suited for working behind a desk.
After college, Ann Tatum moved to the Santa Barbara area with 3 roommates. Her job search was going poorly after being hired at a real estate office. Her friends liked office work but filing and copying did not fulfill Ann’s life goals. She felt stifled by the confines of the office. She longed to be outside feeling the sun shine on her skin. Tatum began filling out applications at places that would allow her to work outdoors. Namely, she thought that being a camp counselor might be the only career that could allow her to be in nature and happy. Luckily for Ann, fate came calling before any of the camps to which she applied did.
One night, Ann and a few of her friends went out for dinner. While enjoying a meal at the restaurant, the trio met a man named Russell Girard. Girard was the owner of a company that specialized in taking groups on outdoor adventures. After conversing with Tatum, Russell Girard noticed her passion for the outdoor sporting and was impressed by her knowledge of the natural environment. By the end of the dinner, Ann Tatum was offered an entry level position at the company. Despite the miniscule level of responsibilities required by the job, Ann took it upon herself to go above and beyond the call of duty. She showed pride in her work and spoke to clients with enthusiasm and an eagerness to help. She also showed a real loyalty to her company, which clients noticed. Her thirst for knowledge in the field became evident and Tatum quickly became a highly valued employee. Soon, Ann was assisting on outdoor trips and her dreams of working outdoors were finally becoming a reality.
During the excursions, clients became enamored with Ann. Not only did she help them with navigation and safety precautions on the trip, she was also able to educate them about their surroundings. She talked about the wildlife found in the area, as well as gave tips about how to best enjoy the activities. Her knowledge of outdoor sports, nature and wildlife provided a supplement to the adventures that clients really enjoyed. Her superiors were constantly receiving compliments about Tatum. Before long, Ann Tatum was promoted from assistant to actual guide. She became a vital part of Russell’s company as her passion for the work was hard to match. She worked long hours, taking tourists on spectacular adventures throughout the Santa Barbara area. Though the job was demanding of both her body and time, Ann truly loved what she was doing. Her passion was plain to see through her job performance.
Ann Tatum looked to Russell Girard for knowledge and guidance. She planned to learn from him all that she could. The educational process was exciting for Ann. He, too, enjoyed having a pupil that shared his passion for outdoor sports and nature. Because of this, Russell was more than happy to pass along his expertise to such an eager learner. The pair spent years in an almost teacher-student relationship. Despite all that Ann already knew, she had a lot to learn. Girard taught her many things about the business that she could not have learned anywhere else. It was no surprise to anyone that when Russell decided to retire, he chose to sell his company to Ann. She was the obvious choice as a suitable successor.
The company then became ‘Outdoor Adventures with Ann.’ Keeping same the heart of the company, Ann changed some of the services to appeal to a larger audience of clientele. So far, she has been successful in keeping the good reputation of the company. Ann also kept Russell Girard on as an employee in a consulting position. He has been available with advice when business decisions became tough for the new business woman. Russell’s assistance really made the transition from guide to owner a lot smoother.
Though saddened by Russell’s retirement, clients were happy to see that their favorite adventure guide was in charge. Since taking ownership of the company, Ann Tatum has made available to clients the following services: rock climbing, paragliding, parasailing, hiking, biking, kayaking and horseback riding, among many others. Outdoors with Ann has made quite the name for itself as an attraction in Santa Barbara, CA. The company has become a popular place for groups and organizations to visit in an effort to build trust and unity among teams. Likewise, other individuals have sought out Ann when seeking a thrill. Ann Tatum’s life goal was always to find a career involving the outdoors, and hard work and dedication led her there.

Ann Tatum plans on continuing with her love of outdoor sports and activities well into the future. Nature has been a lifelong passion of hers and she does not plan on giving up on that anytime soon. Ann hopes that owning a company like Outdoor Adventures with Ann will be a way for her to do what she loves for the rest of her life. Part of that passion includes finding new ways to share the adventures and positivity of the outdoors with others, especially children.
Teaching children to enjoy the natural world is of upmost importance to Tatum. She hopes to inspire them to love nature as she does. This may also inspire outdoor exercise in the future, which is becoming an issue in American youths. Perhaps by educating future generations about all that the environment has to offer us, she will be doing the world a favor.
As a part of Outdoor Adventures with Ann’s core values, Ann Tatum plans to convey the importance of safety during outdoor sporting to her plethora of clients. Along with this message, Tatum hopes to do her part in conserving the environment as well as wildlife. As a professional who works in nature, Ann sees it as her responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for the environment. Being so, she plans to educate everyone she can on the topic. She hopes that every individual with whom she comes into contact will be touched by her message and develop a deeper appreciation for the earth.


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