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David Quattro, Cherry Hill retail management professional, has over 18 years of experience and is based in New Jersey.
Currently, David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, serves as the Territory Supervisor of the Home Depot Division for Closetmaid. A division of Emerson Electric CO, Closetmaid is based in Ocala, Florida. The company designs and manufactures ventilated wire shelving and component-based storage systems for use in bedrooms, closets, kitchens, family rooms, home offices, garages, and outdoors. The company prides itself on an innovative approach to residential storage needs.

David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, is responsible for a team of three sales associates serving the New Jersey area. Their total sales exceed $13.5 million annually. He oversees the training of Home Depot sales associates on the features and benefits of the product, works closely with Home Depot Regional and District Managers in implementing and planning sales and distribution, schedules demonstrations and training sessions, and promotes and organizes special events at Home Depot stores. Quattro reports directly to the district manager on a weekly basis, in order to present a recap of sales reports, summaries, and budget statements. He bears the financial responsibility for his division, checking their travel logs and expense statements, auditing their progress, and promoting and developing sales and market penetration.

In his spare time, David enjoys deep sea and saltwater fishing, and owns and operates a 21 foot Aqua Sport boat. During the winter, he loves to go skiing in Vermont and New Hampshire.
After graduating from Neumann College in Aston, Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, David Quattro, Cherry Hill resident, took a position with American Merchandising Specialists in Brentwood, California. Initially hired as a Merchandising Sales Specialist, he was quickly promoted after increasing gross territory sales by over $2 million. He regularly visited over 15 Lowe’s stores in the district to service American Water Heater product displays and to maintain planogram integrity. He also served as a trainer, instructing Lowe’s employees on the features and benefits of American Water Heaters. His responsibilities included monitoring the competition by performing price surveys on water heaters in Home Depot and Sears.

Serving as a Territory Manager, David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, was responsible for managing 10 merchandisers, who in turn served over 60 Lowe’s stores in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. He was responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training new merchandisers to staff open and existing sales routes. In that position he also reported directly to the regional manager, ensuring that sales and promotion were running smoothly and that all stores were adequately staffed by merchandisers. He routinely scheduled meetings with Lowe’s district and store managers in order to discuss new products and upcoming promotions.

Seeking further professional development, David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, became the District Sales Representative of the Lowe’s Division for Closetmaid. Based in Ocala, Florida, Closetmaid was the nation’s first manufacturer of ventilated wire closet shelving solutions. As the company developed, they produced further innovations in wire, metal, and wooden storage solutions, as well as developed modular plastic shelving and storage. Building upon his experience with American Merchandising Specialists, he increased the district’s gross sales by $3.5 million. Servicing 38 Lowe’s stores in the New Jersey area, he managed in-store service groups to ensure that products were set to planogram and display integrity. He maintained appropriate inventory levels via his close work with Lowe’s store management, and analyzed sales history in order to project future volume. Via close negotiation and coordination with Lowe’s regional vice presidents and district managers, David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, obtained additional end cap space for his products, further increasing sales and market penetration.

During his time with Closetmaid, Quattro also pursued and developed other professional interests. Fascinated by the world of real estate and real estate sales, he began the process of becoming a real estate agent, acquiring the necessary certifications and passing his exam. He was drawn to real estate due to his interest in home improvement in general. During his professional career he developed many handyman skills, which David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, enjoyed putting to work around his own home.

Quattro’s interest in real estate sprang from the changing nature of the housing market in the United States. In 2008, the subprime lending crisis effectively destroyed nearly a decade’s worth of market growth in real estate-related sectors, triggering a broader economic downturn which continues to this day. Fortunes were lost, and many consumers found that their homes were worth less than the mortgages they owed on them. This devilish brew of stagnant market conditions and investor fear continued for years, but gradually the industry began to lurch toward recovery. Suddenly, housing purchases were on the rise; as inventories came in line with market demand and investors and speculators suddenly found themselves on the leading edge of economic growth again.

This is especially true in the northeastern United States from whence David Quattro, Cherry Hill resident, hails. The metro areas of New Jersey, Delaware, and downstate New York have seen a sharp increase in investment and speculation. Ironically, the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy led to a boom in reconstruction on the coasts of New York and New Jersey, and this influx of development has attracted attention from investors nationwide. Both single family homes and multifamily residences are the subject of speculator interests. In addition, retail development is experiencing resurgence across the region, as new developments re-center population growth and urban centers. This demographic shift, fueled in particular by younger, first time buyers, offers near limitless potential for the housing, real estate sales, and construction sectors of the resurgent US economy. Quattro is among the first to embark down that path to success. This is yet another display of his business acumen, foresight, and good sense as developed over a long and successful professional career.

Quattro is also a man with numerous personal interests. Over the course of a life spent near the coast, he developed a deep love of deep sea and saltwater fishing. His favorite quarries include flounder, striped bass, tuna, and mackerel. He developed an interest in skiing while in college, and began spending part of each winter exploring the slopes of Vermont and New Hampshire in the endless quest for a snowbound adventure. He also began traveling extensively. For either business or pleasure, Quattro’s wanderlust took him across America: New York, New Hampshire, Main, Vermont, California, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and all stops between. During his travels, David continued to develop the interpersonal skills that mark his business performance by interacting with the many different kinds of people he met along the way.

Like many people from his corner of the world, David Quattro, Cherry Hill resident, is a devoted and devout Philadelphia Eagles fan. Growing up in the area, Eagles games were a celebrated event in the Quattro household, attended by every member of the family and always with a due sense of ceremony. Over the course of his adult life, his passion for the team only grew. Quattro followed his team throughout college, went to great lengths to see as many games as possible even while on the road, and became a regular attendant to home games during the season. The only possible distraction from this lifelong devotion and love is an occasional seasonal flirtation with his other athletic paramour: the Philadelphia Flyers. The fandom of David Quattro, Cherry Hill resident, for the two teams grew during his childhood and continued through his adult life, approached with the same thorough dedication he gives to his professional pursuits.
David Quattro, Cherry Hill professional, has a business and personal saga that will only continue. His current professional goal is a career in real estate, and toward that end he is seeking to connect with a broker in order to pursue that path. David believes that this new career would allow him to capitalize on his existing skills, and develop them in a new context. His attention to detail, management experience, coordination and organizational skills, salesmanship, communication skills, and training background could all combine into one cohesive role. It would even allow him to bring in some of his outside interests, such as home repair and travel. “As a realtor, you’re responsible for providing your clients with the highest caliber service available,” David said to us in a recent interview. “This includes communicating with them effectively; understanding their background and their journey, and helping them formulate appropriate and achievable goals. All these steps are vital in the house hunting experience.”

In his spare time, David plans to continue pursuing his passions. With his recent purchase of a boat—a 21 foot Aqua Sport—he explores the coasts of New Jersey on many fishing trips in beautiful locales such as Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, Mystic Isle, and Barrington Island. He also enjoys inland fishing at the various lakes and streams of the Garden State. This time on the water is a welcome balance to the hectic professional life he continues to lead. David Quattro, Cherry Hill resident, is in a dynamic phase of personal and professional development that will continue for some time to come.

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  • Neumann College , United States , Aston, PA

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    01/2000 - 01/2003
  • Delaware County Community College , United States , Delaware County, PA

    Business Administration and Management
    01/1993 - 01/1997
  • The Real Estate School , United States

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  • Field Representative , United States

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    01/2013 to 12/2099
  • American Merchandising Specialists , United States

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    01/2003 to 01/2006
  • Territory Supervisor , United States

    to 12/2099
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