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Daphne Stidham is an integrative health practitioner in North Carolina who strives to support clients in their journey to holistic health.
Daphne Stidham is dedicated to teaching individuals and groups of people how to live mindful, positive, and healthy lifestyles. Her teaching promotes a positive life balance that can help individuals overcome a long list of obstacles. She currently teaches out of Raleigh, North Carolina where her satisfied clients have been singing her praises for the last three years. With a background as an experienced registered nurse, she learned to personalize her programs to fit her client’s individual needs. Her coaching sessions educate her clients on holistic health care and span various topics to assist them in making healthier decisions. Instead of focusing on a person’s physical abilities, she also incorporates treatment that improves their mental state.

Although her services are based out of North Carolina, she is more than willing to help people across the nation. She uses technology and positive referrals to reach a wide audience of athletes, professionals, and every day people who wish to improve their quality of life. She works with her clients to provide them with treatment that fits into their schedule. She can also work with clients from the comfort of their own home by using telephone conversations or Skype consultations. Her philosophy is demonstrated through her commitment to each client’s personal growth. Her coaching is specialized for each client to ensure that they meet their personal goals while retaining lifelong skills to maintain them. Daphne is a valuable life coach, public speaker, and medial professional.
Daphne Stidham of Raleigh, North Carolina began her career as a health practitioner after being a registered nurse for more than 13 years. During her time as a nurse, she began to notice how patients could benefit from personalized treatment as opposed to some medical industry standards. She holds a doctorate in Natural Health and is also qualified to help patients as a lifestyle change coach. Specifically, she is an exceptional food psychology coach and stress management coach. She is an upstanding member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is a network designed to support professional coaches. This organization raises awareness about the need for life coaching, which is a form of counseling that enables individuals to learn the skills they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

After serving 13 years as a registered nurse, Daphne Stidham has developed strong interpersonal skills that allow her to effectively communicate while she is coaching. She became a certified integrative health practitioner through Duke Integrative Medicine, a program designed to produce qualified and passionate health practitioners. The program is dedicated to encouraging a mixture of therapy that includes positive life changes. The education that she received at the Duke Integrative Medicine program enables her to create a personalized regimen for a patient that promotes the use of the optimal health and wellness resources. She is able to effectively evaluate a patient’s mindset, their daily movement, nutrition, and ability to communicate. A personalized regimen helps ensure that the patient is challenged without being pushed beyond their physical and emotional limit.

Daphne Stidham’s coaching helps to train patients to adapt a more holistic approach to their everyday lifestyle. Her support and patience inspires the patients to recognize the benefits of their new lifestyle, which helps to keep them motivated enough to continue down their new path. While her work improves the patients daily eating and exercising habits, it also influences their mind, body, and spirit. For patients to find long-lasting success, their health coach must provide a structured and supportive relationship. During each coaching session, Daphne ensures that her enthusiasm and commitment inspires her patients to reach their personal goals.

Patients recognize Daphne Stidham’s genuine empathy and concern for their well being. She is so motivated in fact, that she integrates her teaching principles into her own lifestyle choices. Patients are able to get a first hand example of how holistic health can be renew a person’s mindset which can then enable them to help to others. This experience helps her to present a mind-body connection that patients can strive to achieve for themselves. Patients can take advantage of Daphne Stidham’s integrative health coaching on an individual basis, in a group session, or by simply attending a public speaking coaching opportunity.

On an individual basis, Stidham makes herself very accessible to her coaching students. She hosts individual coaching sessions that can be completed on the phone, through Skype, or in person. From the beginning, Daphne Stidham establishes an honest and trusting relationship with her students that allows her to get to know them on a deeper level. These powerful teaching sessions have helped students to identify what brings them joy in their everyday lives, how thy can improve their health habits, and can even assist them in managing stress.

Rather than using the same methods for each person, she is an advocate of personalized teaching. When she is working with an individual, she establishes a sense of trust and commitment, which helps the individual open up to new experiences. After thorough evaluation, Stidham develops a practical approach to each individual by helping them to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

For a student who needs to increase their flexibility, Daphne will establish a flexibility routine that will also incorporate meditation and mindfulness. Many medical professionals place little importance on a patient’s mindset yet the patients who have a positive outlook tend to recover faster than their negative counterparts. Instead of telling a student that they must exercise in order to lose weight, she examines the reasons behind excessive weight gain and works to change the student’s mindset. Some students have developed an unhealthy relationship with food that can only be correct by personal direction. An educated student is more equipped to overcome urges to binge on unhealthy foods or to take part in self-soothing eating habits.

In a group setting, Daphne Stidham can encourage, co-workers, students, and families to develop healthy interactions with each other that stem from trust and mindfulness. Her group workshops often emphasize stress management, balancing work and life activities, as well as valuable nutrition information. She encourages the group to support each other in their endeavors, which leaves the participants with long-lasting success.

At public speaking events, Stidham covers a wife variety of topics that allow her to connect with a diverse audience. Her public speaking not only informs the audience but it also motivates them to join her in enjoying the benefits of integrative health coaching. Her medical and coaching experience allow her to promote personalized health plans that stem from thorough research.

Daphne also works with endurance athletes to help them reach their full potential. Her specialized coaching enables these athletes to feel more empowered to achieve their personal goals. Some athletes find it hard to improve because they have a mental block that they simply cannot overcome on their own accord. Although their bodies may have recovered from the injury, their mindset has become so damaged and negative that they are unsure how to get back on track. Stidham’s support and teaching helps them break down the barriers that are keeping them stagnant. Some athletes have even suffered severe injuries that challenge their body and their mind. In their recovery, Daphne Stidham’s coaching helps them find a balance between their mind, body, and spirit.
The education that Daphne Stidham received at Duke Integrative Medicine has enabled her to cultivate meaningful experiences with patients from all walks of life. Each individual presents her with a new and unique opportunity to develop a coaching model. Although she is very established in this industry, she continues to research new tools to help treat her patients in the most effective way. Her client base has been consistently growing over the last three years, which has inspired her to find more ways to connect with larger audiences. In the future, she plans to continue to use technology to treat patients who are unable to physically take part in one of her motivational speeches. She is an advocate of Internet resources like Skype, which enable her clients to reach her from the comfort of their own homes. She also plans to continue to treat endurance athletes to help them meet their personal goals.

Daphne plans to continue her membership with the International Coach Federation, a supportive network that is dedicated to the progression of professional coaching. This network enables her to stay up-to-date on new tools, technologies, and the most effective methods for holistic health coaching. Her commitment to this network represents her dedication to the advancement of her profession. Daphne Stidham of Raleigh, North Carolina firmly believes that life coaches create a healthier and happier society that is informed enough to keep themselves that way.

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