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Dr. Michael Hoffer is a U.S. Navy captain and medical professional with board certification in Otolaryngology and Neurotology.
Dr. Michael Hoffer is both a medical doctor and a Captain in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy. He is experienced in conducting medical research in the field of hearing and balance disorders and how these issues may potentially be related to brain injuries.

In addition, he is double boarded in both Otolaryngology and Neurotology. On top of that, Michael has a special emphasis in the field of balance, making him an expert in yet another field of medicine that few other professionals in his industry occupy.

Dr. Michael Hoffer currently puts his wide and varied medical skill set to use as the Director of the Spatial Orientation Center at the United States Naval Medical Center in San Diego, CA. Here he assists the center in its mission of providing clinical care, performing basic research, and translating the findings of this research. In doing so, Dr. Hoffer and the Naval Medical Center are able to help better educate many medical providers on a variety of issues related to hearing and balance.

On top of all of this, Dr. Hoffer is also extremely involved with treating wounded warriors at NMCSD. As both a medical professional and a military serviceman himself, this project is understandably close to his heart.
As both a distinguished professional in the medical field and an honorable Captain in the United States Navy, Dr. Michael Hoffer naturally has a history of both impressive achievement and dedicated service to his country under his belt. Like most successful professionals in any field or industry, he began his career journey with an excellent medical education, upon which he built with constant experience and with the acquisition of new skills.

Dr. Hoffer’s Medical Education and Internship

Dr. Hoffer first got his start on his current and successful career path back in his college days when he enrolled in Stanford University for his undergraduate studies. After graduating from Stanford, he then attended the University of California in San Diego School of Medicine.

After finishing Medical School, Dr Hoffer began a surgical internship at the University of Pennsylvania. After this internship, he began and completed a residency in one of the oldest specialties in the United States. This specialty was otolaryngology, also known as ENT, which stands for “ear, nose, and throat.” In other words, otolaryngologists specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of medical disorders concerning the head and neck area. Dr. Hoffer’s residency, which also took place at the University of Pennsylvania focused on all areas of Otolaryngology.

After finishing his Otolaryngology residency and the University of Pennsylvania, Michael then pursued a fellowship at the Ear Research Institute in Sarasota, FL, in the fields of Otology and Neurotology. After completing this fellowship, he became double boarded in both Neurotology and Otolaryngology. In other words, he received his board certification in these disciplines from two separate specialty boards.

Dr. Hoffer’s Work Experience with the United States Navy

As a Captain with the Medical Corps of the United States Navy, he is Director of the Spatial Orientation Center at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. For almost two decades, this center has focused on traumatic injuries to both balance and hearing capabilities in service members as a result of blast trauma, blunt head trauma, and excess noise.

Dr. Hoffer himself has been working on these same issues for more than 20 years, and together, he and the Spatial Orientation Center have seen well over 2,500 patients suffering from hearing issues, balance issues, or both after having sustained head trauma from either a blast or blunt force. All of these individuals have received comprehensive management and evaluations from Dr. Hoffer and the center, including vestibular rehabilitation, medication, and/or surgical procedures.

Along with other members of his group, he has been invited to several dozen civilian and military meetings as speakers on both a national and an international level. Each of these speaking engagements has focused primarily on traumatic brain injury. In addition, Dr. Hoffer has also been invited to a wide variety of facilities affiliated with NATO. Here he has provided extensive training on the management and evaluation of neurosensory issues occurring after traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Hoffer’s Medical Research

Together with the Spatial Orientation Center, he has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed articles that focus on neurosensory issues after trauma. In addition, he has performed research that has focused on the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of many vestibular disorders.

Additional studies of his include work with basic human vestibular mechanisms and inner ear drug delivery. Most recently, he has done much detailed work that examines the impact of head injuries on both cognitive and vestibular functions.

One such article co-written by Dr. Hoffer detailed his work with blast research on the battlefields of Iraq. The work was evaluated and cleared by the Department of Defense, the United States Army, and United Sates Navy who found that Dr. Hoffer’s research was expertly conducted and adhered to all research standards. After publishing the findings of his study, clinicians and scientists across the United States consulted this literature for guidance following two domestic blast disasters: the West Texas Oil Refinery Disaster and the Boston Marathon Bombing. In these cases, this article by Dr. Hoffer and colleagues proved instrumental in the days following the tragedies, receiving more than 500 views in just a 72-hour period. Through his expert medical work and attention to detail, the research of Dr. Michael Hoffer proved instrumental in helping those who suffered from these two domestic tragedies.
After all of his past successes and accomplishments as a U.S. Navy medical doctor, Dr. Michael Hoffer has just one simple and straightforward plan for his future. That plan is to continue helping as many people as possible with his medical work and research.

To this end, he plans to continue with his medical research and studies in the fields of otolaryngology and neurotology. Already, his findings and published articles have helped to better the lives of servicemen and –women in many different ways as they deal with the repercussions of blunt force and blast trauma. And as the two most recent blast tragedies on United States soil have shown, the research by this military medical professional can also prove just as highly beneficial to civilians as it can to service members.

Also in the spirit of helping as many people as possible with his work, Michael plans to continue in his support of wounded warrior projects. He has already served to bring the project and its good works to his own hospital by expanding upon its Wounded Warrior diving program and increasing their class numbers. By helping to train these wounded service members on how to dive, Dr. Hoffer is helping to rehabilitate injured warriors. In doing so, he helps the organization in its mission to foster the most well-adjusted and successful generation of wounded servicemen and –women in the history of the nation.

In all of these ways and more, Dr. Michael Hoffer shows himself to be a dedicated and expert professional in both the field of medical research and in service to his people and his country.

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  • Stanford University , United States , 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California 94305

  • University of California, San Diego School of Medicine , United States , 9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, California 92093

  • University of Pennsylvania , United States , 3451 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 19104

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  • Director of the Spatial Orientation Center , United States , 34800 Bob Wilson Dr San Diego, California , Dr. Michael Hoffer assists the center in its mission of providing clinical care, performing basic research, and translating the findings of this research.

    to 12/2099
  • Captain , United States , 34800 Bob Wilson Dr San Diego, CA

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