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Terry Lee Young, San Antonio developer of ICE Athletic and Simply ICE, provides pain relief alternatives for athletes and adult seniors facing muscle and joint aches and pains.
ICE Athletic and Simply ICE, developed by Terry Lee Young, San Antonio inventor, were created to provide a healthy, pain-relieving alternative to prescription drugs and medications. Athletes, older adults, and others who are experiencing muscle and joint aches and pains can use these products to enjoy fast-acting relief.
His products use many natural ingredients, such as ARNICA Montana, Willow Bark, Meadow Sweet, and witch hazel. By relying on natural ingredients, ICE pain solutions help users find more rapid relief without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.
ICE Athletic is only sold through fundraisers, which help to support local athletic teams and organizations. Teams can register with ICE Athletic and have their own Web page where team supporters can purchase the products and “donate” to their favorite teams and athletes by making purchases. Terry Lee Young, San Antonio entrepreneur, offers his effective pain relief products as a healthier fundraising alternative to candy bars, cookies, and other traditional sales goods that teams have long used to raise funds.
Rather than condoning the unhealthy consumption of too much sugars and fats, ICE Athletic is a relevant, smart choice for teams and athletes to sell when promoting their school’s team and their active, healthy lifestyles. ICE Athletic has quickly become recognized as “The Game Changer in Fundraising”.
Ultimately, this product is available to help athletes and others coping with aches and pains to focus less on their discomfort and get back to what they love doing the most. It helps those overcoming sports injuries, individuals with arthritis, and others who need to get rid of their aches and start living their everyday life with ease.
Terry Lee Young, San Antonio-based product developer, came to creating ICE products after gaining over 20 years experience of product design and development in the business and healthcare industries. He began by attending Cameron University, based in Lawton, Oklahoma. While studying architecture specializing in CAD/CAM there, he also began working with Halliburton, where he continued and supported his engineering efforts. He continued to work here until 1985, when Young made the move and entered the field of marketing and sales.
After accepting a position with Monroe Systems for Business, leading executives at the company presented Terry Lee Young, San Antonio future inventor, with the Most Outstanding Award. Thanks to his ingenuity and passion for problem solving and marketing techniques, Monroe relocated him to San Antonio, Texas to take on new projects. Here, he had an exciting opportunity to put his career path on a new trajectory, and he began focusing on the health care industry.
After switching his focus, Terry Lee Young supported management and marketing efforts for the development of a healthcare company that emphasized dialysis diagnostic testing. During this time, he decided to use his ingenuity for new purposes and began developing effective medical services and products, which he still does today. By doing so, he was inspired to create Simply ICE and ICE Athletic, which have become recognized as healthy alternatives to prescription pain relievers in treating muscle and joint aches and pains.
Terry Lee Young, San Antonio inventor, developed Simply ICE and ICE Athletic to help athletes and others coping with pain to put their mind back on the things that matter most to them. He created these powerful solutions to make day-to-day living more manageable for those dealing with everything from general aches and pains to rheumatoid arthritis.
After the development of these products, he wanted to sell his innovative goods while also supporting healthy living and his community. To do so, Terry Lee Young, San Antonio entrepreneur, began offering ICE Athletic only through fundraisers for school athletics teams and organizations.
Teams were given a chance to raise the money they needed to invest in their future, purchase updated uniforms, and create more opportunities for themselves in a healthier way. Rather than selling chocolates, candies, or other unhealthy goods, teams were now able to use his product to raise money, while also providing their loved ones with a healthy way to address their aches and pains.
ICE solutions were formulated with natural ingredients. One of the main components in these products is ARNICA Montana, which is known as a way to address trauma and bruising of the soft tissues. It is also recognized as a way to address rheumatoid arthritis, and has been used in holistic medicine since the 1500s.
Additionally, Terry Lee Young, San Antonio innovator, used Meadow Sweet, as well as Willow Bark. These ingredients are said to support pain relief and manage aches and fever. Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek physician, has documented the use of such ingredients, which are incorporated in ICE Athletic product. Even more, the use of willow trees has been written about in ancient texts from Egypt, Sumer, and even Assyria.
To enhance the effectiveness of ICE Athletic even more, Terry also used witch hazel, which is known for its medicinal properties. Bark and leaf extracts are regularly found in lotions to help alleviate discomfort from insect bites and are also found in lotions for bruises. Witch hazel helps reduce the size of blood vessels so they can return to their normal state.
Thanks to these powerful components, Terry Lee Young, San Antonio inventor, has created a line of products to address many different concerns. Some of the most common include:
-Limited range of motion
-Rheumatoid arthritis
-Bruising or trauma of the soft tissue
-Achy, tired, and sore joints, muscles, and feet
-Muscle spasms and sprains
-Headaches and tension
These topical pain relievers were also developed for easy use. They come in an arthritis-friendly roll-on bottle, so that even achy joints and stiff fingers can use the products with ease. Because they are a topical solution, the products are also fast acting and were designed to provide relief as quickly as possible.
Because of his innovation, Terry Young has created powerful and natural alternatives to prescription pain relievers to assist athletes, older adults, and virtually anyone looking for a healthier way to cope with muscle and joint aches and pains.
Thanks to his vision of promoting a healthier, pain-free lifestyle, Terry Lee Young, San Antonio innovator, has created fantastic products that have gained both user approval and a large following. He plans to continue offering all of his current products while also developing and designing new goods, as well.
He aims to help ICE Athletic become the most widely recognized pain relief topical for athletes. At present, he is finalizing the “NEW” ICE Athletic Fundraiser Program website and mobile app. It will help high school teams and other athletic organizations by providing them with an easy way to raise the funding they need for their programs. Teams are busy with their practices, games, scrimmages, and other commitments, and he is determined to help them meet their benchmark goals in the simplest way possible.
In addition to using the company model he had previously envisioned, Terry Lee Young, San Antonio inventor, has also laid the foundation for additional modules as his programs continually grow in popularity. These new models are expected to include the ICE Athletic Scholarship Program, the ICE Athletic Athlete Profile, as well as college preparation and support resources. Ultimately, he hopes to eventually use his brand’s reputation and value to develop an ICE Athletic TV series, designed just for high school athletes while promoting colleges and academics.
As he uses his vision, passion and desire to promote healthier living, Young will use his ideas and his products to help teams get the money they need to reach their biggest goals and get back to focusing on their healthy, active lifestyle.

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