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Finis Toomer is a successful business professional with a passion for sports and a commitment to giving back and making a difference in his community.
Finis Toomer is a very successful sales and business professional, an avid golfer, a passionate traveler and a charitable individual. He is a freight shipping industry expert and is so effective that after only a few years as a Salesman, he was named Director of Business Development at GlobalTranz Logistics. The company is a transportation management entity that negotiates better and affordable shipping rates with freight management companies on behalf of customers with shipping needs. GlobalTranz, based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 2003 and has grown rapidly and substantially to report over $200 million in annual sales today. The company has several areas of specialty, particularly LTL—Less Than Truckload and expedited shipping in the US and internationally.

As a skilled sales professional, Finis Toomer was able to establish himself in the company and generate over a million in revenue during 2008. He was subsequently named the President’s Club winner for that year. With his continued ability to exceed customer’s expectations and help grow the company, Toomer became Salesman of the Year in 2009. It was clear by this time that Toomer was unstoppable and will continue to showcase his exceptional talent and give customers an effective and pleasant shipping experience. Therefore, in 2010, GlobalTranz Logistics promoted him to Regional Director of Sales for the Southeast region. A year later, in 2011, Toomer was named Director of Business Development, the position he currently holds. His rapid ascension in the company comes as a result of his eagerness to succeed as well as his desire to constantly learn and improve new skills.
Before becoming Director of Business Development at GlobalTranz Logistics, Finis Toomer worked for 19 years at Yellow Transportation where he built the expertise that will help him become a trusted leader in the freight shipping industry. As a successful salesman, Toomer not only helps his clients take care of their shipping needs at affordable rates, but also contribute to the expansion of GlobalTranz Logistics.
What Does It Takes to Become a Successful Sales Professional?

Throughout his thriving career, Finis Toomer has always understood that there are a set of principles that separate successful sales professionals to others. He knows that there is no substitution to having a good knowledge of the customer’s needs, an exceptional grasp of the products and services you offer and how to present them to the client. Toomer has mastered those qualities and has been applying them at GlobalTranz, which allowed him to achieve million-dollar revenues. So what does it take to succeed in sales and become a leader? Here are three principles every salesman should abide by:

1) Love What you Sell

Passion and love for the products and services you promote should always be genuine and the driving forces in how you communicate with customers. As a sales person, you must not only know everything about the products and services you represent, but also enjoy helping customers see and understand the benefits of using those products and services. The key for all sales professionals is to allow the customer to imagine the end result of using what they are selling. In the freight industry for instance, the sales person must use his or her passion to make the customer envision the package arriving securely without delay or complication at its destination. Additionally, how do sales professionals expect a customer to fall in love with what they’re offering if they are not themselves absolutely passionate about their products and services?

2) Develop a Thick-Skinned Confidence Level

One of the most important qualities in sales is confidence in self and the products or services. Toomer believes that being a sales person is very challenging as it usually entails convincing a very critical and skeptical group of people to use what they’re selling. Some professionals are fortunate to represent products and services with obvious benefits where there is no need to convince customers to buy. However, others need to have enough confidence in themselves and the products and answer tough questions from customers and hopefully making a sale. If you are one of those struggling in this area, Toomer suggests you attend training seminars and workshops to help bring up your confidence level.

3) Communicate Effectively with Your Clients

Some sales professionals often seem rehearsed and uncomfortable when communicating with customers. It sometimes seems as though he or she is following a script and telling customers what they want to hear. Toomer believes that it is important for professionals to loosen up and really view customers as fellow human beings. They also need to put themselves in the customers’ shoes and have an insight into their thinking process. Indeed, customers who feel understood tend to trust the sales person which is more likely to generate a sale.

Finis Toomer has obviously mastered all the qualities of a successful sales person and applies his high standards to his current position as Director of Business Development at GlobalTranz Logistics. The privately held company specializes in freight management services and negotiates competitive rates with thousands of companies with transit services for their customers. Those freight companies include:

• UPS Freight
• United Cargo
• CSX Intermodal
• Dayton Freight
• YRC Freight
• A. Duie Pyle

GlobalTranz Logistics specializes in LTL shipping, Expedited shipping, Full Truckload and Supply Chain Management.

1) LTL Shipping

GlobalTranz put in place an innovative system on for LTL customers. The system allows them to take care of their shipping needs from start to finish in one sitting. All they have to do is:

• Rate it: enter shipment information including weight and class.
• Schedule it: Select and book a carrier with competitive rates and best transit time.
• Manage it: Track your shipment online

2) Expedited Shipping

As an expert in freight management, Toomer understands that customers have different needs and some are looking for the fastest way to send shipments. GlobalTranz has a dedicated Expedited Shipping department with highly qualified professionals that offers Air freight shipping with on-time delivery.

3) Full Truckload

Toomer stresses that Full Truckload is one of the best services GlobalTranz offers. It is a program that includes end-to-end cargo transit with state-of-the-art logistics and analytics solutions. Clients can choose from a wide range of options including shipments by van, flatbed, intermodal, partial truckload and specialized services.

4) Supply Chain Management

GlobalTranz Logistics allows customers to streamline their supply chain by managing their warehouses and inventory. In fact, GlobalTranz helps its clients reduce the cost of transporting products to market by relying on a network of warehouses all over the country.

Having a successful business career also entails taking time to make a difference in people’s lives for Finis Toomer. He has generously given to St. Jude Children Hospital and many other charitable organizations over the years.

• St. Jude Children Hospital

Toomer deeply believes in St. Jude mission to treat, prevent and eradicate children diseases through research. St. Jude Children Hospital is a non-profit organization that relies solely on its donor to provide quality care to children with catastrophic illnesses regardless of race, religion and family’s income. In other words, all treatments are free for sick children.

The hospital is a worldwide leader in pediatric catastrophic diseases research and is committed to offering better diagnosis, improving treatment results, preventing and diminishing side-effects due to treatment, educating families and sharing research findings with the medical community at no cost. Finis Toomer understands the need to get involved in such an organization and to contribute whenever possible.
As the world’s economy improves, Finis Toomer will continue to help grow GlobalTranz Logistics in his current role as Director of Business Development. Despite the drop in international shipping in the past few years, new industry trends suggest things are picking up again. These trends come in the form of new cargo ship orders and for Toomer that is a sign that the shipping industry and the economy as a whole are improving. The future of the freight industry looks promising and Toomer will continue to strive.

The Dallas-Fort Worth resident’s career is not slowing down, neither is his love of sports. He is an avid NASCAR fan and has coached a basketball team in his community. He also loves playing golf and is even a member of several golf clubs. He stresses that golf is a very rewarding sport for those who take the time to learn and improve their skills. Athletics are definitely a hobby Toomer will keep his focus on outside his busy professional schedule.

Finis Toomer is also committed to making a difference and there is no sign of slowing down. He continues to support a variety of charitable organizations including Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and Autism Speak. He also uses his love of golf to organize and participate in charitable events that benefit different organizations in his community. Toomer is not only a successful sales professional, but also an enthusiastic sports fan, a traveler and a philanthropic dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those around him.

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