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Anthony Constantinou is an expert in business development and the CEO of CWM.
Anthony Constantinou identifies himself as a business builder, whether that means building a series of original products, a marketplace in which to sell those products, or the business involved itself. He has a passion for business development, including helping businesses to manage their risk and to make the transition to an international market.

Constantinou currently works as the CEO of CWM, a global leader in online trading that specialises in foreign exchange trading for both institutional and private clientele. In this capacity, he has many professional responsibilities, including the following:

- Creating business opportunities by working closely with all company staff
- Developing business within international financial markets
- Expanding and developing his own business operations
- Developing and strengthening business relationships with other companies throughout the world
- Helping people pursue their dreams of a successful career within the financial industry
- Providing business solutions via financial instruments

In his everyday leadership of CWM, Anthony Constantinou proves to be a very hands-on CEO. He makes his firm a unique one by focusing both on building strong relationships with his clients and on the employees at his company. Through this focus, he seeks to grow his business every single day.

Through his experience in the global financial marketplace, he has gained a wide variety of skills, including the following examples:

- Portfolio Management
- Venture Capital
- Investment Banking
- Business Strategy
- Asset Management
- Strategic Planning
- Risk Management
- Corporate Finance
- Mergers and Acquisition
- Private Equity

Constantinou utilises these skills for the benefit of both his company and his clients while continuing to improve upon them whenever he can.
The professional success that Anthony Constantinou enjoys today got its start in a personal tragedy that he turned into a call to action. He lost his father, Aristos Constantinou, while still very young. Afterward, young Anthony made it his goal in life to make his father proud by succeeding just as he did.

For Anthony, as for many successful professionals, the first step toward achieving his goals was to achieve a quality higher education. With this in mind, he enrolled in University in 2000. It took him only three years to earn his degree, and he graduated in 2003 with his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with specialisations in business, marketing, management, and related support services.

During his final year of university study, he earned a full financial scholarship thanks to his overall score of 98 percent at the end of his second year. He was able to complete his degree with a total average of 82 percent.

After graduating from University, he wasted no time in going straight to work. His first professional position was with a pharmaceutical company, but he did not stay in it for long. Instead, Constantinou proceeded to progress rapidly up the ranks, gaining a promotion to product manager just six months after his start.

Around this time, he was presented with his first challenge in the business world. He had less than a month to raise both sales and product turnover. This is also, however, where he gained his first success, as he was able to increase his sales more than 10 times over, doubling his own salary in the process.

Thanks to this early success, Anthony Constantinou found that sales were a strong passion of his. As the years progressed, he kept this passion for the financial markets in the back of his mind, deciding that this was the way to his success.

By this time, however, Constantinou was seeking new challenges in the world of business. Soon after, he came to the conclusion that the sector to be in at the time was information technology. With this decision made, he combined his skills in marketing and business development to start A.C. Enterprises Ltd. in May of 2005. This business would soon become the first refurbished computer company in many countries throughout Europe, including Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, and many others.

In this realm of business, Anthony Constantinou did not play it safe. Instead, he took many calculated risks, knowing that he never had the option of failing. In an IT market where every company was selling the same product, success came down to who could sell it the best. With this established, Constantinou’s responsibility became increasing the company turnover and growing its profits.

The answer, he realised, lie in refurbished computers. Many businesses needed to purchase computers in bulk quantities, and by selling refurbished machines, he could help them save tens of thousands. Soon his IT company was supplying businesses from small startups to large, multinational companies, including many banks, law firms, accountancy agencies, and many more. This took both Constantinou and his company to a whole other level.

Finally, in December of 2011, he accepted a buyout for A.C. Enterprises Ltd. from one of its competitors. This allowed him to move on to pursue his lifelong passion of trading in financial markets. He joined CWM shortly thereafter in May of 2012, where he has been able to find great professional and personal success ever since.

Thanks to his achievements in the realm of business and finances, Anthony has also garnered much noteworthy recognition.

Anthony Constantinou also helped raise funds for the organisation Live Strong Fight Cancer for over three years between January of 2008 and July of 2011.
For Anthony Constantinou, plans for the foreseeable future largely involve continuing to grow and develop CWM into a leading international brokerage company. This means focusing on growing both the company and its culture, including hiring further as the need arises.

In this area, both Constantinou and CWM consider continual education to be of utmost importance for all of their staff. Through such education, the professionals within the company will be able to remain knowledgeable and up to date on the financial industry and its global markets. By focusing on continual improvement to their own staff and operations, CWM will be able to continue trading with confidence.

In addition, says Anthony Constantinou, CWM plans to continue to expand on their existing client base as well as providing the highest possible quality of customer service. They are also going to focus on investing in new technological innovations as well as further streamlining their existing services in order to help them accomplish all of these business goals.

Anthony and his company will remain committed to providing all of their clients with a trading environment that is stable, secure, and transparent. They are also committed to ensuring the ongoing enhancement and development of the superior trading execution on offer. According to Anthony Constantinou, through this approach, CWM is to meet its clients and partners needs within the financial markets, strong in forex trading.

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  • Deree University , United States , London, United Kingdom

    Bachelor of Business Administration , Anthony's degrees were in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services
    01/2000 - 01/2004
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  • CEO , United States , London, United Kingdom
    05/2013 to 12/2099
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  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banking
  • Business Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • International Business
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