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Robert Craft

United States, Maine, Falmouth
Age: 41 | Profile views: 5
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Rob Craft is noted for his work in the financial services sector and past career successes.

With experience in investing and finances, Rob Craft is a notable management consultant. Based in the New York City, he specializes in portfolio management, investing, hedge funds, a number of other financial services. Craft excels at helping his clients understand financial jargon and complicated, industry-related information in order to assist them in fortifying their financial well being.

He has an in-depth knowledge of both his clients’ needs and the capital market. Rob Craft works to fit financial strategies that best match his clients, an unparalleled task for a financial professional. Kraft became a CFO right out of college. He attended Wharton University of Pennsylvania, a notable school for its business, financial, and managerial programs. His experience prepared him for a professional lifestyle and gave him a versatile background in order to become a multitalented investment and financial consultant.

When it comes to capital investments, he understands that his clients are often thinking about retirement. In today’s world, living off social security and a few stocks is hardly enough to live comfortably after a career-focused lifestyle. Retirees are becoming older every year because of financial hardships, not to mention falling corporate retirement packages and investment opportunities. With long-term and proper money management consulting, however, retirees and families can achieve comfort and security after retirement and have the funds to live how they want.

Rob Craft, other than excelling at capital investing, is also an avid aquatic sports enthusiast. Craft enjoys sailing, boating, training for triathlons, and planning out trips that incorporate these activities.

Rob fostered an interest in economics and financial management while he attended Wharton. For him, higher education, is a necessity and major opportunity for anyone looking to make it far in a business-related career. Today, earning a degree is almost a must for young professionals because of the amount of job competition out there.

According to Rob, a lot of business students are stereotyped with the mindset that they study business because they have no other interest. This, however, is an unfair way to look at education. Most institutions have a goal to teach students how to learn. This combined with classes in management, finances, and entrepreneurship is supported with versatile learning. These types of subjects apply to just about any industry and allow these students to enter into new and exciting careers cut off from more specific majors.

There is a flipside, of course, because having a humanities background is also applicable to most careers. At the end of the day, Rob Craft says it is important to learn from different perspectives in order to become more versatile and well-rounded, globalized business people capable of handling cross-cultural transactions and understanding change and trends.

Craft is also a member of the Investment Management Consultants Association. The IMCA was established in 1985 and brings together investment professionals and financial managers. It provides education to its members through conferences, publications, and research opportunities. Today, the IMCA has more than 9,000 members and has grown from a small group of consultants into a first class organization.

Rob Craft says becoming involved in larger groups as a professional is great for networking and continuing education purposes. There are organizational opportunities available in just about every niche imaginable, including forensic accounting, entrepreneurship, and wealth management. These groups bring professionals together and host events that can help younger members land jobs, meet experienced experts, and network.

Rob also understands social obligation, and how every person (not only professional) has an innate duty to do what they can to support charitable organizations, health and disease research, and even mentoring programs. Rob Craft is involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Maine. The organization is popular across the United States. Bigs, as in adults and even older teenagers, volunteer their time to mentor and positively influence youth who may not have a present role model.

This is a great way to enrich someone else’s life and the bigs’ lives as well. These mentors, however, are in short supply in many areas. While there is upper organizational staff that manages Big Brothers Big Sisters, they depend on volunteers to help raise funds at events and give a few hours every month to improve a youth’s life. A lot of bigs do nothing more than play an hour of baseball once a month with their little or take them for a walk; it requires little effort, though having a positive influence is a necessity for youth without quality role models already in their lives.

Volunteering, like taking part in professional organizations, is another great way to develop networking opportunities in New York. From a corporate standpoint, volunteerism should be actively encouraged and supported. This allows businesses to give back to their communities. There are other ways to volunteer other than cleaning up parks and donating money for a dinner, however. A lot of professionals, for instance, utilize their experience in their given fields to provide free legal counseling, money management advice, and other services that help those in need.

Rob Craft, as mentioned, is also an active boater. He enjoys sailing, too, and currently owns a 39-foot boat. He is also a triathlete. Triathlons, as most people know, are gauntlet-style races that incorporate swimming, cycling, and running. They take hours to complete, especially when it comes to the “Ironman” triathlon that incorporates a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, and 26.2 mile (marathon distance) run. Rob says training for triathlons is a very rewarding experience but is equally challenging.

In the future, Rob Craft is looking forward to competing in triathlons and continuing is passion for sailing. These athletes are trained on land, in bike seats, and in water — not only do triathlons challenge the human body, they are mental races that require patience, pacing, and internal strength.

Craft also wants to continue finding ways to secure favorable financial outcomes for his clients. When it comes to money management, determining a life goal is a good first step. This allows people to approach financial experts with a game plan (i.e. have money to comfortably retire, make investments, etc.). With experience in a number of different financial positions, Rob has the experience needed to devote his talents to helping his friends, family, and clients achieve their financial goals.

Rob Craft plans to develop a system for helping people pay for college, budget funds for trips and large expenses, and even open a new business. For entrepreneurs, having an idea is only half the battle. Managing the funds is the most challenging aspect of starting a startup, especially when the owners have little experience with accounts, securing investors, and operating backend operations.

Kraft understands that every client has different needs. Since he started his career, he has learned to match products in the capital market that meet his client needs. Different behaviors, goals, and financial reservoirs are unique for everyone, which is why Craft is dedicated to fully understanding every one of his clients’ financial situations. Rob Craft of New York City is on the lookout for a position that can help him fully utilize his financial expertise.

  • 01/2000 to 12/2099
    : Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
    : Bachelor in Economics and Financial Management
    : United States
    : 3620 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
  • 01/1996 to 01/2000
    : Gettysburg College
    : History and Political Science
    : United States
    : Gettysburg
  • 01/1995 to 01/1996
    : St. Johns College High School
    : High School
    : United States
    : Chevy Chase, DC
Career History
  • 01/2000 to 12/2099
    : Regional Manager
    : United States
    : New York City
  • N/A
    : Gethsmane Missionary Baptst Ch
    : President
Core Competencies
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Strategies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Capital Raising
  • Series 7
  • Wealth Management
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