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Brad Sperling is an entrepreneur in the broadcast radio industry.
As the founder of, Brad Sperling helps clients to create engaging, entertaining radio shows. His support has benefitted shows across the country and targets a wide range of topics. Below are some of the things that today's radio professionals need to do to make their shows successful.
1. Choose the right topic. Having a set theme for a show is the only way to attract loyal listeners. If you listen to any station, you will see how the shows that air are structured around a certain topic. For example, morning shows are often comedy-based and pay close attention to celebrity culture. There are also shows about car care, music (many of these are focused on a specific genre of music), art, current events, politics, sports, and more.
2. Buy the right amount of airtime. Buying airtime can seem like a tricky process if you haven't yet done so, but Sperling makes the task a bit easier. Through the production team at, clients are able to identify their target audiences and land contracts with stations.
3. Get equipment. The right equipment is paramount to success in the radio industry. Without it, your show will have low sound quality, may not operate smoothly, and certainly won't provide a great listener experience.
Putting together a successful show is a challenge, but it is one that is worthwhile for pros who are dedicated to this industry. Through his work, Brad Sperling helps clients with these and other key factors of the development of a great radio show.
Brad Sperling has worked in radio for decades. As such, he has built up a wonderful reputation as a professional in this industry. Now, as the owner and CEO of Radio Show Pro, he is able to offer clients radio and television production and voiceover services. But the power behind his current efforts lies in his past experiences, as they have shaped him into the strong professional that he is today.
Building a Career
Brad has held positions in radio dating back to 1985. During his career, he has learned how to navigate this industry exceptionally well—which is why his company is a great resource for others looking to succeed in this field. Below are the jobs in which he has excelled since entering the business.
• KDOG, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Mankato, Minnesota
• WXLR, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., LaCrosse, Wisconsin
• WLOL, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., Minneapolis, Minnesota
• KDWB, swing announcer, Minneapolis, Minnesota
• WZOK, announcer, 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Rockford, Illinois
• KKCK, program director, Marshall, Minnesota
• KMFX, program director, Rochester, Minnesota
• KDOG, program director and consultant, Mankato, Minnesota
• KMJZ/WXPT, creative services director, Minneapolis, Minnesota
•, owner and CEO, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Working within the Industry
Brad Sperling has, over the years, picked up a few tips and tricks to succeeding in radio. Below are some of the pointers that Brad Sperling has offered to up-and-coming professionals. These bits of information have helped many newcomers establish themselves confidently and effectively in the radio scene.
• Think about the audience. When developing a show, it's important that individuals think about how the audience will engage in the content. Because shows are recorded in isolated spaces, this is a challenge to some people. But Brad explains that recognizing the need to look at the show from different angles allows you to create a more entertaining presentation.
• Looking for support from diverse professionals is always a good idea. Brad Sperling explains that people don't have to have years of experience in radio to provide great insight to listeners. Be open to having new resources and guests contribute to your show.
• Remember that an on-air show is most successful when it is conversational. Listeners want to feel involved, not like you are talking at them for the duration of your timeslot. Brad encourages you to remember this as you create your program and invite talent to help lead the show.
Developing Your Show
As the tips above indicate, the content of your show is extremely important. There are many ways in which you can format your presentation, but it is important that you choose the structure that best fits the values of your listeners. There are three different ways in which you can infuse your show with interesting, engaging content.
1. Integrate important information into the conversation. People want value out of a radio show, no matter what topic it is on. For example, speak to current events if you are running a political or community-based show. If you are looking to talk about cars, provide a segment that offers tips for keeping cars in great shape, making minor repairs, etc.
2. Be personal. People who tune in want to get to know the hosts of their favorite shows—and this feeling of connectedness is what makes loyal listeners.
3. Bring in the best people you can for interviews. Interesting, relevant people who are able to provide engaging conversation are the best for radio. Make sure that your guests have something special to offer your listeners, no matter if it is their story, insider information, or tips or tricks.
Since the start of his career, Sperling has focused his efforts on creating great shows that captivate audiences. Now, Brad Sperling is able to help you do the same.
Brad Sperling looks forward to continuing to grow his business. Radio Show Pro is a company that provides clients with valuable support as they build their businesses. There are many benefits to entering the radio industry, and Sperling wants to guide his clients toward these perks. Some of the reasons to turn to Radio Show Pro include:
• The ability to circumvent the need for extensive education. Landing a job with a local station often requires a degree and experience. However, with Radio Show Pro, you can become a radio host without having to put thousands toward an education.
• With user-friendly equipment, Radio Show Pro offers you the ability to enjoy a simple experience.
• Instead of going into the office at an allotted time, you can record your show whenever you want. This allows you to create a flexible schedule and live a life that you truly enjoy.
• If you are interested in promotion, radio is a wonderful way to get into the advertising game.
• Radio Show Pro offers editing and production support, but you have total control over the content that is created. Professionals employed by traditional stations have to follow cues from station leaders when writing their shows, but you can talk about virtually anything that you want. This level of creative independence is invaluable to professionals who truly love their work and their ability to connect with listeners.
Brad Sperling anticipates a great deal of success with Radio Show Pro in the future.

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