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Creator of the MaxTraining System, a program widely used at the YMCA, Max Savar established a structure of working with the clients that goes far beyond the personal training.
MaxTraining System is a complete Personal Training and Nutrition System customized to individual goals, nutritional habits, health, and fitness experience.
Max Savar explains that that the key feature of the MaxTraining System include
•Weekly exercise plan for the days without the trainer
•Nutritional assignment specific to individual eating habits
•Setting a weight-goal for every month (this feature applies to clients interested in weight management)
•Functional components to improve lower back and joint strength
•Regular progress monitoring
•Regular changes and upgrades in the exercise program to avoid muscle adaptation
Max Savar is very passionate about pushing clients to reach their full physical potential. Whether training adults and youth, teaching yoga, boot-camp, core, cycling, Pilates classes or working with athletes Savar has one goal in mind: measurable progress.
Max Savar acknowledges that getting healthy and sustaining various workout techniques is a challenge, which is why he became a personal trainer. He avoids muscle adaptation by changing up exercise programs and implementing a personalized approach for every client. He knows how to push individuals toward consistent development of strength and endurance without overworking certain regions of the body.
Savar understands that creativity and fun is paramount in any workout, especially if he wants to inspire lifelong fitness and foster a love for physical education and nutrition. He is dedicated to creating a fun-filled workout session for his clients, pushing them to stay motivated and get the most out of their time. In group settings, he leads by example, allowing his clients to witness his hard work and dedication.
Before Max Savar pursued a master of arts from Gonzaga University, he already had two degrees. He received his associates in Sports Management and his bachelor in Business Management, qualifying him to create effective workout guidelines and run his own business. He is ACE certified to teach both group fitness and yoga classes and has numerous certifications to his name.
After receiving his personal training certification in 1999, Max Savar has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to helping women and men with their weight management, injury prevention, athletic abilities, and overall health improvement. He demonstrated hard work, leading by example, causing others to achieve their goals because of his inspiring approach to fitness.
A model of continued success
Max Savar does not believe working out requires solitude, or that it needs to involve the same old movements. He is passionate about providing clients with the tools they need to continue reaching goals after his personal coaching services. He strives to educate them so that they can understand fitness on a deeper level, supplying them with a firm foundation or success – not only in their weight loss goals, but all fitness objectives.
YMCA involvement
Max Savar was swept away by the approach and integrity of the YMCA, an organization he came to love as the health and wellness director of the Fry Family YMCA. He worked with the board of directors to enhance the quality of fitness in the center, using his time to serve as a media spokesperson in regards to health and fitness on a community level.
His time at the YMCA cultivated this love of fitness, and he worked with ages ranging from middle school to professional athletes – all so he could understand the appropriate exercise levels for everyone. While at the Fry Family YMCA, Max Savar learned how to create a member experience and engage communities in volunteer work.

Training beginners
As a personal trainer with multiple years of experience under his belt, Savar is confident that he can help beginners reach their fitness goals through interval training.
What is interval training?
Interval training serves as a valuable tool for the average exerciser. While some are under the impression that the workout technique is too intense, the method is entirely customizable and anyone can do it. According to Savar, interval training is the process of interchanging intense cardio workouts with short rest periods. The aims with this type of training are to burn fat and enhance both speed and cardiovascular health.
In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, Savar understands that taking 45 minutes to an hour every day to work out is not always possible. Interval training is both customizable and convenient, serving as the “go-to” for many busy exercisers. For beginners, training cannot exceed more than twice a week because of the need to let muscles and joints recover. He recommends not putting too much stress on the body, but slowly easing into an efficient workout routine by doing interval training twice a week correctly to prevent injury.
While interval training is rigorous on the heart and lungs, exercisers can benefit by this workout regimen according to their own physical capabilities. Max Savar recommends consulting a physician before implementing any kind of strenuous activities, including interval training.
Max Savar is enthusiastic about advancing the future of physical activity. As physicians, nutrition and physical education experts and personal trainers progress in their specialized fields, he believes a higher emphasis is continually placed on customization and creative workouts depending on the individual. Because injury prevention is key and remains an area of focus for many fitness professionals, he believes industry leaders will continue to perfect ways to deal with injury prevention and management.
Personal trainers are constantly faced with how to motivate people struggling with obesity, as more and more individuals in America live with diabetes, obesity and other challenging health conditions. Fitness leaders must advance their professions, staying up-to-date on the best and latest practices to keep these individuals moving in a way that does not result in injury. Generating results for these exercisers may require workout routines that do not have a harsh impact, looking out for pain areas like knee injuries and so forth.
When considering the future of fitness, Max Savar comments on the growth of the online fitness community, a niche that many personal trainers are tapping into beyond their local markets. With continual technological innovation, the world of physical fitness in terms of outreach and education is meeting people through their computer screens, providing ample motivation and resources to get them off the couch and into the gym. There are YouTube channels, open forums and more that support various workout routines for people of all skill levels. Max Savar does note, however, that these platforms will need to explore injury prevention as well, especially for those interested in working out alone in the comforts of their own home.

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    Master of Arts , Gonzaga College started in 1881 with $936 in hard silver dollars. It bought Gonzaga’s founder, Father Joseph Cataldo, S.J., 320 acres of land and water, what people then referred to as “the old piece of gravel near the falls.” Six years later, the College officially opened the doors of its only building for “young Scholastics, whose ambition it is to become priests.” Exclusively for boys, the College was under the charge of the Jesuit priests. Enrollment for the 1887-88 academic year was 18 boys and young men. Today, it is known as Gonzaga University, a private, four-year institution of higher education. More than 105 buildings dot the 131-acre campus overlooking the Spokane River. Students include both women and men, who can enroll in a multitude of undergraduate or graduate programs. Enrollment for the 2009-10 academic year was 7,837 students. A constant throughout the years is Gonzaga’s educational philosophy, based on the centuries-old Ignatian model of educating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. At Gonzaga, students discover how to integrate science and art, faith and reason, action and contemplation. "Cura personalis," or care for the individual, is our guiding theme.
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