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Arun Reddy combines his comprehensive medical and business backgrounds to promote positive changes in the medical field.
When it comes to a career in the medical field, Arun Reddy brings a wealth of experience and education and a diverse background. Having studied both business and medicine, he is capable of seeing the bigger picture and assessing situations from all angles. He understands where medical professionals are coming from, but is also in tune with the administrative side of the business.
As president of Global Medical Clinic in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, he used all of these skills. The multi-disciplinary practice was formed in partnership with a family physician. It takes an innovative approach to healthcare by integrating rehabilitative medicine, dermatology, and weight loss programs with family medicine. The practice provided patients with more comprehensive services to meet their changing needs. Rather than having to visit multiple physicians or practices, they found an expansive selection of services in one location.
Arun Reddy carefully managed and maintained the administrative aspect of the business by conducting market research to develop strategic pricing and determine the demand for specific services. He also ensured that all staff members were highly qualified and well trained to provide exceptional patient care and experiences.
He is passionate about providing patients with access to high-quality, affordable care to help them better manage their health. This is evident through his dedication to both his medical and administrative education and training. In addition, he has sponsored people in need in other countries to help them receive surgery and other medical treatments needed to improve their health and well-being.
Arun Reddy has led a busy life, spending years acquiring the in-depth knowledge and training that have supported him throughout his career. He has taken on several different business opportunities that have each helped him to develop and refine his skills.
He began his career in the medical field. Recognizing his passion for helping others, Arun Reddy attended Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he earned his bachelor of science in biology in 2003. While earning his BS, he also completed all of his pre-med prerequisites. Biology plays an important role in medicine and it is essential that doctors develop a strong background in this field to support their work.
By completing all of his pre-med prerequisites, he was ready to enroll in medical school. Reddy decided to attend medical school at Medical University of the Americas in Nevis, St. Kitts, West Indies. Here he built upon his previous foundation and developed a more comprehensive understanding of the field. He was exposed to the multiple facets of the profession and spent time learning about each one.
During medical school, students rotate through a variety of specialties. This helps them to acquire knowledge about each that they can then apply in diverse situations. When treating a patient they can draw from other areas as they strive to diagnose and treat the condition.
After earning his M.D., Arun Reddy spent time training abroad to further refine his skills. He completed clinical training at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny, which is an approved teaching hospital for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and at the Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Through his work, he learned from other professionals in the field who helped him to grow and excel. He interacted with patients with a wide range of conditions, allowing him to further expand his knowledge and skills.
While he enjoyed his studies in medicine, he always had a passion for business as well. Not wanting to limit his options and realizing that a more diverse education would benefit him in his career, Arun Reddy decided to pursue his interest in the business field. Still following his roots in medicine, he enrolled at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada to study Health Services Administration.
The Health Services Administration program combined many different aspects of the field. He completed coursework in public health, human resources, health services, and health service policy and analysis. These are all elements necessary for effectively managing the business side of a medical facility such as a hospital or practice. Reddy graduated in 2007 with his diploma and was ready to take the next step in his career.
In 2008, Arun Reddy became president and CEO of Lindsay Medical Laser Therapy in Lindsay, Ontario. He helped to develop the company into a network of five physical therapy clinics all within a 50-mile radius. The formulation of this practice was in response to the growing demand that he identified in the area for physical therapy services.
The clinics also catered to related services and employed a team of chiropractors, Certified laser therapists and massage therapists. This multi-disciplinary model of patient care was the first of its kind in the area and was able to better address the needs of patients. They had more options for treatment and input from several specialists in their case rather than a singular point of view.
To maintain smooth operation of these clinics, Arun Reddy spearheaded many administrative tasks and responsibilities. He handled several financial aspects including payroll, patient billing, and management of insurance claims. He also completed data input in Electronic Patient Health Records. Levering his natural ability to relate with others and build strong connections, he networked with local hospitals and physicians to develop strong business relationships.
Throughout his work he made sure that he always kept a close eye on the overall performance of the clinics. He ensured that they were providing high-quality services, upholding strict standards of care, procedures, and guidelines. During his five years there, the business generated close to $1M in total revenue, further exemplifying Arun’s exceptional business skills.
Having achieved success in one business venture, this is when hemoved on to become president and CEO at Global Medical Clinic and continue making a difference in the healthcare field.
Looking ahead, Arun Reddy would like to continue combining his strong medical and business background. Though his plans are not set in stone, his vision is to start his own business or engage in consulting regarding topics associated with medicine and administration. Possible options would include a startup medical tourism business, consulting for a pharmaceutical company or becoming a healthcare administrator at a hospital.
All of these roles would effectively use his strengths, training and experience. They would allow him to continue making a positive difference in patient health through a variety of means. Through his role as president and CEO for two different medically related businesses, he has amassed a multitude of skills. He is capable of effectively relating to patients, staff, colleagues, and other professionals both within and outside of the industry. These excellent communication skills will benefit him as he forges his own business or pursues a consulting or administrative career.
With an extensive background in management as it relates to the medical field, Arun Reddy is confident tackling financial tasks, analyzing and reviewing claims, developing fundraising initiatives, building client relations, and managing staff training and development. He is also adept at resolving conflict and developing strategic business solutions. These abilities are imperative in running a successful business and improving performance, productivity, and revenue.
It is important that business professionals have a solid understanding of all facets of the company. With his medical degree and diploma in Health Services Administration, Reddy is more than capable of functioning in many different capacities within the healthcare field and proving a valuable asset to any organization.

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  • Trent University , United States , Peterborough, Ontario

    Bachelor of Science in Biology
    - 01/2003
  • Dalhousie University , Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Health Services Administration
Career History
  • President , United States , Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
    to 12/2099
  • CEO , United States , Lindsay, Ontario
    to 01/2008
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