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Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has more than 20 years of experience in the education and information technology fields and is in the process of developing his own eLearning company.
Through the years, Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has built a strong educational and professional background. It is these experiences that have inspired and motivated him to start his own eLearning company. Helping All Learn (HAL) is a company that will focus on helping students to not only achieve academic growth, but personal growth as well. It combines traditional classroom learning with Internet learning to create a hybrid program. Learning is broken down into two different categories: self-shaping and learning from others. By focusing on both of these aspects of learning, students gain a more enriching experience.
In helping students to achieve more, Lauffer also developed a more comprehensive way to identify where they are struggling and what the potential contributing factors are. He uses a linguistic machine to break down content to particle level to gain a deeper understanding of what the student knows and where they face challenges. He is also able to identify solutions to help solve these problems. For example, one issue that may result in lower levels of learning is lack of sleep. Through this process he can identify the issue and recommend that getting more sleep may allow them to become more productive, thus improving their learning.
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, focuses on the student as whole, meeting not only their academic needs, but their personal needs as well. He believes in making them students of life, rather than just students of curriculum. By identifying all of their needs, he can help them to better grow and develop as a person, both personally and academically.
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has spent years developing and refining his skills and education. He has worked in a variety of fields that have afforded him many opportunities and experiences for growth and knowledge. Education is important to him and he has earned several degrees in different academic areas that have all benefitted him throughout his career. They have helped him to build a solid academic foundation and necessary skills.
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, followed his passion and earned his diploma in Bible/Biblical Studies from New Tribes in 1979. Soon afterward he went on to attend Westmoreland County Community College in Pennsylvania to earn his associate degree in business in 1982. This would prove beneficial as he later founded his own company and developed his own products and inventions.
Still interested in learning more and furthering his education, he went on to attend Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Here he continued to pursue his interest in business, but also studied language as well. In 1983 Lauffer graduated with not only his Bachelor of Science in business, but also his Bachelor of Arts in French. He was becoming more well-rounded and versed in the business world.
Taking his studies abroad, Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, attended the St. John of Damascus School of Theology at the University of Balamand in Lebanon. He remained focused and dedicated to his education and graduated in 1987 with his master’s degree in Theology.
A few years later he decided to expand upon his knowledge and interest in technology. He attended the University of Pittsburgh where he earned a Master of Science in telecommunications. While there he took part in conducting and funding advanced research projects in wireless and human machine interaction, as well as various business projects.
Through his years of education and intense studies, combined with his diverse experiences, Lauffer has positioned himself as an authority of eLearning. He is also an authority in classical languages and French. He has used his knowledge to not only benefit himself, but countless others as well.
Total Access, Inc.
In 1985, Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, began research that would later lead to the founding of Total Access, Inc., an information technology company. He used his knowledge and skills with computers and telecommunications to create a new computing paradigm that included a wireless data network. He built upon his experiences and research with human computer interaction to guide his work. In 1990 he started expanding his work to apply it to law enforcement. In 1994, Total Access, Inc. was officially founded.
Focusing on the mobile data systems used by law enforcement officials he applied his knowledge of distributed systems, databases, and operating systems to bring about changes and improvements. He was the first to implement speech recognition software with the system. He also proposed viewing the Internet as a virtual interactive e-library. He explained that it was an electronic/photonic repository of data, information, knowledge, and intelligence with adaptive archival and retrieval. Before closing the company in 1999, he had competed for and won three Pennsylvania technology grant competitions to fund his work.
Community College Beaver County
Since the fall of 1994, Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has worked as an associate professor at Community College Beaver County in Pennsylvania. He has become an integral part of the information technology and philosophy programs over the past 20 years. His contributions include helping with the development of curriculum, special programs, certificates, course topics, and more. He has also used his knowledge and experience to consult with the college on technical issues including the Internet and cyber education.
During his time at the college, he has taught more than 1,500 students and shared with them his knowledge, experience, and expertise. He is passionate about the quality education that the college provides and has helped to promote it at high schools and public functions throughout the county. In collaboration with the continuing education department he taught a special topic for NOVA Chemical.
Global Science and Engineering Efforts
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has applied his passion and skills to expanding education and technology in other countries as well. For three years he served on the Partner Board for Uganda Christian University. This accompanied his research on sustainable science and engineering education in Uganda, Africa. Education is very important in developing countries because it is a way to empower students and help them to advance in their future. Having adequate resources and appropriate curriculum further supports these efforts.
Lauffer and his colleagues found that schools in Uganda were lacking these things. They helped to assess the needs of the educational system, and proposed a plan to create a beneficial curriculum, increase emphasis on science and engineering education, and develop the appropriate infrastructure to meet the educational goals of the country. They also found that there was a need to develop more sustainable energy processes.
Part of improving the educational system meant ensuring that teachers were properly trained and knowledgeable in content, that they had access to textbooks and other resources, and that there were ways for them to continue furthering their training and knowledge. Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, and his colleagues sought ways to find organizations to support the ongoing needs of the people of Uganda. They proposed forging alliances between universities in the United States and those in Uganda. In recognition of their work, the team was presented with the Global Engineering & Engineering Technology Educator Award from the American Society of Engineering Educators.
Helping All Learn
It is through all of these experiences and his extensive educational background that Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has decided to found Helping All Learn. He is dedicated to improving education and educational opportunities. He has grown and developed his knowledge and expertise from the opportunities he has been given and wants to inspire others to optimize their potential. He has learned that it is not only a matter of focusing on curriculum and academics, but on supporting the student as a whole. Their personal growth is just as important. His experience with languages, technology, education, and more have helped him to create this comprehensive eLearning company. Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, has made significant impacts on education throughout the years and continues to do so.
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, will continue to develop and grow his eLearning company, Helping All Learn. He is always seeking ways to improve his processes and services to better meet the needs of individual learners. Identifying problems and coming up with innovative solutions can help him to reach even more students and provide them with valuable assistance. He believes in combining traditional classroom learning and online learning in a way that maximizes learning potential and growth. He will continue to focus his efforts on improving education and curriculum.
He will also continue to educate students at Community College Beaver County. He has become an important part of the academic community and is a valuable asset to faculty, staff, and students. He enjoys teaching information technology and philosophy as they are subjects that he is passionate about. Inspiring students to further their education and explore the opportunities that the future holds is important to him.
Doug Lauffer, The Master of eLearning, will also continue to further his own education. He stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in many academic fields. This helps him to increase his own knowledge and skills and find ways to improve how he teaches others. This also allows him to further develop the connection between academic learning and personal growth. He will continue to share his knowledge with others through presentations, projects, and speaking engagements.
When not focusing on his career, Lauffer enjoys spending time with his wife and catching up with his four grown children. His family is important to him and he supports them as much as he can. He values the time they spend together and the memories that they create.

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  • New Tribes Bible School , United States

    Biblical Studies
    - 01/1979
  • Westmoreland County Community College , United States , Pennsylvania

    Associate Degree - Business
    - 01/1982
  • Geneva College , United States , Beaver Falls, PA

    B.S. in Business & B.A. in French
    - 01/1983
  • St. John of Damascus School of Theology , United States , Lebanon

    Master’s Degree in Theology
    - 01/1987
  • University of Pittsburgh , United States , Pittsburgh. PA

    Master of Science in telecommunications
Career History
  • Professor , United States
    01/1994 to 12/2099
  • Owner, Founder , United States

    not defined
    to 12/2099
  • Founder , United States

    not defined
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  • Instructional Technology
  • Curriculum Development
  • E-Learning
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Telecommunications
  • University Teaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Process Management
  • Fundraising
  • Moodle
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