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Tracey Seward is the trusted Accenture Management Consulting Offering Development Director at Accenture, where she has led an impressive 20-year career.
As the Accenture Management Consulting Offering Development Director, Tracey Seward is trusted with the development and execution of the Management Consulting go-to-market offering portfolio strategy. In addition, Seward is concentrated on the development and industrialization of company assets, which serve Accenture clients and employees on several levels. With such a comprehensive grasp on this area of business, Seward utilizes her multi-faceted talents to develop solutions that Accenture delivers to clients across the areas of Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Risk, CRM, Analytics, Sustainability, and Strategy.
Having worked with Accenture for more than two decades, Tracey has played a critical role in the development of the company’s Management Consulting business. This area of the Accenture business is an essential resource for companies across all industries by specifically focusing on creating value and architecting change.
Apart from her standard duties at Accenture, Tracey is committed to spurring progress in many areas of the business community. Focused on diversity and inclusion efforts, she has remained an active supporter of advancing strategies for workplace diversity, which include expanding opportunities and instruction for developing female professionals. In a strategic partnership with The Cara Program, Accenture has also provided Tracey the opportunity to help less fortunate citizens acquire the skills necessary to become professionally and personally sustainable, thus reducing rates of poverty in the Chicago area.
As part of her efforts to drive entrepreneurial success and professional empowerment, Tracey Seward remains active in helping global talent—including women in India—embrace new opportunities for personal and professional success.
As noted above, Tracey Seward began her impressive career with Accenture approximately 20 years ago. During this expansive period, Tracey Seward has grown as a business leader and taken on many responsibilities to help this internationally-recognized brand grow and assist others in achieving professional greatness. While the business landscape has changed immensely throughout her career, Tracey has embraced social progress as a way to encourage professionals to achieve new possibilities for personal and professional accomplishments.
As an inspirational and progressive business leader and speaker, Tracey has exemplified her core beliefs in governance through her own entrepreneurial endeavors. For instance, whilst maintaining her responsibilities at Accenture Management Consulting, Tracey is also credited with having launched a startup. Such efforts have allowed her to gain firsthand experience in the challenges and rewards that female entrepreneurs face in today’s business world. Using lessons gained throughout her own professional journey, Seward has motivated many other women to achieve success as business leaders and entrepreneurs.
Core Values in Enhancing Business Leadership
Over the years, Tracey Seward has made several accomplishments throughout her career at Accenture, specifically in coming to understand how to improve leadership and strategic growth on multiple levels. In her collective efforts to inspire today’s citizens toward greater professional potential, Seward utilizes her previous experiences in the business world to target and resolve key problems in the modern workforce. Some of the issues that Tracey’s efforts have become synonymous with include:
• Workplace Diversity

Over the years, the definition of workplace diversity has changed incredibly to expand and include professionals from various backgrounds. As such, Tracey Seward believes it is important to empower professionals who come from different backgrounds and experiences, such as those associated with race, gender, ethnicity, and disabilities. For Tracey, the changing nature of workplace diversity is one that signifies progress and greater opportunities for all individuals and communities; however, she also believes that there is still much progress to be made in these areas.

According to Seward, workplace diversity at Accenture is not necessarily just about maintaining a specific hiring quota of minority talent. Instead, Tracey has remained heavily focused on inclusion, providing all professionals with the confidence and resources to gain respect in the workplace and make significant contributions to business growth. Essentially, by advancing diversity and inclusion efforts, industries will be able to expand and develop to their fullest potential and become able to receive insight from all professional mindsets.

• Empowering Women Leadership

As a professional who appreciates the expansive benefits of workplace diversity, she believes it is also important to focus on gender equality within the modern workforce. Having led talks at her alma mater, Ball State University, on women in technology, Tracey Seward has utilized her own experiences as a female in a leadership role to inspire other women to embrace their potential as senior-level professionals.

While Tracey has remained a strong advocate of raising awareness on the changing role of women in the workplace, she has also helped directly encourage other female professionals to lay out new pathways for success. For instance, through Accenture’s US Supplier Development Diversity Program, she has served as a mentor to other c-Level minority business owners to encourage them toward success. This unique program has not only allowed Seward to introduce new strategic partners to Accenture, but has also helped minority owned companies gain the skills necessary to effectively lead and grown their own businesses.

• Global Business Development

Through her experiences at Accenture, Tracey Seward has become aware of the great potential that encouraging business development can have for the entire business community. Specifically, by working with Accenture’s Skills to Succeed program, Seward has witnessed how supporting local non-profit organizations can be a great way to not only build our local communities but to also acquire and shape strategic partnerships. Believing that true industry growth is the result of collaboration and support across multiple businesses, Tracey has remained an advocate of the Accenture Skills to Succeed program.

While collaborating and inspiring growth in the United States is an important aspect of this program, she notes that it is also focused on stimulating business development across the world, including projects in India, South Africa, and Brazil. With greater international resources and improved business connections, Tracey says there is a greater potential for enhanced global commerce. In part of her efforts to encourage global business development, she remains concentrated on workplace diversity values and is an advocate of encouraging women in India to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

• Technology

During her 20 years at Accenture, Tracey Seward has witnessed many incredible shifts in the way the business world utilizes technology. Through technology, both large corporations and small businesses have proven able to become more productive, reduce costs, increase hiring, and improve communication and collaboration on a global level. While many tech-savvy companies have come to embrace new technology as an exceptional resource for business growth, she states that there is still a great need to inspire smaller businesses to upgrade their processes and take advantage of technologies. According to her, businesses that adapt to modern technological resources can remain sustainable and maintain their appeal to consumers and partners at a steady rate.

In addition to encouraging the general business community to recognize the vast potential that modern technological resources offer, Tracey is also dedicated to inspiring progress in the technology field itself. Believing that some of the greatest technological achievements are on the horizon, she has concentrated on encouraging female professionals to pursue lucrative and engaging careers in tech-related fields. In fact, Seward has become a valued speaker at Ball State University as an alumnus who leads discussions on how women can become more present in technology.
A Professional with Balance
One of the core values that Tracey has held throughout her efforts in empowering up-and-coming professionals is that of balance. According to Seward, it is essential for all professionals—particularly women—to achieve a balance between work, family, health and fitness, and other social involvements. Having established a way to develop as a professional and raise a family, Tracey Seward proves that it is quite possible to achieve leadership success and reap the benefits of being a mother.
As a professional at Accenture focused on helping professionals realize their full potential and guiding businesses to their greatest heights, she is always concentrated on the future. According to Tracey, the future holds many great possibilities for American and global business. Through her efforts, Tracey hopes to inspire more professionals to achieve greatness, particular women who are seeking new potential through entrepreneurship, business leadership, and in the technology field.
Concentrated on boosting the value all citizens have in regards to community involvement, she remains excited by the many progressive social programs established by Accenture. In addition to helping build female professionals through one-on-one mentor-ship as part of Accenture’s US Diverse Supplier Development Program, Seward also anticipates positive results from the company’s Skills to Succeed program. Specifically, she notes that this Accenture program, although young, has laid out a goal to help 500,000 individuals gain the skills necessary to grow as professionals and business leaders by 2015.
As a result of Accenture’s efforts, Tracey Seward hopes that workplace diversity and inclusion will become commonplace in all industries. As more professionals coming from varied backgrounds are able to feel confident and contribute to their industries, Seward expects that social, environmental, and economic progress will be experienced not only on a domestic level, but over time at a global level.
In addition, to her work within Accenture, the Chicago community, and the greater domestic United States, she also plans to continue encouraging women in foreign countries to take advantage of new opportunities to grow as professionals. For instance, Tracey Seward of Accenture is confident that more Indian women will gain the tools and opportunities necessary to build professional careers within their national workforce.

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  • Ball State University , United States , Muncie, IN

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    08/1985 - 05/1989
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