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Mark Rotstein

United States
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Mark Rotstein is the Founder of Equilibrium Partners Inc., a Multi-Family Office firm located in Toronto, Canada.

Mark Rotstein, the Founder of Equilibrium Partners Inc., acts as an advisor and partner to individuals and families. The company is a family office, working together with other professional advisors to best address the unique needs of each family or individual they work with. His company serves individuals, families and small businesses. Smaller companies may not be able to acquire their own professionals or don’t see a need to have a whole department for one task. Family offices find people of all specialties, so their searching services are useful for any occasion. Family offices are like sourcing out a human resources department, but the department is more than just human resources.

Outside of his profession, Mark Rotstein enjoys outdoor recreations. He is an avid runner in both distance and fitness. Whether he is running on the road or the treadmill, it is one of his favorite exercises. He is also an avid golfer. Like any other person that talks about golf, he is far from a professional in any sense. He enjoys hitting the links for a round and enjoying the outdoors as he plays though. He knows that it is a great way to unwind from work and establish professional relationships. He also knows that charity is an important part of life as well. This is why he devotes his time to various causes in his community and the world. Whether it is sports and camps for kids, or help for adults, charity is something that keeps the world turning with people who help others.

Mark Rotstein spent the early part of his life and working career ensuring that his job was done to the satisfaction of himself and others. He was raised with the sense that he would get somewhere in life if he worked hard. This has paid off in dividends as he begins to grow his new company, Equilibrium Partners Inc. His work in helping other companies with their personnel needs was realized through the job satisfaction gained with working at Equilibrium Partners Inc.

Mark Rotstein’s work with this company included visiting clients, consulting them on their needs, and managing his own company and their needs. Equilibrium Partners Inc. is a newer concept that has proven successful for their clients.
Why Mark Rotstein got into this line of work was for the ability to provide client satisfaction. When he discovered that he could do this by working in a family office, he jumped at the chance. His work has reflected well upon him and has for a long time before now. His knack for establishing great relationships in the professional world has worked well with the concept of the family office. Knowing exactly who works well for individuals and families has made it easy for Mark Rotstein to continue to supply his clients with the best people for the jobs needed. His work with Equilibrium Partners Inc., garnered him notoriety in the business as one of the best family office professionals. This has worked in his favor as he rose to the position of being one of the top advisors for his company, a prestigious honor that he continues to carry to this day.

Mark Rotstein never devoted himself entirely to work though. He was brought up learning to enjoy his life outside of work. This is why he took up hobbies as he got on in his years. He is an avid runner. Running is not just about putting one foot in front of the other in a fast manner. There is a form and practice that people must follow to avoid injury. Much of the power that comes from running comes from the form of the feet. Rolling from heel to toe will help to avoid striking contact with the ground, which can cause injury. Having a good pair of running shoes will also aid in keeping injuries of the feet and legs away.

Proper stretching helps make the body run faster as well. Muscles are less likely to seize up if they are loose and warmed up. This is why extra attention should be paid to the muscles around the shins and thighs. They are the main drive behind any running motion. Mark Rotstein learned quickly that shin splints could halt a runner quite easily if they are agitated too much. This is why he was taught to give them a working over as well before going on a run.

Running is done either for fitness, sport, or other. Many people run casually as a way to keep their hearts healthy and their circulation in good order. Aerobic activities such as running ensure good heart health for the runner. Those who run for sport also find a sense of enjoyment from running races. Due to the various lengths of race that one can do if they train hard enough, there is no wrong race to run. Many casual runners run 5K races. A 5K race is 5 kilometers, which is 3.1 miles. People can take these at a pretty easy pace since the distance isn’t great. It is the first step for some in their journey to run greater races, like marathons.

Mark Rotstein realized early on that he also held a passion for playing golf. While it is not as active as running, golf was a good way to enjoy the outdoors and play a skilled game. Golf takes a lot of practice to properly maneuver the ball down the course in an effective way. Since each hole has a par that the player aims for before their score is negatively impacted, there is some work that players work in on order to avoid getting too high of a score. Golf of course has the opposite aim of other sports in that it requires the player to score as low as possible to win rather than beat someone’s score. This is attainable by making par, or shooting the ball into the hole in less than par. Many professional golfers still have difficulty achieving this on their tours.

Regardless of the skill in a game, many people just enjoy going out to the course to spend a few hours working on their sport. Anyone can start playing as long as they find themselves a set of clubs and some balls. Everything past that is just practice, practice, practice. This is what Mark Rotstein has done to improve his game and it’s the way that others must do as well. He spent many Saturdays of his life working on his game, and continues to constantly in order to make sure he can eventually be at the top of his game.

Mark Rotstein also learned early on about the importance of giving back. He was taught that charity was how the world goes round. He has a few of his staple charities that he has given to in the past, and has some sports organizations that he has worked closely with as well. The importance of supporting various beneficial groups has never been lost on him though. He encourages others to discover what they like to help with and do it.

Mark Rotstein looks forward to helping individuals and families through his family Office firm, Equilibrium Partners Inc. Rotstein also plans to continue his passions of running and golf. These activities are what drive him to work hard in order to play just as hard. Running keeps him limber and active, while golf allows him to relax. He looks forward to the next time he can run a race for charity or just for fun. He will also continue to support his favorite charities through his time and his money. This allows for someone to feel the benefits of his generosity, and give him a sense of accomplishment that is not matched by much else. When it comes to his personal life, he takes his activities quite seriously.

Mark Rotstein is a man with a well-rounded business and personal life. He wants to continue to do what he loves in both as it has kept him happy so far. There is nothing else in the world he’d rather be doing than what is doing now. He wants people to find their passions and pursue them just like he did.


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  • 07/1995 to 12/2099
    : Advisor
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    : Toronto, ON
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