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John Calvert, DDS, is the creator of the Austin, Texas-based Smile Creations.
John Calvert, DDS, founded Smile Creations, located in Austin, Texas. The practice is one of the most well known practices in the city, and is a top rated practice for a range of preventative and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Calvert and his team have many years of expertise in the often complex areas of high level cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea, temporomandibular joint disorders, and a number of other issues. They partner with their patients to help these individuals get the healthy, bright smiles they've always wanted. For over 28 years Calvert has provided a dental experience that is comfortable and of the highest quality, giving his patients many reasons to smile. He created the practice in order to make optimum oral hygiene and healthy smiles available to the people of Austin that are seeking a more personalized care and put a high value on their dental health. Not only do patients feel welcome and at home in his office, they also know that they are receiving the best dental care available in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Calvert only incorporates state-of-the-art innovative diagnostics and procedures in his practice, ensuring that his patients receive the most modern dental care available today. They use digital x-rays, high tech intra-oral cameras, as well as the newest techniques to provide the most effective and efficient care for his patients. Dr. Calvert only hires the most dedicated professionals to staff his office. These individuals are devoted to their patients, and are happy to answer any questions and resolve concerns that a patient may have as they proceed through their treatment plan. From minor toothaches to more complex cosmetic dentistry concerns, Dr. Calvert and his team will handle them with expert care and results.
John Calvert, DDS, explains that his passion for the field of science first began when he was in high school. He realized that he had a love for the subject matter, and wanted to dedicate his life to it. For this reason, he majored in biology at Lubbock Christian University in Texas. From there, he moved on to the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, where he obtained his doctorate in dental surgery. During his time in dental school, Dr. Calvert developed a passion for studying and identifying the underlying and often undiagnosed causes of most adult dental problems. The study of this overlooked aspect of dentistry aided in his comprehensive approach to providing longer lasting excellence in his dentistry. Dr. Calvert is now highly sought out for his unique approach in providing the finest cosmetic dentistry available.

John's desire for finding a better approach to provide the best comprehensive dental care for his patients led him to study at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Through his extensive training at the Pankey Institute he is able to provide treatment for complex dental issues such as temporomandibular disorder pain (TMJ), head and neck pain, as well as highly rated fine cosmetic dentistry.

Some people ask what originally brought John Calvert, DDS, to Austin. He explains that he was attracted to the unique energy found in the city, and appreciated that the city worked well with his active lifestyle. As a long time resident of Austin, Dr. Calvert enjoys the many outdoor activities available with his wife, children and grandchildren.

John Calvert, DDS has established himself as a leader in dentistry in Austin. Patients know that he is committed to providing them with excellence in dentistry, while keeping abreast of the newest techniques and continued education. Dr. Calvert and his team are often sought out from all around Texas to provide smile makeovers on clients. Patients know that when they show up to Smile Creations, they won’t end up with enhancements that give them a ‘cookie cutter’ smile. They’ll be able to enjoy an improved natural looking smile that gives them more confidence in their day to day life.

Research shows that a smile accounts for roughly 90 percent of the first impression a person gives off. This staggering figure illustrates just how important it is to have straight, white teeth and healthy gums. Whether we realize it or not, our smiles say a lot about us, and lead people to quickly form opinions about us. For this reason, Dr. Calvert enjoys providing his patients attractive smiles that put their best impression forward in business and personal relationships.

John routinely helps patients who are embarrassed about their smile by working with them to create just the right plan for their individual smile improvement desires. Perhaps the person is concerned about the whiteness of their teeth or is unhappy with the way their teeth are shaped. Regardless of the problem, Dr. Calvert and his team of highly trained and passionate professionals are there to help. He knows just what to do to keep a smile looking natural, while increasing the “wow!” factor people desire in a beautiful smile. Some of the characteristics he takes into consideration in creating the best treatment plan include:

• The shape of the person’s face, and how it coordinates with their teeth
• The position of the teeth in relation to the lip and smile line
• How much of the teeth show when the person smiles or doesn’t smile
• Whether the teeth cause the person to look older or younger than they actually are
• If teeth have become crooked, worn, uneven, discolored, or are too thick or too thin
• Any spaces or gaps in the mouth that are causing crowding or overlap
• The symmetry of the smile
• How much gum shows when the person smiles
• Whether any alterations of the teeth would impact the person’s speech

In addition to their excellent services, John Calvert, DDS and his team offer free consultations to anyone who is ready to get that new smile they have always wanted.

Due to Dr. John Calvert’s advanced training, he is also sought out daily by people who are suffering from the painful effects of TMJ dysfunction, such as jaw pain and headaches. TMJ is a very damaging and common condition that causes a number of unpleasant symptoms including:

• Pain near the ears or on the face
• Jaw tenderness
• Difficulty chewing
• Clicking sounds when the mouth is opened or closed
• Locking of joints
• Headaches in the temple area and back of the neck

It can come from stress, arthritis, injury, or persistent teeth grinding. Regardless of the cause of the condition, Calvert has the expertise to treat this problem. He utilizes state-of-the-art methods and treatments to eliminate the patient’s pain thus allowing them to smile, laugh, talk, and eat with ease and comfort.

Whether a person requires veneers, Invisalign, crowns, bridges, root canals or just a very thorough cleaning, Dr. Calvert and his team are prepared with their expertise and special personal care for each person they see. At Smile Creations each patient is treated with the utmost respect and is welcomed to experience a higher level of care than most are used to. John Calvert, DDS, has spent more than 28 years practicing dentistry, and looks forward to many more.
John Calvert, DDS, has more than 28 years of experience in the field of dentistry. As a veteran of the industry, he has the knowledge base, experience, and passion to provide the highest level of care to each patient he sees. His patients at Smile Creations, a practice that he founded in Austin, Texas, are a diverse group. Dr. Calvert is very proficient in all phases of dentistry with emphasis in cosmetic dentistry, TMJ pain, sleep apnea and children’s dentistry. Every patient is different so every treatment plan is different and custom created to their needs and desires. Dr. Calvert listens carefully to the concerns and goals of each individual he sees, verifying that he pursues a treatment plan that makes sense for that particular person.

Regardless of the complexity of the case in front of him, John Calvert, DDS welcomes the opportunity to help each patient with enthusiasm. He knows exactly what it takes to resolve the person’s issues, giving them a smile they feel proud to show off. Though he has almost three decades of experience in the field, he is still as passionate as ever about providing excellent dental care for his patients. He looks forward to many more years of beautifying smiles, giving people the confidence they need to find success in personal and professional dealings. John Calvert, DDS is pleased to have earned a reputation for excellence and compassionate care, and will continue to uphold his high standards at Smile Creations.

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  • University of Texas, Houston , United States , Houston, TX

    08/1981 - 05/1985
  • Lubbock Christian University , United States , Lubbock, TX

    B.S. in Biology
    08/1977 - 05/1981
  • Pankey Institute of Advanced Studies , United States

    Advanced Dental Training
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  • Founder, Dentist , United States , Austin, TX

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    04/1985 to 12/2099
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