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Todd Meister is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer living in New York City. He works with patients in the City and in the surrounding areas off of the Island, helping those in need to look and feel great.
Todd Meister works with people of all shapes, sizes and ages. Many people would be surprised today to see how many children are overweight and how many simply know nothing about healthy eating. In his practice, both as a nutritionist and as a weight trainer, he tries to keep the focus on health. He doesn’t have clients count calories or weigh themselves every day, for instance. The emphasis is on getting healthy and feeling good about yourself. Certainly, he will discuss an ideal BMI with a client and discuss how much weight they might want to lose. But he then spends his time during his nutrition sessions talking about healthy food choices, about portion control and about emotional eating. The weight will come off, he believes, when the client believes in himself and starts to shift the focus of their weight loss from weight to health. Todd Meister’s sessions are typically 45 minute sessions once a week that last for as long as a client wants to continue coming. When a client has reached maintenance mode, he will often pull back to seeing them once every other week. With his weight training program, Meister works at two different gyms. He teaches spinning classes and kick boxing and he also works one-on-one with clients who want to change their health and bodies through exercise. He creates exercise plans with the clients and marks their progress along the way.
Todd Meister first became interested in nutrition in high school. As a heavy child, he always felt out of place and slightly depressed. He didn’t realize at the time just how much weight was having an impact on his self image, but in retrospect Todd is able to make the connection. He hated going shopping for clothing with his mom, always worried that the latest trends wouldn’t fit him and wouldn’t look good on him. The turning point came when Meister invited a girl to the high school prom and she turned him down. She didn’t say why she wouldn’t go with him, but he figured that it was about his weight. The very next day, Todd Meister shyly showed up to the neighborhood gym, asking how he could join. He got a one month membership and received assistance from a trainer. This was really the turning point for him. He shed 20 pounds in a number of months and started paying attention to how he was eating and how he was using his body. Certainly, he had years of learning ahead of him, but this was the jumping off point. When he lost the weight and started to feel better about himself, at the beginning of college, he noticed that this energy attracted others. When he was overweight and feeling down, other people didn’t necessarily want to be with him. But when he shed the weight and started to have a more vibrant personality, it attracted the attention of others. And this was the beginning of the path that Todd Meister would take towards a better outlook on life – and towards helping others to have one as well.
Todd Meister wishes that there were more hours in the day so that he could work with more clients. At the moment, he is completely booked between his private nutrition consultations and his weight training work at the gyms. A future goal that Todd Meister has is to start doing group nutrition sessions. While many people feel self-conscious about their weight and about discussing weight issues with other, there is a liberation to be found in doing so. People start to see that they aren’t alone in their struggles and that they have nothing to be ashamed of. And this can really aid people with their weight loss. There is also a great deal of encouragement that comes when people lose weight together. For these reasons, Meister plans to open up a few group sessions where he will teach about nutrition, weight management, positive self-esteem, exercise and more. He hopes to incorporate these group sessions into his weekly plan and to continue seeing private clients in his New York office. And, of course, Todd Meister plans to keep spinning and kicking his way towards fitness for himself and those who come to his sessions at the gym.

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