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Brett Adams, Notts County sports professional, is an experienced soccer instructor who specializes in the mentorship of youth athletes.
Brett Adams, Notts County athletic coach, works as the coordinator for 8- to 12-year-old aspiring athletes. He has set up a structured program for teaching and refining the soccer skills of players in that age bracket as well as athletes of up to nineteen years of age.

As Youth Team Manager, Mr. Adams plays an active role in the education of his players, creating a syllabus for the academy and participating with the staff to ensure that every player is taught the same things. On days when matches are held, Mr. Adams serves as a tactical analyst. He is perpetually in communication with both sideline team members and on-field players.

Mr. Adams has participated actively in the expansion and promotion of the girls’ football community, giving these players confidence in themselves and in their ability to succeed. In the process, he has developed a number of insights that he shares with parents on health concerns that apply especially or exclusively to female athletes.

As Brett Adams, Notts County coaching pro, warns parents, “Don’t put too much pressure on your daughter to perform. Show her by your words and actions that you believe health and well-being to be more important than athletic success or having the perfect body.” He advises them to be on the alert for signs that their daughters may have an eating disorder brought on by athletic or personal pressures, particularly if emphasis during instruction is frequently placed on weight class or on a specific type of physique.
Brett Adams, Notts County professional, has had a successful career in coaching youth soccer in both the United Kingdom and the United States. From an athletic childhood to a youth career in sports, Mr. Adams has repeatedly revealed his passion for soccer and his commitment to athletic excellence. As a youth soccer coach, Mr. Adams has shared his insights and his love of the game with a new generation of players. He has ensured that coaches in the UK and abroad recognize the importance of enhancing their instruction by boosting self-confidence and positivity in their players in addition to athletic prowess.

Brett Adams, Notts County sports coach, revealed his gift for sports at an early age. He proved to be a dedicated and valuable team player. Mr. Adams became a semiprofessional athlete at the age of 17. Twelve years later, he received an A-license certificate for coaching, becoming the youngest Englishman ever to do so. He has played on teams for three cities — Arnold Town, Dunkirk and Shirebrook — and had trials with two others, Ipswich Town and Rotterham United.

Brett Adams, Notts County coach, got his first instructional position as head coach for Youth Soccer. He worked with children from the ages of five to twelve, helping them to boost not only their playing skills but also their confidence in themselves. Mr. Adams recognized the importance of adding fun to gameplay even while teaching players the basics of the game. He was promoted to the position of sports coordinator, at which point he become responsible for scheduling, running the organization’s day-to-day affairs, organizing all after-school and weekly sessions and securing an effective coach for every age group.

After working in this position for two months, Mr. Adams was promoted yet again, awarded the position of senior sports coordinator. Mr. Adams interviewed coaches to make sure that they had the appropriate qualifications. He showed dedication to the organization’s goals, training coaches to support their players while developing new techniques and approaches to instruction. He strengthened the program by increasing the number of sessions offered by the organization.

Brett Adams, Notts County professional, coached the YFC of Heathfield Town, which soon became a successful club team thanks to his efforts. At the YFC of Bulwell Town, Mr. Adams acted as coaching coordinator, showing other coaches how to help their teams achieve positive results. Many of the players he coached went on play soccer on a professional or semiprofessional level.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Brett Adams, Notts County athletic coach, moved on to the international soccer scene, pursuing coaching in the United States. After spending two weeks coaching UK Soccer International, he was elevated to the position of director. In this new position, Mr. Adams created and promoted evening sessions, interviewing coaches who could oversee club activities. Brett Adams, Notts County athletic instructor, brought what he learned while coaching in the United States back with him when he returned to Great Britain.

Back in the UK, Brett Adams received a position that is held by only 89 other people in the whole United Kingdom: Football Association Skills Coach. This honorable designation was bestowed on Mr. Adams in October of 2008. Brett Adams, Notts County instructor, held the position until 2010. During his time as Skills Coach, Mr. Adams helped to set up sports centers across the local region, enabling young players to perfect their skills and abilities. Mr. Adams coordinated with schools and local clubs as well as with the coaches and athletes themselves.

It was at this point that Mr. Adams entered into his present line of work in Notts County, where he began to work as a technical skills coach for athletes aged 8 to 12. He accepted the position of Youth Team Manager. He began to oversee the responsible athletic education of the athletes under his supervision.

The sport known as football in Great Britain and most other countries is known as soccer in the United States, distinguishing the sport from American football. The term references the Football Association that was formed in 1863 by representatives of English sports groups. Modern soccer dates back to this 19th century establishment.

Games similar to soccer had been played in China during the 400s BC as well as in Rome during the 200s CE. Children in London played soccer games during the 1100s. Ball games played by Native Americans prior to the arrival of settlers also forbad the use of the hands.

In the years prior to 1863, many schools in England had been playing a game resembling the present sport of soccer. However, the rules were continually changing and were interpreted differently by each school. The first comprehensive set of soccer rules were drawn up in 1848 by an association of representatives of various schools as they met at Trinity College in Cambridge.

The sport soon spread all over the world. In Europe and Latin America, soccer has been played by both amateurs and professionals. But in the United States, the sport was often overshadowed by traditional ‘American’ sports including baseball, basketball and football. The North American Soccer League, made up of teams from both the United States and Canada, was formed in 1967. In 1996, a new organization, Major League Soccer, was founded. Multiple new teams have formed and joined the organization since. The game is rapidly gaining popular among American youth and adults.

Brett Adams Notts County has expressed his reverence for the proud history of the sport of soccer. He has proved his dedicated to soccer and to the young athletes who strive to excel in this dynamic sport.
As noted by coaching professional Brett Adams, Notts County soccer players -- and youth athletes across the glove -- have much to look forward to. His actions as a youth soccer mentor have enabled young athletes to reap the many benefits of playing the sport, whether physical, mental or social. In the future, Mr. Adams will encourage new generations of enthusiastic players to seize the opportunities and advantages offered by the sport.

As Mr. Adams recognizes, soccer is a great way to get into shape. The game relies extensive running and kicking. Involvement in soccer may require players to follow healthier diets so that they can continue to play efficiently.

Mentally, soccer can help to reduce stress, forcing the mind to focus on dynamic but achievable athletic goals that are anchored in the present. Soccer requires players to remain alert and to concentrate on what their teammates and opponents are doing. Playing soccer gives youth athletes a sense of confidence in their own abilities, a boost which may result in a more positive overall outlook on life.

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