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Stacey Tomasello

United States
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Stacey Tomasello is an experienced realtor, located in Gilroy, California. She puts great emphasis on building strong, mutual relationships with her clients.

Stacey Tomasello puts her clients first. She works with buyers and sellers to find out exactly what they want. Stacey puts great emphasis on treating her clients' money as if it were own. This philosophy has helped her create foundations for lasting relationships with each individual she has worked with.
Furthermore, she understands the value of lowering the pressure involved in buying a home. These purchases are great undertakings, and she works alongside each client. Her gentle approach puts clients at ease and makes the home buying experience much more enjoyable.
Tomasello is available night and day for homebuyers. Whether an idea or problem strikes during dinnertime or at sunrise, clients can reach out to Tomasello. Her open door policy creates a comfortable, friendly environment during such important purchase experiences.
She specializes in residential properties, and represents both buyers and sellers. Her in-depth knowledge of neighborhoods, micro markets, and regions gives her unique insight into the market. She uses this to deliver the highest quality service to her clients by pairing them with their precise needs.
Her ability to negotiate surpasses many clients' expectations. Through keen observation and eloquent debate, Stacey works to get clients the deals they deserve. Furthermore, she excels at creative problem solving and is highly experienced in contract negotiation. Tomasello truly represents her clients, and she takes great pride in this.
The company Tomasello represents works closely with charity as well. All agents, including Stacey, regularly give to local children's charities. Through her work and her giving, Stacey Tomasello illustrates compassion for others. She takes philanthropy very seriously, and strives to help her clients, as well as those in need.

Stacey Tomasello has seen the prosperity and the difficulty in the Silicon Valley market. She has always remained committed to helping her clients find their best matches. Her passion for connecting buyers and sellers with their precise needs is evident in all of her work.
She has always remained available for clients. Stacey Tomasello has seen barriers pop up at the most unexpected hours. She has remained by her clients' sides to deliver exactly what they need.
She has earned many awards and achieved many accomplishments. In 2012, Tomasello was named the #1 Gilroy Agent. She takes that title very seriously, and works to uphold it for each client she has.
She was also in the Top 5 percent of Intero President's Circle. Intero, the real estate company she represents, was founded in 2002. Based in Silicon Valley, it became the fastest growing real estate company of all time. It currently employs 2,000 realtors and agents. It has also expanded to 60 locations around the world. The company believes its growth was due to its adoption of technology and its agents' passion for delivering honest service to their clients.
It is the highest-selling real estate business in the area. Their success contributes to client success. They were awarded "Best of Silicon Valley" from San Jose Mercury News in both 2012 and 2011. It still lives up to its award. The company regularly sells more homes in the region than any other.
Before many other companies distributed listings to sites like Google, Trulia, and Zillow, Intero led the way. This led to rapidly growing exposure to online buyers. Clients had more access to listings in the comfort of their own homes. The company has always put buyers first, and this was just one of many steps it took to put consumers at ease.
In 2006, it was given the EcoBroker Community Service award. This illustrated the company's dedication to eco-friendly business. Furthermore, it has donated over $1 million to children's charities around the Silicon Valley region. Tomasello takes great pride in her company's philanthropy. It strives to lift up the neighborhoods in which the company works.
Stacey takes great pride in the company and what it does for local residents. Her dedication to community, and her work, has led her to receive many other awards. In 2010 and 2007, Tomasello received the Coldwell Banker International Sterling Society Award.
Furthermore, she earned the Century 21 Emerald Award, the Centurion Award, and Top Ten President's Club. She was also named in the Top 100 Century 21 Agents in Northern California. Tomasello's passion for serving her community is repeatedly acknowledged.
Memberships and Designations
Stacey Tomasello is part of a greater community of realtors. The great professionals in her field continually inspire her to grow in her skills and her compassion. Her memberships and designations include:
• Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC)
• California Association of Realtors (CAR)
• National Association of Realtors (NAR)
• Partner First— Pre-foreclosure Specialist Certification (PSC)
• HAFA Short Sale Certification
• Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR)
• Accredited Buyers Representative Designation (ABR)
• Certified Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Specialist (SFR)
She takes particular pride in her ABR designation. This is the standard of excellence in representing buyers. Her client relationships are built on trust, respect, and compassion. This ABR designation exemplifies her drive to deliver the absolute best service to the buyers she represents.
Areas of Expertise
Tomasello's high quality service to clients is her number-one area of expertise. She specializes in residential homes and works with both sellers, as well as buyers. Her deep understanding of micro markets and neighborhoods gives her insight into each property. She factors these elements in to every decision she make with her clients.
Her negotiation skills have helped her clients get the very best deals. She leverages her problem solving capabilities to overcome obstacles. Roadblocks have always existed in real estate. Tomasello's unique perspective and creativity find ways around them. This has helped her marketing programs thrive, as well as her client service. Furthermore, her extensive technology use makes for a smoother process and increases efficiency. Tomasello is also certified in short sales and real estate-owned property.
Stacey Tomasello Shares Her Best Tips for First-Time Buyers
As the real estate market becomes less volatile, Stacey Tomasello wants first-time buyers to find more opportunity. Her years of experience in the market have taught her effective lessons on the process. Tomasello has continually supported her clients with compassion, as well as knowledge. Here are the best tips she gives to new buyers to ease the process.
Do Not Wait
Buyers with good credit can enjoy fairly low interest rates and home costs. However, lenders want purchasers to put in a greater investment. Buyers should expect larger down payments than in previous years. Stacey Tomasello urges new buyers to quickly get in the game and assess their opportunities as early as possible.
Compare Rates
Tomasello says first-time buyers must do research. They can do general Internet searches to compare rates of comparable homes in their area. This can give them a basic understanding of their wants, needs, and what they can afford. It also helps to weed out homes that are either undesirable or unaffordable.
Know What is Affordable
Mortgage calculators are available online. These can help buyers gain an understanding of payments. They can help new purchasers to better grasp maximum monthly costs, and how much they can afford.
Estimate Monthly Housing Costs
Monthly costs include home payments, as well as homeowners insurance and taxes. In some areas, escrow and taxes can significantly increase, or even double, mortgage costs.
Calculate Closing Costs
Settling on a home has upfront expenses. These typically include title and settlement charges, origination costs by the lender, and prepaid items like homeowners insurance.
Talk to a Reputable Agent
A knowledgeable agent can help new homebuyers understand the local real estate market. Ask if they see upward or downward trends in prices. Furthermore, a good realtor will share expert insight and advice.
Stacey has always worked to provide her clients with knowledge and opportunity. She takes great pride in the skills and knowledge she offers her clients. Stacey Tomasello continually evolves as a professional to help deliver the results her clients have come to expect.

Stacey Tomasello has earned many awards and recognitions in the past. She hopes to continue delivering excellent service to clients in the future, whether or not they are recognized. Her pride in helping buyers find their ideal home—and sellers remove the burden of a house—is unparalleled.
She hopes to continue expanding her skills. With each experience, she gains a new understanding of the market. Her genuine enthusiasm for her career drives her to improve in all areas. She continually gauges the market and observes the environment. This keeps her up to date on all trends so that she can provide the most relevant information to clients.
Her proven ability to navigate the real estate market is evident. Tomasello plans on expanding her abilities. She values every transaction she has with clients. Tomasello hopes to use the understanding and learning from each client to better serve the next.
Contract negotiation is an evolving skill. Tomasello hones that essential ability each day. Negotiation takes a keen understanding of circumstance. She believes it is not learned, rather experienced. Each negotiation requires a fresh start, and the ability to build on past experience. She continually aims for each client to have improved deals, opportunities, and homes.
She plans to continue leveraging her creativity to overcome obstacles for clients. Each buyer and seller brings something new to the table. The challenges they face force her to hone her skills and ask new questions. The process is a continual evolution.
Furthermore, Tomasello hopes to continue integrating technology into her process. By making her, and opportunities, more accessible to clients, they can receive superior service. Advancements in the industry are evolving. Stacey Tomasello hopes to leverage them and find new and better ways to improve the buying and selling experience.

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    : De Anza College
    : Business Administration and Management
    : United States
Career History
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Realtor
    : not defined
    : United States
Core Competencies
  • Problem Solving
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Real Estate
  • Short Selling
  • Forecloses
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