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Reza TehraniCohen

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Reza Tehrani Cohen is a respected businessman of Montreal, Canada and owner of Aviron Technical Institute—a leading trade school based in Montreal that prepares students for lifetime job placement in several industries.

With a strong past in numerous industries, Reza Tehrani Cohen of Montreal continues to rely on his proficiencies as a global entrepreneur. In addition to carrying a high degree of expertise in real estate development and aviation, he is noted as a leading figure in education as the owner of the historic Aviron Technical Institute. Possessing a strong vision to help developing professionals gain the skills necessary to seek gainful employment in a wide variety of fields, Reza Tehrani has helped rebuild the business to once again become a top-rated trade school.
While taking over ownership of the institute was a considerable risk for Cohen, his strong belief in entrepreneurship and high-quality education has allowed him and his associates to establish this facility as a first-class academic institution. Possessing a high dedication to satisfying scholars, Cohen has proven instrumental in not only updating course offerings to suit the needs of the modern professional world, but also in reworking class locations to ensure greater accessibility to prospective students.
With a finger on the pulse of the fastest-growing industries, Aviron is now designed to offer students immense potential for launching new, progressive careers. For instance, this facility offers comprehensive training and education in industrial drafting, welding, construction electricity, electronics repair, auto maintenance, and more. As a trade school that offers lifetime job placement and financial aid assistance, the institute remains a solid resource for those who want to elevate their professional responsibilities.
In addition to maintaining and expanding Aviron Technical Institute, Reza Tehrani remains passionate about the entrepreneurial world. As a proven entrepreneur, Cohen continues to encourage growth of new business in several industries.

Although recognized for his current pursuits at Aviron Technical Institute in Montreal, Canada Reza Tehrani Cohen possesses an extensive professional background that has allowed him to remain a multifaceted leader in the global business world. With experience in several different industries on an international level, he has developed a rich career that has gained him respect and authority within Canada and beyond.
Beginnings in Aviation
Reza began his career with a desire to become a leader within the aviation industry. Committed to his goals, he graduated from the noted Northrop University in the Philippines with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, allowing him to possess a complex understanding of the mechanical processes of aircraft vehicles. In addition, Reza Tehrani earned his commercial pilot license to fully immerse himself within the industry of air travel.
Although Cohen discovered success as a pilot and aeronautical engineer during the early years of his career, a sharp decrease in growth and activity within the global airline industry motivated him to pursue other avenues. Having gained extensive experience in the challenging world of aviation, Cohen was ready to take on another challenging industry—that of real estate.
A Real Estate Maven
While the real estate industry remains lucrative and of high interest to many developing professionals, few who have gained the proper experience have excelled in this field. However, as a dedicated entrepreneur and strategic businessman, Reza was able to confidently enter the real estate industry and find success. Not only was Cohen able to carefully navigate the changing tides of the real estate industry, but he was also able to establish himself within the challenging, popular market of Montreal.
Having always been interested in owning properties in downtown Montreal, Reza Tehrani pursued his dreams by breaking into commercial real estate. Since his early days in real estate, he has developed a diverse portfolio that includes several properties located throughout the populous area of Montreal. As a proven leader in real estate development, he gained the tools, resources and connections necessary to follow his next endeavor—breaking into the education business.
Transforming Aviron Technical Institute
Although Reza Tehrani Cohen has helped grow the brand of the institute immensely over the course of recent years, this respected trade school has proven a part of the Montreal community for many decades. In fact, Aviron Technical Institute was founded in 1937 by Alan Flegg, who had a dream to launch an establishment that would build engine parts for airplanes in the quickly growing aviation industry. As a professional who carries extensive expertise in the aviation field, the history of the institute is one that immediately drew the interest of Cohen.
While Aviron became recognized in Montreal and the global aviation market, the progression of technology and the changing nature of the aviation industry jeopardized the survival of this noted institution. While the financial difficulties, lack of student interest, and overall downturn of the aviation industry posed significant risk for purchasing and managing the institute, Reza Tehrani Cohen was able to gather the resources and ambition necessary to take over this credible facility.
With a team of expert lawyers and financial advisors, Cohen was able to apply his entrepreneurial knowledge to help rebuild and transform the brand of Aviron to the successful enterprise that it is today. Today, Aviron remains a reputable trade school that possesses a Ministry Permit and an enrollment of more than 500 students. Taking on new trends and possibilities in technology, Aviron has expanded its course, offering to design new potential for those wanting to pursue careers in welding, technical drafting, security, electricity, auto mechanics, and electronics.
Not only has Aviron Technical Institute strengthened its academic resources under the ownership of Reza Tehrani Cohen, but it has also become recognized for the incredible assistance that it provides to its students. As a businessman that has achieved great accomplishments due to education and ambition, Cohen has become incredibly dedicated to helping Aviron students also reach their goals and develop strong career paths. As such, he and his associates have transformed Aviron to provide students with comprehensive financial aid, including access to student loans and bursaries.
In addition to helping students gain the education that they need to become proficient in leading technical fields, the institute is also respected for the assistance it provides to its graduates. With a lifetime job placement program, many students are able to matriculate with confidence that they will be able to launch new and exciting careers upon graduation. In fact, according to Reza Tehrani Cohen, Aviron Technical Institute boasts an employment rate of more than 90 percent among its accomplished graduated. Many students are even able to acquire full-time employment prior to graduation. In addition, this school is noted for providing comprehensive counseling services to students that may require assistance developing their academic and career pathways.
Due to its strong resurgence in the Montreal area, Aviron was the recipient of the Consumer Choice Award for Best Private Trade School in Montreal from 2003 to 2005. As an institution that has gained notoriety for introducing new possibilities to the local community, Aviron has become committed to many charitable activities. For instance, the school sponsored a charitable event for the Montreal Children’s Hospital in 2007, and plans to host another activity again in 2013.
Growing Aviron
Proud of the immense accomplishments that Aviron Technical Institute has made under his ownership, he has adopted a strategic approach to expanding the opportunity that this trade school offers. With solid waiting lists among prospective students in multiple course programs, he has found that there is incredible interest among developing professionals to gain an education through this reputable institution.
As a result, Cohen has become focused on making Aviron education more accessible to those not only in Montreal, but also for students in other parts of the world. Having acquired a school in Casablanca, Morocco, Aviron Technical Institute has achieved an international reach and is now able to recruit more than 200 foreign students each year to study in Canada. While the past of the institute is one that has helped developed many leading industry professionals, Reza Tehrani Cohen is proud of the growth that this institution is positioned to offer in the near future.

Based on the information above, it is clear that Reza Tehrani Cohen and his colleagues have made serious and daring moves to advance trade school education in Montreal—and the world—through Aviron Technical Institute. While this school has designed an impressive infrastructure for multifaceted technical training and education, he anticipates even greater growth in the near future.
In addition to adding extra courses and physical classrooms to Aviron each year, Cohen is focused on expanding the opportunities presented by this school on a global level. Currently, the institute is in the process of launching a new international school that will allow students who are unable to travel to Canada to gain comprehensive education. Once open, this auxiliary facility will provide students with the opportunity to study the same programs that are offered at Aviron’s main Montreal location.
While Reza is immensely focused on advancing technical education opportunities in order to develop a more confident and global economy, he is also a major proponent of advancing entrepreneurship across the world. Coming from a solid entrepreneurial background, Cohen has discovered how much potential can be had among those who commit to launching, owning and managing their own businesses.
In addition to maintaining high rates of satisfaction at Aviron Technical Institute, Cohen is dedicated to carrying on the entrepreneurial legacy of his family. For this reason, he remains an encouraging voice emerging professionals to follow their dreams to launch new businesses and pursue new career opportunities. By promoting interest in entrepreneurship, Reza Tehrani anticipates not only improvement in the domestic economy, but in the global market as well.

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    : Northrop University
    : Aeronautical Engineering
    : United States
    : Philippines
Career History
  • 01/1990 to 12/2099
    : Owner
    : United States
    : Mt Royal, Quebec, Canada
Core Competencies
  • Real Estate
  • Aeronautical Flight
  • Educational Technology
  • Public Speaking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building
  • Non-Profits
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