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Henri Degre is a former police officer that works as the general manager of Mobile Concepts.
Henri Degre is the general manager of the product development division of the company, Mobile Concepts. He utilizes a variety of his talents and experience to help him succeed within this company. Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY assists in various sectors, providing products to help the community.

Mobile Concepts delivers products for both government buyers and contractors. In particular, they develop products such as:

- Recruitment vehicles
- Transit connects
- Supply trailers
- Ocean shipping containers
- Mobile crime labs
- FEMA trailers

The company also creates HAZMAT trailers that are used by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Law enforcement divisions have employed the use of Mobile Concepts’ products. Henri Degre, a former police officer, has extensive experience in the industry so he is able to provide valuable insight. The company creates vehicles for:

- United States Army
- United States Navy
- Border Patrol
- Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association
- Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams

Mobile Concepts’ products are found in corporate projects as well. These projects include:

- Mining facilities
- Software development
- Movie production
- Medical units
- Veterinary and animal rescue services

Aside from working at Mobile Concepts, Henri has dabbled in other activities. He is an avid hockey fan and plays inline hockey at Hot Shots Arena in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Before he was a police officer, he was a stock car auto racer. During his leisure time, Henri is an active salmon fisherman. His favorite location is a quiet lake in Pulaski, New York.
As mentioned previously, Henri Degre is the general manager of the product development division of Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY. This company specializes in the development and manufacturing of specialty vehicles. It hosts a wide range of products that are meant to suit the needs of a vast demographic.

Henri Degre states that Mobile Concepts began as a small sketch on a napkin in 1956. Founders John Serro and Joe Pirschl started the business with a compact travel trailer that could easily fit in a standard garage. For almost 24 years, the Serro Scotty Travel Trailer Company was a prominent figure in the recreational vehicle manufacturing industry.

Anne Degre joined the company in 1990 and discovered potential in a new marketplace for the organization. The company began manufacturing smaller fire safety houses that were easily transportable by towing. This division became known as SCOTTY Fire Safety House, and was a hit amongst the public. People were impressed at the company’s efforts to promote fire safety education.

Unfortunately, disaster struck on April 17th, 1997. A raging fire razed the 45,000 square foot factory to the ground. Almost everything was destroyed except for a few photos. But the employees did not give up. Within a few weeks, they were back to the original location, rebuilding the company from the ground up. They were able to create a production line that was still efficiently constructing three trailers a week.

According to Henri Degre, the company eventually changed its name to Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY when it transformed its focus. It was now creating specialty trailers for specific departments. In the early days of the company, fire departments were the primary customers. However, in light of recent events such as 9/11, Mobile Concepts now offers its products to security companies.

The top products sold by Mobile Concepts today include:

- Mobile command centers
- Sprinkler demonstration trailers
- CBRNE response trailers
- Fire safety houses

These products are all top quality due to the committed and excellent development team led by Henri Degre. He states that Mobile Concepts’ dog emblem embodies the company’s values of family and integrity.

Mobile Concepts sports many qualities that make it stand out amongst competition. The company holds over 55 years of experience in the business of building specialty vehicles. It is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, so it takes all clients’ concerns seriously. All products are designed using innovative techniques and procedures. This provides for a unique but efficient quality to a customer’s order.

Mobile Concepts adheres to compliance standards set by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. It is also registered with the CCR as a Woman-Owned Small Business. The company holds two contracts with GSA as well. It has manufactured vehicles for such companies as Cingular and Mitsubishi Electric. The representatives at Mobile Concepts work with customers to ensure that they are getting the equipment that they need.

When customers purchase Mobile Concepts’ vehicles, they are provided with the essential equipment to get their job done. Henri Degre lists these features as:

- Slide out seat options
- High quality satellite capabilities
- Night vision cameras
- Extended wireless LANs
- VoIP
- Radio communication equipment
- Telescoping masts
- Satellite televisions and briefing equipment

Some of the products that the organization offers in various categories include:

- Emergency Management Vehicles
- Bomb Response Vehicles
- Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive Response Trailers
- Decon Trailers
- Federal Emergency Management Agency Type III Trailers
- HAZMAT Trailers
- Incident Command Posts
- Mass Supply Trailers
- Medical Outreach Vehicles
- Mobile Commands
- Mobile Emergency Operations Centers
- Small Arms Trailers
- Surveillance Vehicles
- SWAT Vehicles
- Tactical Operations Trailer
- Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Trailers
- Fire Emergency Vehicles
- Arson Investigation Trailer
- InterPlay Headquarter Centers
- Rehab Trailers
- Safety Inspection Trailers
- SCOTTY Fire Safety Houses
- Sprinkler Demonstration Trailers
- Law Enforcement Vehicles
- Campus Police Vehicles
- Community Policing Vehicles
- Crime Scene Investigation Vehicles
- Custom Trailers
- Driving Under the Influence Response Vehicles
- ISO Shipping Container Modifications
- Mobile Police Stations
- Motorized Vehicles
- Refurbished and Upgraded Vehicles
- Sprinter Vans
- Tactical Operations Trailer
- Tractor Trailers with Modifications
- Police Transport Vehicles
- Tactical Operations Centers
- Miscellaneous Specialty Vehicles
- Animal Rescue Vehicles
- Bunkhouse Trailers
- Incident Management and Emergency Operations Trailers
- Mobile Dental Clinics
- Mobile Display Vehicles
- Mobile Healthcare Vehicles
- Mobile Marketing Vehicles
- Mobile Offices
- Mobile Triages
- Mobile Veterinary Clinics
- Community Outreach Vehicles
- Transit Connect Vehicles

Henri Degre claims that Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY offers grant assistance to customers. When consumers apply for a grant, it is not seen by the professionals at Mobile Concepts, due to conflict of interest. It goes directly to the grant provider, which reviews it and confirms whether it can offer the funding or not.

Customers who are interested in a grant would have to answer the following questions to see if they are eligible:

- Which Mobile Concepts by SCOTTY vehicle they are planning to purchase
- What is the purpose of the vehicle
- What is the size of the organization
- What size population will the vehicle serve
- What are the local demographics and economic conditions

The company’s primary funding opportunity is the Department of Homeland Security’s FP & S Grant. This grant applies to various emergency response vehicles. These include the fire safety houses, sprinkler demonstration trailers, and arson investigation trailers. The funding is provided to help promote safety and preparation in case of an emergency. The FP & S grant is eligible for the following activities:

- Public education
- Arson prevention
- Prevention-related training
- Fire prevention activities
- Risk assessment

Henri Degre recommends that customers interested in Mobile Concepts’ products should pick up one of their many brochures. These contain information and specifications about each vehicle as well as some other details. Henri Degre and his team are committed to ensuring the best quality for all the products that they develop.
Henri Degre hopes to continue in his various endeavors. Not only will he keep upholding core values with Mobile Concepts, he will also assist in other parts of the community as well. He has long remained an active contributor to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He wishes to increase his participation with this charitable organization.

Danny Thomas founded the organization in 1962. Since then, it has worked to cure illnesses and diseases in children. Generous donors have helped St. Jude’s expand to great lengths in order to provide more efficient services. In 2005, it was able to finish a one billion dollar expansion to its research facilities.

Henri Degre is excited to continue his future with St. Jude’s. He strongly supports its code of ethics and organizational values. St. Jude’s is home to the only comprehensive cancer center that solely focuses on pediatric patients. It also does not compete with other organizations. All research completed at St. Jude’s is shared with other medical professionals in order to find solutions.

St. Jude’s is accommodating to all pediatric patients. It is willing to help any child that is in need of medical assistance regardless of their payment abilities. The hospital does not charge for services that are not covered by insurance. Its kind efforts were recognized in Parents magazine when St. Jude’s was named the country’s top pediatric hospital.

Henri is proud of the great strides that this charity has made. He hopes that the professionals at St. Jude’s are able to create better solutions to medical prognoses in the future. As long as contributors like Mr. Degre keep donating money, there is hope for the future of pediatric care.

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