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Gary Quirke

United States
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Gary Quirke has made his way through the telecommunications industry and empowered developing countries along the way.

Gary Quirke, an expert in telecommunications and sustainable business development, has made a mark on a number of industries and regions. Quirke is an international teacher of sorts, and encourages investors to pump capital into sustainability projects. He is currently working out of Hong Kong where he finds investors for humanitarian efforts. The goal is to help people improve their lifestyles and replace bad habits with better ones.

Among other things, Gary is involved with a medical clinic that focuses on stem cell longevity. This sort of project goes hand-in-hand with his mission: To empower the lives of others. The same goes for his sustainability work for water and food resources. Sustainability, in terms of a person’s livelihood, goes beyond health and resources. It is how a person lives and grows. His experience as an educator helps him to push people to change.

In the technology sector, he worked for Johannsen & Associated in Luxembourg after graduating from Natal University in South Africa. He was responsible for advancing the company’s communication consulting division with an emphasis on multimedia and satellite systems (VSAT Technology).

He has also worked to implement a number of technology systems throughout Europe and utilize his experience in the telecommunications industry to launch himself into the humanitarian arena. Gary has been heavily involved with charitable organizations. His main focus is education and technology, two areas Gary Quirke has already made a difference in.

In the telecommunications arena, Gary Quirke has worked for better communications in Europe and around the Pacific Rim. Telecom systems are essential for global business professionals like Gary, people who rely on relaying information and acting autonomously away from large organizations.

Gary saw a major shortfall in the cellular industry for global travelers. GSM mobile services (roaming cell service) did not make it easier for most of the world. It was far from global, in fact, and the various GSM services were unheard of in Japan and North America. GSM calls were also incredibly expensive, except for when making short calls.

To fix this problem, Gary Quirke created a company called Protocol Suite. The idea was to provide business travelers something more than the everyday telephone service. This technology provides travelers with what they want in terms of communications, and it became an even more reliable service than GSM.

Quirke set out to find investors and tech innovators to make his idea a reality. He reached out to distributors in Japan, U.S.-based entrepreneurs and others. Among the features packed into the Protocol Suite, the phone service innovated bulletin board-style info sharing, email to speech, fax on demand, global voice mail and a number of other systems.

Professional History

Gary attended Natal University in South Africa. After graduating, he was hired onto Johannsen & Associated, a Luxembourg firm, and was put in charge of the company’s communication consulting division. In this position, Gary was mainly focused on satellite technology and multimedia.

He became involved in a GSM network launch in Europe and installed one of the first voicemail systems in the entire continent (the La Telephonie Mobile GSM Network). This is when he published a professional book on communications titled European & Eastern European Satellite and Mobile Communications Directory.

As a telecom specialist, Gary Quirke’s background is in value-added services that fit niche markets. He was even awarded “Best Execution of Switch” in 1997 for an innovative switch design. Out of 130 other companies, his team won third overall.

For the next three years Quirke dedicated himself to market research and developing the primary operating system for Protocol R. His knowledge of calling cards, satellites and mobile services helped him meet and exceed his company’s expectations. He also has experience in voice recognition software, email to speech, faxing and the credit card industry. Combining these talents, he was able to develop Protocol into a sizeable system that works for the everyday professional.


Most of Gary’s charitable efforts go toward education and young students. He is involved with a mission that empowers marginalized communities and pushes for better living conditions, education and economic opportunities for struggling families. This sort of mission springs from his main goal in life: To help others become stronger people.

He also donates capital and scholarship funds to universities. Scholarships, as anyone who entered higher education knows, are essential for campuses and students to survive. These are investments in the future, of course, though there is nothing more satisfying than helping a young, hopeful student receive the financial boost he or she needs. In terms of teaching, Gary Quirke is also involved with a program where he teaches computer skills and English to adults.

Furthermore, he wants to focus the building of nonprofit schools in developing rural areas. He believes everyone should have a chance, and he does what he can to empower students and young adults in terms of earning degrees and seeking out careers.

Quirke is also involved in building nonprofit hospitals and clinics in developing regions. These facilities are meant to offer high-quality medical services to locals at low- or no-cost. Aside from treatment plans and facilities, these hospitals seek to educate villagers about health care in order to teach them how to live healthier lives.

These ideas are in the planning stages for Gary, but he hopes to one day make them a reality.

Many of Gary Quirke’s earliest ideas are in common use today. Virtual office software, city-wide information on phones, online rewards and other systems are almost standard in today’s telecommunications industry. His innovations led him to opportunity, of course, and throughout his career Quirke has proved himself as a versatile tech professional with an emphasis on educating the world.

As mentioned previously, he has several charitable goals. One is to build a nonprofit clinic or hospital in a developing area alongside a nonprofit education facility. On top of this, he has plans to build up a cosmetic factory in a similar area. Any sort of industry leads to job growth for locals; stable income leads to healthier, more comfortable lives. This idea may be launched in Thailand in some point and is focused on helping Thai women (especially mothers) earn income and work flexible hours in order to take care of their families.

On an Asia-wide scale, he is also looking to build beauty salons across the continent. This can create opportunities for job growth and entrepreneurship for the entire community. There are already training programs in most countries that allow women to become professional beauticians, which can lead to even more job opportunities in the future. This training, in Gary Quirke’s grand plan, will be an essential aspect of this sort of business.

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    : University of KwaZulu-Natal
    : United States
    : Durban, South Africa
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    : Communication Consulting
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    : United States
    : Luxembourg
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  • Communication
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