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Economist and Political expert, Sophie Florinetti is a Geneva (Switzerland) based successful senior consultant as well as a Board Member for various organizations.
Sophie Florinetti is an economist and a political scientist with expertise in public policy and strategy. She is an adept team leader and frequently helps coordinate efforts among political bodies. Her vast 30-year career also includes independent consulting.

Florinetti has oral and written skills in five languages. Her native language is French, but she also speaks English, Spanish, German and Greek. When she travels for her work, she particularly enjoyed traveling to Spain. Florinetti also has enjoyed trips to Japan whose culture and effectiveness amazed her. She is a world traveler who has traversed the globe during both for professional purposes and for holidays or cultural purposes. Because travel is an integral part of her personality she finds it exhilarating. She enjoys learning about the cultures of the places she visits and how culture impacts the political climate

But, pleasure is also at home: spending time outdoors with a good book enables her to recharge for her demanding professional career.

In addition to her extensive cultural, political and economic expertise, Sophie Florinetti is also the mother of 25-year-old twins. She successfully balances a professional life and motherhood and wants to instill in her sons a solid work ethic.
Sophie Florinetti began her professional career in economics as a 21-year-old woman. She knew she wanted to succeed and pushed herself hard to achieve lofty career goals. She attended the University of Geneva and earned master’s degrees in political science and economics with an emphasis on political economics.

To remove any barriers to success, Sophie Florinetti dedicated herself to furthering her education through professional courses and additional certificates. She studied public and administrative law and public management using the PMBOK Guide from the Project Management Institute. She also completed a project management course from the Battelle Memorial Institute. Other studies include office support system analysis and design with a specialty in formalization and cartography of processes.

Sophie Florinetti understands that education is essential to furthering a professional career. She took many professional development courses and studied necessary skills independently to make her competitive in the political world. Her studies have given her expertise with entrepreneurial strategies, business management, communication processes and law.

An internship at the European Free Trade Association propelled Florinetti into a whirlwind career combining economics, politics and consulting with businesses and governments. Early in her career, Sophie Florinetti took a position as a socio-economic research project leader for Battelle International Research Centers in Geneva. Her focus was in the economics and social sciences group and for six years she led budgetary research, completion and monitoring for more than 30 research projects. Her areas of focus included general socio-economics, lifestyle studies and acceptance of new technologies.

Battelle is the world’s leading nonprofit research and development organization. It employs more than 22,000 people and has more than 130 locations across the globe. The company focuses its efforts on serving the national security, health and life sciences and energy and environmental industries.

In the mid 1980s, Florinetti took a position as the head of the Secretariat for the Interdepartmental Organizational and Information Technology committee for the City of Geneva. Her work included the completion of administrative mandates on more than 20 projects. She also handled budgetary management for interdepartmental projects.

In the early 1990s, Sophie Florinetti decided to try her hand at independent consulting as a way to spend more time with her young family. She is the mother of twin boys and wanted to be with them on a more regular basis. She worked as an independent consultant until 2006.

During her time as an independent consultant she collaborated with the consulting firm TC Team Consult. Her work with this company went from 1995 to 1999. In those four years she directed more than 50 institutional, political, economic and administrative projects. Those projects typically involved strategy, public policy analysis and audits of services. She also completed general socio-political and socio-economic assessments.

Florinetti used her economics background to help with the operational and financial steering of a variety of projects. She also assisted with the administrative processing of audits. Her consulting career led to a contract with the Foundation for Geneva, active to promote the “International Geneva”, where she provided strategic and operational assistance. In this role, Sophie Florinetti coordinated multi-disciplinary work groups and assisted with long-term research, study and analysis.

Beginning in the mid 2000s, as her boys were older, she stopped consulting on an independent basis and took a job with the Canton and the City of Geneva. Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland and is the largest city in the French-speaking part of the country. The city is a global city, a financial hub and a diplomatic center with ties to every corner of the globe. Many international organizations also operate here and must work with the local government.

In 2006 and 2007, Florinetti served as the interim executive director in the department of institutions for the Canton of Geneva. In this role she coordinated cost-cutting measures for the state government, updated, analyzed and evaluated the catalog of public benefits and implemented an internal coordinated control system for the department.

Because of her work as the executive director in the department of institutions, the city asked her to apply her managerial and organizational skills to and lead the property management of the city. In this capacity, she reviewed financial, administrative and property management systems for the department and managed human resources.
One of Sophie Florinetti’s most recent positions has been as the secretary general of the Geneva Constituent Assembly. This position required her to give operational support to all parts of the Assembly, including the chairmanship and specialized committees. She also managed internal and external communication efforts and collaborated with finance partners.

Since 2012, she has served on the board of directors for the General Hospice, which is similar to the social security administration in the United States. She has also served on the Audit Committee for the organization. The General Hospice is dedicated to assisting people when they run out of unemployment indemnities or for the so-called “working poors” of the system. In January 2013, she represented the General Hospice on the board of directors of EMS Vessy House. The Vessy house is an assisted living facility that serves 200 people near Geneva. Its goal is to maximize independence once old age limits the ability to truly live alone, including psycho-geriatric problems.
Sophie Florinetti hopes to continue to advance her political science and economics career. She enjoys helping the next generation of budding economists find their way into the international arena and wants to encourage future political scientists to study and work hard. She enjoys offering a word of advice to working mothers who value their professional careers and their families and she believes women can successfully manage work and family.

Florinetti encourages young people to become multilingual and invest in the study of foreign cultures. She also encourages the next generation to pursue advanced degrees and further their education as far as possible. She hopes to continue to collaborate with multiple governmental and economic entities to strengthen communities.

Florinetti is passionate about working with people, businesses and government entities to help them find creative and innovative solutions for the management problems they face. She also thrives in research environments and plans to continue researching best practices so her clients and groups she works for will have the most current information at their disposal.

Sophie Florinetti hopes to travel frequently to Japan and to continue to explore Geneva and its rich cultural nuances. With her twins in the working world, she is focusing more time and attention on travel and furthering her own cultural education. She is also investing more time in her personal health by swimming and exercising. Florinetti is also an avid reader and is spending more time learning about the world through books, in addition to reading fiction for fun.

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  • University of Geneva , United States

    Masters Degrees Political Science & Economics
  • Project Management Institute , United States

    Public and Administrative Law & Public Management
Career History
  • Board and Finance Commission Member , Veyrier - Geneva , Public Institution for Elderly Housing and Caring (200 residents)

    not defined
    01/2013 to 12/2099
  • Board and Audit Committee Member , Geneva , Board Member for the Cantonal Public Institution for Social Assistance (13'000 beneficiairies)

    not defined
    10/2012 to 12/2099
  • Secretary General , Geneva
    04/2009 to 10/2012
  • Head of City Housing Department , Geneva

    not defined
    08/2008 to 03/2009
  • Interim Executive Director , United States

    not defined
    01/2006 to 01/2007
  • Independent Consultant , United States , Independent consultant in the field of social and consumer research as well as public efficiency audits and strategic projects. Partnerships with entities such as TC Team Consult between 1995 and 1999.

    not defined
    04/1992 to 07/2008
  • Head of the Secretariat , United States , City of Geneva

    not defined
    04/1986 to 04/1992
  • Socio-Economic Research Project Leader , United States , Geneva
    03/1980 to 03/1986
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  • Consulting
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Operations Management
  • Reporting and writing
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Mutlidisciplinary research
  • Team Building
  • Reliability and Professionnalism
  • Public Speaking
  • Problem Solving
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