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Ronald Zilberbrand

United States
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Ronald Zilberbrand is a radio DJ at a popular Seattle rock radio station as well as supporter of eco-friendly environmentalism.

Ronald Zilberbrand is passionate about music, and it shows in his work. Zilberbrand’s fresh taste in music is transported to fans throughout the Seattle area through his popular radio show. He has quite a large following of loyal listeners, transforming him into one of the most popular radio DJs in Washington State. It is estimated that around 30,000 people listen to Zilberbrand’s radio show on a daily basis. He has built a reputation for playing mostly classic rock music from artists like Ozzy Osbourne or Sammy Hagar. He enjoys every second of sharing his opinions and taste in music with listeners of similar interests. All in all, it appears that Zilberbrand is working at his dream job.

However, Ronald Zilberbrand uses his radio show to promote another topic he is passionate about. Zilberbrand also educates listeners about renewable energy sources and ways to conserve daily energy usage. He encourages himself and others to take strides to protect the environment. Additionally, Zilberbrand occasionally uses air time to plug environmental organizations like Greenpeace. This organization is dedicated to preventing pollution and the overuse of natural resources.

Zilberbrand uses his influence on the radio to do his best to make the world a better place. He feels that supplying good music while providing tips for preserving our planet is the best use of his talents. While he admits he wishes he had more to give, Ron Zilberbrand is happy to do what he loves while inspiring others.

Ronald Zilberbrand displayed a passion for classic rock at an early age. Growing up, his taste in music was most memorably influenced by his single father. With only the two of them and an FM radio, rock music became like a family member. Zilberbrand felt a bit incomplete without it. His father’s classic rock favorites like Steven Tyler transformed Ron into a miniature music expert. After Ron graduated high school, he yearned for a way to combine his musical passions with a potential career. Not musically gifted himself, he had some trouble with this and settled for a job at the local gas station.

Zilberbrand quickly became friendly with customers. He was always playing music from a stereo on the counter and was quick to talk music with anyone interested. Eventually, more people came in to shoot the breeze with Ron than customers who needed gas. He had become friends with a lot of customers and they would constantly pay him visits during his shifts. Even when working at a gas station, Ronald Zilberbrand had some type of unexplainable magnetism when it came to people and music.

Zilberbrand didn’t leave his passion for music on the counter at the gas station, though. When he was off from work, you could more than likely find him at a local music bar. There, local bands would perform during their attempt to make it big. It was a hot spot for those interested in music in the town, as all of the talent was new and fresh. Once again, Ron made a name for himself by discussing good
music at the bar. It seemed he had an opinion or knowledge about every aspect of rock music. Because of this, people loved to get him going. Once he was in a musical debate, Ronald Zilberbrand did not back down. This is exactly how he met his longtime girlfriend. She sparked up an argument about Metallica and Ron just could not resist. That was 11 years ago, and the pair is still together today.

In addition to finding romance at the local bar, Ronald Zilberbrand also found his big break. The manager of a local classic rock station stopped in one night to hear some fresh talent and ended up chatting away with Ron the whole night. While Ron thought the meeting was just a chance for intriguing discussion about Van Halen, it turned out to be much, much more. During his shift at work the next day, the manager paid him a visit. Though during this encounter, he did not seem like a friendly guy at the bar. The man came decked out in suit and tie and just screamed professionalism. The manager admitted that Ron’s music passion and knowledge had left a lasting impression on him. He thought that Zilberbrand would make a dynamic addition to his radio station. Ron jumped at this opportunity, as it was just the career he had always been hoping for. Ronald Zilberbrand interned at the station for a year, then decided to go back to school. He obtained a degree in broadcast journalism and began his successful career as a radio DJ.

After a few years on the air, Ron had built up quite a reputation for himself. He became increasingly popular with listeners, just as he had done at the bar and gas station. The combination of people skills and taste in music turned Ronald Zilberbrand into a household name in the Seattle area. Not only had he finally had a reliable income and loved his work, he also had time to invest in some hobbies. In addition spending quality time with his girlfriend, Ron enjoyed cooking during his time off. When in an especially good mood, he liked to come home from a day of work and make them both a dinner using his own recipes. Another one of his usual hobbies included watching FIFA soccer games on television.

However, his biggest hobby was doing his part to keep the planet green. Alternative forms of energy really interested him. He admits to at one time wanting a house powered by solar energy, but soon realizing that the Seattle climate would not afford him much light. Over the years, Ron has donated both money and service to the Greenpeace organization. This organization has dedicated itself to helping the planet in a variety of ways. First, they have fought for environmental rights by protecting oceans, forests and other natural biomes. They have been especially passionate about ending the overuse of natural resources. Second, Greenpeace has investigated environmental harm to identify the guilty party. Their campaigns have caused businesses to reduce pollution and even restored the environment in certain areas. Lastly, the organization has publicly supported sustainable agriculture and alternative energy solutions. They’ve been working towards achieving eco-friendly ways of living to prevent future damage to the planet.

These causes hit home for Ronald Zilberbrand, as he’s always dreamed of a healthy, peaceful planet. Influenced much by classic rock legends, he is all about living in harmony. Because of this, Ron has enjoyed allowing organizations like Greenpeace to be heard on the airwaves. He has felt honored to help bring awareness to some listeners that were previously uneducated about the effects our lifestyles often have on the environment. Ron has always said that he wishes he had more money to donate to
these causes, but thinks that getting the word out helps as well. He’s emphasized how big of a change people can make in a group by describing what could be achieved if everyone donated just a little.

Taking an unlikely rise to radio stardom, Ron Zilberbrand has been lucky enough involve his interests in his career. Although years ago he never would have guessed he’d be on this path, he has been thankful for every second. The fact that others have been interested in his opinion or taste in music has caused him to wake up every day loving his profession. As far as Ronald Zilberbrand is concerned, he has been blessed to end up where he is.

Ronald Zilberbrand plans to continue his career as a Seattle radio DJ for as long as possible. As he has found something he is passionate about, he hopes to remain a radio voice forever. Zilberbrand also hopes his show will bring an appreciation for classic rock to younger generations. As his taste in music was influenced by his father, he would like to influence other young people. Whether it is through his radio show or just conversations at local hangouts, he hopes to keep up musical discussion and teach others to appreciate true musical talent. However, Zilberbrand has been impressed by his unexpected road in life and says he will take on anything that life throws at him.

Additionally, Ronald Zilberbrand will continue bringing awareness to environmental issues and advocating alternative energy options. As more resources become available to him, he plans to use them to spread word about organizations like Greenpeace. As more people join the cause, these organizations will have a larger effect on the planet. He hopes that in a few years, the world will be on its way to diminishing pollution and preserving natural resources. While he has accepted that he may never get that solar powered house, he believes he can reduce his carbon footprint in other ways.

Most of all, Ron Zilberbrand plans to relax and enjoy the future. He finds gratification in the suspense of not knowing what might come and looks forward to life’s next surprise. Come what may, Ron will continue to let his passions guide him.

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    : University of Washington
    : Communications
    : United States
Career History
  • 03/2004 to 12/2099
    : Professional DJ
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Seattle, WA
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