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Karen Gibbs, a Houston, Texas professional, is a consultant who provides guidance with regard to electronic medical records software EPIC.
Karen Gibbs is a long time member of the healthcare industry community. Today, she serves as a consultant who provides her clients with electronic medical records software. Specifically, she helps healthcare facilities, including medical centers, hospitals, etc., in integrating the EPIC software into their daily operations.
As technology has evolved, digital processes have streamlined business practices across all industries. The medical field is no exception, as electronic record keeping has proven to be more secure and efficient than the traditional method of taking notes with pen and paper. Recent legal changes have made it mandatory for healthcare facilities to adopt electronic medical record keeping strategies, and although this involves the transition from traditional to modern operations it is certainly something that is being developed with the best interest of patients in mind.
First and foremost is security. Digital records can be password protected and accessed only on certain devices. On the other hand, paper files can be taken in and out of medical centers, can be misplaced, and can be easily copied. This is true both in an office and when transferring information, as many clients have their records shared among doctors.
But efficiency is also a key issue. Gibbs explains that electronic records are faster to access, easier to compile, and ultimately lend to a more productive work environment once all team members are trained on the new software.
Currently, many medical centers are making the transition to electronic record keeping. To assist with this regard, Gibbs acts as a resource for these organizations as they implement the software and train their employees.
Karen Gibbs of Houston has built professional career in Texas based upon her interest in the healthcare field. From nursing school to certification in EPIC software, Gibbs has achieved a great deal with regard to her education. Furthermore, she has put this education to work via numerous positions in a consulting capacity. Ultimately, her past experiences have allowed her to build up a degree of insight that is invaluable to her clients—and that she leverages to ensure that each of them receives the best service and support possible.
Education: Exploring the Various Aspects of the Medical Industry
Karen Gibbs of Houston, Texas holds multiple degrees and certifications. As an individual who is dedicated to lifelong learning, Gibbs has certainly spent a great deal of time honing her skills and knowledge within her chosen industry.
First, Karen earned a bachelor's of science in medical technology. This degree introduced her to the technological resources that allow professionals in the medical field to provide the highest possible degrees of accuracy and efficiency to their patients. This technology is continually changing, and the experience that Gibbs had when earning this degree prepared her to stay current on the latest breakthroughs in this field. Her interest in this particular industry is clear, as Gibbs is currently working as a consultant to help healthcare facilities adopt EPIC software.
Next, Karen earned a bachelor's of science in nursing. She became a board-certified nurse administrator, or CNA, BC. After completing her undergraduate and certificate courses, Gibbs went on to earn a master's of science in nursing.
But her graduate-level education did not stop here. In fact, she went on to earn two more master's degrees and to start work on a doctorate. Karen Gibbs, Houston, Texas professional, holds a master's of business arts in healthcare management and a master's of science in computer information systems. Both of these degrees have allowed her to better understand the nuances of healthcare management and why, exactly, software like EPIC is so crucial to success in this field.
Currently, Gibbs is working on a doctorate in information systems technology. The program in which she is enrolled is serving to boost her understanding of the field and allow her to finely-tune her ability to serve her clientele. As such, she believes that the information and experiences she accumulates within this doctoral program will boost her career and allow her to become an even more valuable asset to the medical facilities with which she partners.
Professional Certifications: Understanding the EPIC System
EPIC is the foremost program in the electronic medical records industry—and for good reason. This software provides healthcare centers with everything they need to adopt digital record keeping practices with minimal disturbance to their patients and employees. While it is certainly true that team members need to be trained to use the EPIC system, this is where Gibbs the Texas professional, comes in.
Through her work as a consultant, Gibbs is able to provide her clients with the information they need to make the transition as smooth as possible. The expertise that Gibbs has developed in this area stems from both her own experience in the field and her dedication to continual professional development. Gibbs has earned multiple certifications within the EPIC arena, including the following:
• Inpatient Orders
• ClinDoc
• Stork
• Beacon
• Chronicles Install Utilities
Additionally, Gibbs is extremely knowledgeable with regard to:
• EPIC Inpatient Modules
• ED
• Clinical Documentation
• Computer Physician Order Entry
• Lab/EPIC Interface
Finally, Gibbs has experience with IBM 390 OS, Mysis Lab Systems, payroll applications, human resources practices, laboratory integrations, and industry policies and procedures.
All of these certifications and areas of interest allow Gibbs to provide comprehensive support to her clients. Through her work, medical facilities are able to adopt EPIC software and rest assured that Gibbs has already taken care of the design, build, testing, training, and security associated with the program.
Professional Affiliations: Staying In Tune with the Medical Field
The work that Gibbs performs really exists in the boundary between the medical and technology fields. While she is working within the technology industry, she is also catering to the needs of medical organizations. For this reason, it is critical that she understands the challenges and needs of professionals within the medical industry so that she can recommend the software solutions that will best suit her clients.
The background that Gibbs has built has gone a long way in helping her to achieve this goal. With her nursing experience, Gibbs has certainly established an understanding of what medical professionals need from a record keeping program and how to best provide it to them. But like the technology industry, the medical field is continually changing. To keep up, Gibbs has decided to remain active in several professional affiliations that keep her up to date with the needs of her target clients. These organizations include:
• American Nursing Association
• Emergency Nursing Association
Both of these organizations provide their members with information regarding the latest industry advances. From ideas to improved efficiencies in the workplace to information pertaining to the hurdles that nurses are facing within the medical field, these details have proven integral to Gibbs' ability to identify and understand her clients' needs—and create the EPIC solution that will best meet them.
Leveraging a Well-Rounded Skill Set
Karen Gibbs a Texas professional has worked for many years as a consultant, and over the course of this time she has been able to master a few competencies that have led her to success. Among these are:
• Project management
• Effective communication
• Strategy development
• Relationship building
• Workflow analysis
• Data analysis
• Problem solving
• Case management
• Utilization review
• Technology integration
• Accurate documentation
Ultimately, Gibbs has built a successful career that allows her to help medical facilities to adopt EPIC software in a way that facilitates a more efficient workplace—and better patient care.
While the future of any industry is, really, a bit of a mystery, Karen can confidently say that the need for effective, efficient electronic medical records software will not wane in the foreseeable future. Given the mandatory nature of such software programs, it is safe to assume that healthcare organizations will continue to make the transition from standard record keeping to electronic record management.
However, there will certainly be changes to the software that is developed as the years progress. Gibbs believes that the evolution of EPIC, the leading electronic medical records software, will lead to further improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and patient experience. Additionally, the improvements made on this software should facilitate rapid employee training and the ability for the program to contribute to a more lucrative medical industry by cutting overhead via the reduction in the time it takes to complete certain administrative tasks.
Currently, EPIC is at the forefront of the electronic medical records field, and Gibbs believes that this program will retain its edge in the market as time goes on. While competitors will certainly emerge, she is confident in the EPIC team and its ability to continue to offer premier solutions to medical facilities across the country.
In terms of her personal future, Karen Gibbs of Houston anticipates continuing to serve as a positive force in the electronic medical records field. Through her work she hopes to keep improving the patient experience—as well as patient outcomes.

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