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Rehab Rajab is an educational innovator with an emphasis on ESL and technology.
Rehab Rajab is a technology-oriented English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She has worked mainly in the ME, studied in the United States, and has been teaching in the United Arab Emirates since 2006. Rajab’s diverse background in project management, teaching, and technology give her a major edge in her current career. In addition to teaching, she is an active volunteer and incredibly involved with community organizations and global education. Her tech specialty is in Apple products, a brand she believes can help bring blended learning into classrooms all over the world.

Her current position is a supervisory role in Instructional Technology at the Institute of Applied Technology in Dubai. She is responsible for developing and implementing instructional technology for all Applied Tech High Schools. The technology models she creates are typically linked with enhanced learning experiences, such as blended learning techniques and tech in the classroom.

Currently, she is developing e-learning tutorial programs in ATHS facilities and leading an iBook authoring project. This will culminate in a Digital Leaders program that focuses on peer-mentoring activities within the tech-inclined high school. She is responsible for managing the iOS App’s launch and overall integration of iPad devices in the system.

She has worked on several different tablet and smartphone e-learning tech projects throughout her career. She has even conducted more than 20 iPad training workshops for approximately 400 teachers at ATHS and many Mobile Learning workshops at local and international conferences.

Rehab Rajab builds teams, plans, coaches, and has become the ATHS’ primary source of technology planning and integration. She coordinates with a number of developers to ensure every program is functioning at its best, and is also responsible for driving e-learning content authoring.
Rehab Rajab has enjoyed an interesting career, most of which revolved around English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching and technology. In 2000, she worked for Miami College in Alexandria, Egypt, as a classroom teacher. She lived in the area for several years and became a ESL teacher at the Quds Language School as well as part of the UNESCO Program through the Computer World Training Centre as part-time ICDL instructor.

Prior to this, Rehab Rajab earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education from Tanta University. The emphasis was on secondary education, English as a Foreign Language. She later earned a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology from Michigan State University and has been rewarded with a number of professional certificates, including:

-International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (IADCS)
-Certificate in Business Systems Analysis & Design
-Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
-Educational Technology Certificate from Michigan State University
-Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
-Apple Professional Development Authorized Trainer
-Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2013)

She also gained administrative experience in 2004. With Middle East Print Communication company, she assisted the managing director in a PA role. Rehab Rajab piloted several programs and went above and beyond her job description. These are a few examples of what she accomplished during this time:

-Coordinated exhibitions with program organizers
-Created and maintained a database of subscribers
-Innovated an information distribution system
-Supervised internal and local publications
-Managed the magazine’s classified section

As an ESL expert, teacher trainer, and tech integration specialist, Rehab Rajab has excelled in every position she has held. She taught for several years and created a number of information sharing systems within the teaching organization. The ATHS Dubai Soft Resources Centre, for instance, allowed faculty members to share material and documents before the school started using a Learning Management System (LMS) in 2012.

Rehab Rajab moved into a six-year EFL teaching position with the Applied Technology High School in Dubai, UAE. Since then, she has kept busy developing e-learning content and lessons, volunteering for major organizations, and helping make a difference in her current position.

She has always understood the importance of technology from a teaching perspective as well as her students’ futures. Rehab initiated a peer-tutoring program that allowed upper-level students to train others on computer skills. She started using blogs and online learning portals in 1:1 Mac learning environment in 2009.

Blended learning and teacher training have been two major areas of focus for Rajab throughout her career. She sees technology as a way to reach more students and buffer a teacher’s ability to do the same. Tech in the classroom, of course, is a somewhat controversial issue because some people (such as more conservative parents and teachers) may not understand its full capabilities.

Devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart boards, projectors, and other tools are incredibly useful for teaching. They allow educators to organize classrooms, and students are already interested in finding new ways to use technology. Blended learning— combined with intuitive devices, an appreciation for change, cloud computing, and other technology— is the way of the future for classrooms. It takes innovators like Rehab Rajab to make it a reality.

She has been in education for almost 15 years. Her original path as an ESL teacher transformed into a teacher trainer, then into integrating technology in the classroom. She loves to learn and help others learn by extension. She was recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator ADE in 2013.

Technology, of course, is the driving force behind everything Rajab has accomplished in her career. She owned her first computer in 1994, which became a life-changing event for her. After teaching for a time, she realized more clearly than ever that technology could be used to enhance the learning experience in every way imaginable. Rehab has also studied all over the world, including France, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the U.S.
Professionally speaking, Rehab Rajab is mostly interested in finding a doctorate degree program that will allow her to combine her passions for technology, teaching, and professional development at the same time. She is still looking for a program with this amount of freedom, and one that will launch her into a career where she can utilize all three of these talents at once. This industry niche will likely grow as technology and education begin to merge even further.

She began in ESL, as mentioned, and moved through various positions in administration, teacher teaching, and technology. One possible area she may pursue is in educational consultancy. She has already done this to a certain extent, though a full career of teaching teachers how to implement technology into the classroom sounds promising as well.

Educational technology is advancing at an astronomical rate, largely due to people like Rajab. She is dedicated to developing innovative ways that help teachers engage students in interesting classroom activities, personalize learning, and reinforce lessons via multimedia and other technology. She has already driven several projects to completion and is working on several more, most of which involve technology and education.

Rajab is also interested in perfecting her mental and physical state. She is aiming for a healthier lifestyle and recently lost a large amount of weight by eating healthier and exercising. It is important for educators to be good role models for the very people they educate. Healthy living, according to Rehab Rajab, is just one more way to encourage quality learning and lifestyle choices.

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  • Michigan State University , United States , East Lansing, Missouri

    08/2008 - 05/2010
  • University of Cambridge , United States , Cambridge, United Kingdom
    01/2007 - 01/2007
Career History
  • Supervisor, Instructional Technology , Abu Dhabi & Dubai , She was an EFL Teacher.
    09/2012 to 12/2099
  • Assisstant to MD , United States
    06/2004 to 06/2006
  • Computer Instructor , United States

    not defined
    12/2001 to 05/2004
  • El Quds Language Schools , United States

    not defined
    06/2001 to 05/2004
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  • ESL
  • Technology Integration
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  • Educational Technology
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  • Adult Education
  • Lesson Planning
  • E-Learning
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