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Morsell Allison

United States
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Morsell Allison is committed to helping HR executives develop networking opportunities, leadership and talent management practices.

Morsell Allison is the owner of Talent Management Alliance (TMA), a group committed to improving the way professionals engage with strategic talent management and leadership systems. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide valuable resources to clients, enabling them to increase revenue and improve their practical management methods.

• Events. TMA’s events use a model that educates through the exchange of knowledge and peer-to-peer learning. The events feature webcasts that are both personal and interactive, offering professionals valuable insight into real world problem and solution circumstances. An on-boarding process ensures that attendees keep on the right track towards their desired return on investments.
• Coaching. TMA coaches leadership skills with a one-day program called Assessing and Coaching Leaders. It’s designed to help participants uncover how to be stronger, strategic operating partners. John Mattone, a leading human capital expert, leads this workshop.

Morsell Allison is also the owner of Your Event Strategy (YES). This company provides business leaders with networks of senior event professionals experienced in event contract negotiation. The company’s consultants guarantee clients will get the highest return on their investment through events, trade shows, webcasts and conferences. They offer extensive marketing support, negotiating event sponsorships, providing event management and helping clients gain access to media streaming and virtual conferences.

• Recruitment of event staff. YES finds staff and trains them, which is popular among job seekers looking for a position and employers looking to fill positions.
• Customized management. YES develops strategies that can fit any media or marketing plan. The consultants advise clients on how to determine whether they need to generate exclusive events and what is worth investing in.
• Marketing services. YES provides adequate seating for events, including tradeshows, education seminars, conferences and webcasts.
• Streaming media. These professionals understand the benefits of webcasts and building personalized event strategies for businesses.
• Sponsorship sales. YES supports companies that have events but lack funding to follow through with these events.
• Negotiation. The experts help negotiate event sponsorship agreements, saving companies from wasting time and resources.

As the owner of Talent Management Alliance (TMA) and Your Event Strategy (YES), Morsell Allison is dedicated to providing human resources executives with ample networking opportunities. His services encourage both professional and personal growth. As an entrepreneur, Allison understands what it takes for a company to grow successfully. He evaluates and coaches these leaders through strategic face-to-face and virtual events, along with a variety of other practices.

Morsell Allison is passionate about advancing professionals in a diverse range of industries through strategic and effective talent management. He motivates leaders to improve upon their event strategies, helping them negotiate stronger contracts, better manage programs and improve sales and marketing techniques.

Allison has fostered a dedication for business development and entrepreneurship since graduating from Alabama A&M in Huntsville, Alabama in 1999. There, he earned his bachelor of science in Business Administration, concentrating in management and marketing. He graduated with a 3.4 GPA.

Professional Background
Account Executive
In 2001, Morsell Allison accepted a position as the account executive for Loot Newspaper in the United Kingdom. The paper contained classifieds and Internet advertising for small to medium-sized businesses in New York City. During his three years, he looked for new prospects for the paper using research, online evaluations, yellow book and through monitoring new print advertising trends. On average, he made nearly 100-120 cold calls a day and consistently exceeded monthly quotes.

LSE Delegate Sales Manager
In 2005, he took a position as the LSE delegate sales manager for IQPC in New York City. As a manager, he was responsible for developing and maintaining a team of 22 sales representatives that targeted C-level global executives. He had a variety of responsibilities, including working involvedly with marketing production and sponsorship staff to oversee content within customer service, finance, shared service, marketing and human capital portfolios.

Allison’s team averaged a revenue inflation of $1.6 million a year, with 22 percent profit gains using SPIN consultative selling methods, which entailed a situation, problem, implication and need payoff questions. His dedication was well recognized, as he propelled his team to see the largest growth profit of any sales team in North America.

Director of Inside Sales
In 2008, Morsell Allison became the director of inside sales at Human Capital Institute, based out of Brooklyn, New York. His main priority involved managing 16 inside sale consultants and two sales managers. While recruiting and training the inside sales team division, which grew from zero to 14 employees in the first year, and impressively increasing revenue to nearly $400,000 per month. His one-year strategic workforce plan was also successful in influencing the team’s progress. By working directly alongside business unit heads, he was able to help keep the company’s vision unified.

Sales Director experience
Morsell Allison is a seasoned sales director, with an extensive knowledge of the field. Over the years, he has developed admirable coaching and leadership development skills. Empowering business leaders towards successful talent management and leadership building experiences is a greatly fulfilling job, which Allison has always enjoyed. His invaluable communication skills enable him to provide a competitive edge in clients’ business. He excels in the following areas:

• Closing business
• Prospecting
• Obtaining and managing accounts
• Marketing penetration
• Cold calling
• Project management
• Customer retention
• Cold Calling
• Interviewing and reporting
• Training and coaching
• Sales forecasting
• Territory management
• Team building and motivation

Professional Associations
Apart from his numerous positions, Morsell Allison is a member of many nationally recognized and renowned professional organizations. These organizations include the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the Society for Human Relations Management (SHRM).

SHRM is a leading association in his industry, dedicated to the field of human resources. ASTD is committed to the field of training and development. As an international organization, HCI is designed to advance strategic talent management. By partaking in these organizations, Allison is able to advance his knowledge and inspiration in the industry, helping business professionals further their own influence.

Personal Interests
When Allison finds downtime in his busy life, he enjoys many hobbies, which include traveling. Throughout the years, he has visited Jamaica and India with his wife on multiple occasions. He favors tropical locales, with beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. He also has an office in Costa Rica, which he frequently travels to and from.

An Emphasis on Employee Communication
Many professionals do not understand that successful communication practices are much more than delivering and receiving information. Morsell Allison recognizes that there are strategies and various approaches needed in order to achieve and optimize communication within the workplace.

1. Ask employees what they believe is the best form of communication.
People vary greatly in how they communicate most clearly. Many people have preferences in how they wish to communicate that will enable them to communicate more effectively. The more employers take notice in regards to different communication techniques, the better employees will be able to communicate amongst one another.

2. Choose tools according to the company culture.
Discover the best way to get information across that is both interactive and approachable. For some, email is a great tool, but for others, other online tools are a better solution.

3. What are the desired outcomes of communication?
Many successful communication models result in more engaged relationships, higher trust levels and commercial success. Employers should define what goals they have regarding employee relationships before implementing a new communication plan.

4. Don’t create an environment of commands.
In order to better communicate with employees, it is important to show empathy and compassion. Employers should actively listen to the request and feedback of employees to show that their input matters.

5. Instead, create a trusting environment.
The space of communication should consist of honest communication. This does not mean all information should be shared with every employee, but excellent communicators don’t leave employees in the dark when they should be given certain information and ample to digest it.

Morsell Allison notes that it is impossible for businesses to reach their full potential if communication within the company is subpar.

Morsell Allison believes that businesses should constantly try to improve their practices. A major part of doing this, is hiring the right candidates. It can be a taunting task for human resource executives, which makes it important for business leaders to instill leadership management practices and implement successful screening processes. To make the right decision on future candidates, the following are some of the elements HR individuals can adopt.

Cross-functional interviewing
This type of interviewing involves numerous interviewers form multiple departments in the company. Each department interviewer can specialize in asking certain questions, depending on the needs of the department.

Outside assignments
Another interview technique is to assign homework to potential candidates. This approach will enable the interviewer to see the level of the commitment and talent level of the prospective hire.

Decide what is important in the workplace
Employers should decide exactly what the company needs and find talent based on those needs. For example, if the company needs a dynamic individual, figure out a way to make the prospective hire showcase his or her communicative and creative skills. Or if the company needs a team player, find a way the candidate can demonstrate the ability to work well with others.

Never rush.
Sometimes a company is in desperate need of new hire and rushes the process. This is a mistake. This causes business leaders to lower their standards. Don’t risk the growth and success of the company. Companies should always ensure they are using proper and thorough screening methods in order to hire the correct person for the job.

Morsell Allison is dedicated to assessing and coaching business professionals and will continue to help his clients better manage their businesses, enabling them to reach their full potential.

  • 08/1995 to 05/1999
    : Alabama A&M University
    : B.S. in Business Administration
    : United States
    : Huntsville, AL
Career History
  • 07/2008 to 12/2099
    : Owner
    : not defined
    : United States
    : New York, NY
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