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Helena Hoen is a dog breeder and animal rights activist who works out of her farm in North Carolina.
Helena Hoen works as a dog breeder on her farm in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Living in a small town means she is able to provide ample space for her dogs and other animals. Working primarily with smaller breeds, she provides purebred dogs to those in search of a companion. She works with more than just puppies though, rescuing all the animals she can from shelters in the area.
Taking pride in her work rescuing and raising these animals, she rarely takes a day off. Interacting with each creature on a personal level, she is able to find the perfect match for families and people looking to adopt. Going beyond the personality of the animal, she visits each family’s home with the prospected adoptee.
When not tending to her dogs, Helena Hoen manages her small farm where she also raises horses. This area of North Carolina in particular is filled with woods, meaning she can escape to nature on horseback whenever she pleases. This would be ideal for outdoor enthusiast and animal activist, and Hoen is incredibly appreciative of her home.
On her rare vacation or weekend getaway, Hoen aims to spend time getting in touch with nature. With plenty of hiking and outdoors activities in the area, she has experienced a number of activities. Her bustle has led from serenely floating down a river to parachuting out of an airplane. Still, Hoen most actively enjoys camping in the woods near her farm and home.
Raised in rural Waxhaw, North Carolina, Helena Hoen now runs her own animal shelter on her family farm. A lifelong interest in animals and passion for their protection, she stands out as a breeder who genuinely cares about her animals. The only career path that seemed right for her, Hoen has built her life around what she does.
Taking over after her siblings moved out, Helena Hoen now runs the farm with a small staff and group of volunteers. Growing up on this range, Hoen knows every inch of it and the surrounding area. She has always lived in her small town, and picked up an affinity for animals, especially canines, very early on. Starting off with just a family dog and a few horses, she takes pride in helping all creatures.
As a girl, her farm was never used to its potential. Her family dog, Finn, was a stout corgi mix that helped round up the horses when it was time to bring them in for a storm. Hoen particularly enjoyed the inclement weather because it gave her time to bond and spend time with the animals. Always feeling a special connection with them, she would spend her weekends grooming and riding.
As Hoen got older, she continued working with her family's animals and helping out around the farm. She built up a strong work ethic based on her passions and traditional upbringing. The modesty and simple values instilled in her from her parents continue to define who she is. Hoen passes these values on to her staff and those who volunteer within her small organization.
Though her traditional schooling was minimal, Helena Hoen has worked directly with animal specialists numerous times throughout her career. Focusing on the wellbeing and overall health of animals, she began an initiative in her teens to provide free neutering at the local vet. This procedure is fairly expensive depending on the size and age of the animal, but is important to the community. By lowering the amount of new animals being born, the current population can be better served.
Her efforts were not in vain and through a special event she was able to sign up over two dozen local pets for free neutering. This effort was just one of many that would follow in Hoen’s career. The rural city where she lives is home to many creatures and future farmers. Following this first effort, she continued to speak to schoolmates on the importance of neutering pets.
After graduating from high school, Hoen went straight to work renovating the buildings on her property. As many saw little use, they hadn’t required much upkeep. Though they still stood strong, some of the constructions had begun to show their age. Working through the night on many occasions, she eventually got all the structures up to code and began planning their use.
Her family dog well-aged at this point, so she decided to bring in a new puppy to brighten the rest of his time. This was the first time that Helena Hoen had visited an animal rescue, and she was shocked by what she found. Though the animals were taken care of as well as the shelter could provide, many were still in poor condition. Taking it upon herself to see to their well-being, Hoen picked out a puppy and went home to start planning.
The newly-renovated buildings on her farm were perfect for serving as a kennel. They required little modification and many of the supplies needed were already on hand. Putting up fences, she created safe areas for smaller dogs to play out in the sun. The farm had plenty of open yards for the larger animals to stretch their legs without fear of wandering off.
Once completed, Hoen returned to the animal shelter, informed them of what she had done, and began bringing in animals. Starting off with dogs, she initially brought home four strays that were near the end of their rope. Bringing them back to health and cleaning them up, it wasn’t long before she posted their availability in the local newspaper.
Within a week two of the dogs had been adopted and joined a happy family. The remaining two were eventually accepted through recommendations from friends of the original adopting families. Feeling successful and proud, Helena Hoen reignited dialogue with the local shelter. Upon hearing of her achievement, the animal shelter set up a direct line to Hoen’s farm for families looking for additional resources.
Bringing in seven dogs this time, she added a small litter of kittens to the mix. In this group of rescues though, was a pure-bred corgi pup that had been abandoned. Reminding her of her own dog when he was young, she accepted this dog as her own. This pup would grow into a very happy and healthy pooch, which Hoen occasionally breeds for families looking for a pure-bred.
Through the years, Hoen has seen many animals come and go. Though her family dog has since passed on, Hoen continues to consider him her inspiration. He served as leader to her original sets of rescues and faithful companion on her camping trips. Just as much a fan of nature as she is animals, Helena Hoen has spent countless nights camped out in the woods.
A traditional camper, Helena Hoen has never brought with her into the wild anything more than the bare necessities. Considering campers and RV’s too much of a luxury, she enjoys heading into the woods with little more than a tent and fishing pole. Never going alone, she has built a strong group of friends who all take part in these adventures with her.
Through the years she has gone on camping trips across her state and along the east coast. Preferring mountainous terrain, her favorite campgrounds are those along the Appalachian Mountains. When unable to stray far from home, Helena Hoen has a few secret spots that she will head out to and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.
Helena Hoen is looking forward to continuing her work rescuing animals of all shapes and sizes. Her farm has plenty of room for growth, and as she adds on to it, she plans on bringing in more creatures. Protecting animals which can’t defend themselves has always been her life’s passion and she expects to follow it until the end of her days.
Hoen also looks forward to hiring on more people to assist her on the farm. With such a small staff as-is, she wants to bring in more devoted caregivers to help with the animals. In addition to the extra help, she anticipates taking more personal time in the future to enjoy nature. She hopes that by opening up to more people, children and other local citizens will volunteer to get involved with her operation.
Whenever working with a volunteer, Hoen takes careful consideration in training them and teaching about caregiving. She is hopeful that her staff will take that knowledge and grow into their potential as she knows they can. While her farm is most certainly not the only rescue in North Carolina, she wants to see fewer rescues that are in the business for profit.
Helena Hoen also wishes to see a decrease in the amount of animals in shelters. Many people are already aware of the importance to spay and neuter pets, but there are still too many domesticated animals out there without a home. Hoen plans on increasing awareness by dedicating a website to information on safe neutering services across the nation.

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