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Anton Casey is an internationally successful entrepreneur and wealth management professional.
Anton Casey is a professional in financial services and fund management with international experience in financial centres across the world. His most recent financial centre activity has been in Singapore, London, and the Channel Island of Jersey in the United Kingdom.

In each of these international markets, he has found professional success thanks to a combination of ingenuity, fearlessness, and a willingness and ability to take carefully calculated risks. He has proven himself to be an expert networker with significant business contacts in locations all over the world. This professional network of his stretches between such locations as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai, London, Spain, and Switzerland.

On top of all of this, Anton Casey also exhibits excellent professional skills across most asset classes of international portfolio management. He has also successfully established both a client bank and a book of profitable assets over the course of his financial career.

Currently, he is pursuing new business venture, where he intends to explore a number of investment options in fracking, shale gas, and 3-D printing. He sees a lot of investment opportunity in these options and wants to share that opportunity with investors in Singapore who are interested in the technology and natural resources. He also wants to help bring Asian investment opportunities to abroad.
Anton Casey, like most successful professionals in any field, did not simply stumble blindly into success or have it drop into his lap. Instead, he climbed his way to the top of his profession through strategic business ventures and years of hard work that saw him ranging all over the globe.

Education and Early Career Endeavors

Anton began his career after graduating from the Chatham House Grammar School in the United Kingdom County of Kent. He attended this school from 1986 to 1993 and, while there, received nine General Certificate of Secondary Education, or GCSE, passes. Two of these passes were at the A-Level.

After his graduation from school, Casey immediately entered the workforce. He soon got a hold of a copy of the book Work Your Way Around the World, which significantly impacted his approach to his career and professional life. Taking the book’s advice to heart, he left Kent for the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife.

Here Anton Casey secured a job aboard a 54-foot yacht that made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. After the crossing, he remained working aboard the yacht in the Caribbean before finally making his way to Miami, FL. Here he assisted in events management within the local music industry before meeting a young woman from Germany and moving back to her hometown.

From Germany, Casey travelled to the Balearic Island of Ibiza in Spain. Here he set up a dance music events business in 1994, which he later took back to Miami. He also brought his business to Cape Town in South Africa and, from there, to Frankfurt in Germany and then to Tenerife. After this, he returned to Ibiza and, in 1996, sold his stake in the business to his business partner.

Financial Services Work Experience

After travelling the world and dabbling in entrepreneurship, Anton Casey decided to settle down for a time in London, England, and pursue a career in financial services. To this end he joined the London stock brokerage Capel Cure Myers Capital Management as a trainee stock broker. From 1996 to 1997 he learned the financial ropes at one of the most prestigious broking houses in London, based in Royal Mint Court.

At the end of his brokerage training in 1997, he earned the title of “Rookie Financial Planner of the Year” in the United Kingdom. He also gained his United Kingdom Financial Planning Certificates 1, 2, and 3, which made him fully licensed to provide expert financial advice within the country.

After leaving Capel Cure Myers, Anton Casey went to work for Friends Provident in London, England, where he managed the assets of many city professionals. He was promoted to executive financial consultant before leaving in 1998, when he was personally head hunted by a major global bank.

This bank sent Casey to the Channel Island of Jersey for two years of training, and from there, to Singapore to establish the bank’s wealth management section in the International Banking Centre. Over the next nine years, Casey continued working with this institution, eventually being promoted to senior vice president of portfolio management within the International Banking Centre. He also became fully licensed in Singapore by passing all required financial advisory and capital markets examinations.

In 2009, Anton Casey left for a licensed multi-family investment office that held full capital markets services licenses in Asia. Here he became the senior wealth manager for a book of client portfolios that totaled about US$100 million in assets. He stayed with this company for the next five years before finally leaving in early 2014 to pursue new business ventures.

Mentoring and Philanthropy

In addition to his own professional success, Anton Casey likes to assist other up-and-coming professionals in their own career success through a variety of mentoring roles. For instance, he shares his insight and knowledge at many different speaking events, including a talk that he gave on investments to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He has also given talks on alternative investments for novices at a Singapore real estate seminar.

Casey also enjoys participating in philanthropic events to give back to the community. These include the triathlon for charity that he and a team from work ran in 2008, where they came in 24th in the mixed team relay. He also helped sponsor a superhero theme party for a sick child and his friends through the Singapore Make A Wish Foundation, which he and a group from work attended. And in 2012, he lent his sponsorship to the annual charity dinner for the charity organization Action for Aids Singapore.
Going forward, Anton Casey plans to continue offering his expert investing services in real estate, startups, currency markets, stock markets, and entrepreneurs to friends and clients alike. He also plans to enter into several of these investing opportunities alongside some of his friends and clients.

The biggest investment opportunities that Casey sees are in the technology and natural resources, particularly 3-D printing, shale gas, and fracking. He intends to become a liaison between investors in Singapore and their interests in these investment opportunities in global markets. He is also looking forward to bringing the great opportunities that these investments represent to interested investors in Singapore, and the rest of Asia alike.

Outside of his professional plans, he also has big plans as a family man. He is a loving husband to his wife, Bernice, who was crowned Miss Singapore in 2003, and a proud father to their young son. His son has centered the whole of his future plans upon, as his biggest goal is to see his son receive a quality education. He wants to offer his son plenty of opportunity to grow and get involved with whatever may catch his interest, and is particularly hopeful of his son’s impressive sporting potential.

Beyond all of this, Anton Casey will also continue in his philanthropic endeavors by continuing to mentor up-and-coming young professionals as well as giving back to his community in any way that he can.

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  • Chatham House Grammar School , Kent
    09/1986 - 06/1993
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  • Entrepreneur , United States , International
    01/2014 to 12/2099
  • Executive Financial Consultant , London
    10/1997 to 10/2000
  • Trainee Stock Broker , London

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    10/1996 to 10/1997
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