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Dedric Robinson

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Dedric Robinson is the operations manager and disaster consultant for CapitolContractors and CapitolAbatement.

Dedric Robinson is a busy man, comfortable with wearing many hats and performing a number of important tasks. Currently, he holds two job titles—Operations Manager and Disaster Consultant—and works for a couple of different companies, CapitolContractors and CapitolAbatement. As such, he provides a number of clients with a wealth of services—and takes pride in offering true excellence, no matter the client and no matter the need.

These two companies offer fairly different services. CapitolContractors is a general contracting service, and offers commercial, industrial, and residential services. Meanwhile, CapitolAbatement is a disaster recovery and cleanup service. Its focus is on cleaning up water, addressing water damage, and helping home and business owners deal with mold removal, asbestos, disaster relief, sewer contamination and beyond.

Dedric Robinson is proud of the work done by both companies. He speaks especially highly of CapitolAbatement, noting that the company is good at quickly identifying hazards and problems, and can get to job sites promptly. The company is focused on operations and provides a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. In addition, he ensures that his team practices the highest standards of safety and precision in their work.

Robinson says the key to his companies’ success is that the teams always work to cultivate trust and confidence in what they do. Everything is swiftly planned and well organized. Safety and friendliness are ensured as the Capitolprofessionals enter people’s homes and workplaces—ultimately establishing Robinson and his team member as true leaders within their fields.

Dedric Robinson is a man on a mission. His mission is to provide homeowners and business owners with safer, cleaner living—with houses that are free of hazards, and with easy recovery from natural disaster or from other forms of catastrophe. In other words, he is a disaster relief professional, but he is also much more than that. He is also an experienced manager and a contractor, delighted to help clients in a number of ways.

Certainly, he understands that there are many hazards and potential catastrophes that threaten home and business owners. These might include things like fire, flood, and earthquake, yet they also include mold, asbestos, or even the major damage that can be done by a minor water leak.

This is why Dedric Robinson is proud to work at a company like CapitolAbatement. Here he serves as a disaster relief consultant, and seeks to help homeowners and business owners get back on track after a major catastrophe—cleaning things up and making everything safe. The company deals with water removal, mold removal, asbestos removal, disaster relief in general, and even sewage contamination. Dedric is passionate about disaster recovery, and hopes that in the future he can do more to help homeowners and business owners address calamity.

This is not the only company with which he is involved, however. He also happens to be the operations manager for a company called CapitolContractors. True to its name, this company is a full-service contracting company, and it provides services to industrial, commercial, and residential clients alike.

Dedric Robinson has proven successful in both of these roles, and for a number of reasons. For one thing, he has a wealth of experience behind him—both academic and professional. His academic experience includes a degree from the College of William and Mary, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics.

Robinson also has a wealth of professional experience behind him, in a number of fields. His previous career experience includes:

- President, broker, and owner at Macdonald Realty, 2006-2009.
- Real estate associate at Realty Executive Challenge, 2003-2006.
- Senior vice president, Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo, 1997-2002.
- Financial center manager, Bank of America, 1996-1997.

Clearly, Dedric Robinson has robust experience in fields as diverse as real estate and finance—but these days, his true passion is for helping homeowners and business owners, largely through his commitment to CapitolAbatement and to disaster relief in general. Robinson proudly maintains a number of certifications that speak to his commitment to this line of work—among them:

- Workplace Hazardous Materials and Information Systems Certification
- IICRC Water Damage Restoration Certification
- IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation Certification
- IICRC Carpet Cleaning Certification
- First Aid Level "C" CPR and AED Certified
- Oil Sands Safety Association Fall Protection Certification
- Occupational Health and Safety Asbestos Certification
- Principles of Health and Safety Management Certification

His level of professional certification speaks to his immense knowledge, and that’s part of what makes him so successful in his professional life. However, it is not the only thing that makes him successful. He believes that he and his CapitolAbatement team offer a number of unique strengths—among them the fact that the team members are all excellent at quickly identifying problems and offering solutions.

Dedric Robinson also notes that his team is knowledgeable about disaster relief, experienced in mold and moisture remediation, skilled in contracting, and, finally, zealous to ensure the highest standards of safety and precision—period. All of this goes a long way toward explaining what makes the Capitolteam so uniquely effective.

And effective it is: Countless homeowners and business owners have had major disasters cleaned up by this team, their lives and daily operations restored to normal. This is what Robinson is ultimately passionate about, and why he loves working in this field. Dedric strives to improve the lives of those in need.

What does the future hold in store for a man like Dedric Robinson? That’s tough to say for sure; of course, no man can predict his future with complete certainty. With that said, he is both forward thinking and goal oriented. He has a number of personal and professional objectives that he will strive to complete in the months and years to come.

One of his goals is more or less to keep doing what he is doing. Robinson loves the opportunities he has to make a difference in the lives of families and businesses, and to provide much-needed safety, disaster relief, and general contracting services. He has no plan to stop offering any of his services, and in fact, he hopes that he is able to expand his businesses in the years to come.

Additionally, he wants to nurture his own skills and acumen in the field of disaster relief. He wants to become more and more involved with large-scale disaster relief and catastrophe cleanup, making a big difference on the largest scale he can. He hopes to work with natural disaster relief programs across the country and maybe even throughout the world, and perhaps even to become involved with an organization such as FEMA.

Finally, Dedric Robinson hopes to get more involved with the energy sector, specifically with the oil, natural gas, and uranium markets.

The bottom line is that this disaster recovery expert intends to keep making the world safer and cleaner for those who are hit by misfortune—a noble goal if ever there was one!

  • N/A to N/A
    : College of William and Mary
    : Bachelor of Arts in Economics
    : United States
    : Williamsburg, Virginia
Career History
  • 05/2005 to 01/2012
    : President, Broker and Owner
    : not defined
    : Edmonton, AB
  • 06/1996 to 08/2002
    : Senior Vice President / Financial Consultant Leader
    : United States
    : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • 06/1996 to 03/1997
    : Financial Center Manager
    : United States
    : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • N/A to 12/2099
    : Operations Manager and Disaster Consultant
    : not defined
    : United States
    : Edmonton, Canada
Core Competencies
  • Construction
  • Economics
  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Finance
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