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Warren Melamed is an experienced dental health professional who is the CEO and President of Oral Health Management, LLC, in Nashville, Tennessee.
As the CEO and President of Oral Health Management, Warren Melamed is a proven leader of the dental health profession who remains concerned about raising awareness about proper oral hygiene, dental care and associated health risks. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Melamed has taken many steps to help raise greater awareness about particular health issues and contribute to charitable organizations.
For example, Melamed is credited for his ongoing support at the Oral Cancer Walk in Nashville. At this annual event, Melamed offers participants free oral cancer screenings, which he believes helps the public see how simple it is to get checked for the presence of the condition. Melamed is a major proponent of raising awareness about oral cancer, as it is a very preventable and treatable condition. However, many people fail to acknowledge certain risks and can end up jeopardizing their overall health as a result. Focused on health, Melamed is also recognized for his donations to Nashville CARES, a charitable organization that strives to provide greater resources to those citizens afflicted with HIV/AIDS.
While Warren Melamed plays several different roles throughout his profession, he maintains a heavy concentration on improving the way patients approach dental care and the way dentists approach business. Through his efforts, Melamed remains outspoken about oral hygiene and encouraging individuals to seek out improved care for themselves and their loved ones. While a comprehensive business leader, Melamed still completes ongoing education to maintain his dental license. Impressively, Melamed has been studying the evolving art of dentistry for more than 40 years.
Having served the dental health industry for more than 40 years, Warren Melamed has grown and evolved along with the practices in his field. Although he has witnessed incredible changes over the years—including improvements in dental technology and health—Melamed still remains adamant about enhancing the way Americans view routine dental care and oral hygiene.
Prior to becoming the CEO and President of Oral Health Management in Nashville, Warren Melamed served as the Founder and CEO of Monarch Dental—a dental health facility located in Dallas, Texas. Having found success in his endeavors at Monarch, Warren Melamed was able to take the practice public in 1997, when he became the President, Chairman and Chief Dental Officer at the company. While his expansive training in dental health care allowed Melamed to achieve success and deliver constant satisfaction at Monarch Dental, he also developed a strong business acumen that allowed him to effectively manage and grow the establishment. In fact, he is noted for developing the financial presentations that were initially made to investors before the company went public. As such, Melamed has proven that he is adept in all areas of the dental industry—whether as a practicing dentist or a business leader.
While Melamed has pursued ongoing education at a steady rate to ensure that he is current with all practices in dentistry and dental economics, he has also served as an instructor in the field. Passionate about encouraging the next generation of dedicated, trustworthy dental health professionals, Melamed has made instructional presentations, including one delivered to the Dental School at MMC on the subject of dental practice economics. Also at MMC, he has served as a speaker at the Ben Turpin Memorial Lecture.
Changing the Face of Dentistry
According to Warren Melamed, dentistry has come a long way throughout history, especially over the course of the last century. With vast improvements in technology, dental health awareness and oral hygiene has increased immensely, allowing people to maintain proper oral health and even live longer. While dentistry has advanced a great deal, Melamed says many patients still attach a stigma to receiving dental care—a reputation that has produced many myths in oral health care. In order to better educate the public about what dentistry means today and how many misconceptions there are in the field, Melamed tackles a few of these myths hoping to encourage more people to pursue dental care.
Tooth Decay Is Not Solely Caused By the Sugars We Consume
One of the most common myths attached to oral health is that cavities are caused by the amount of sugars that we eat. While there is some truth to this myth, Melamed believes it is important for patients to truly understand how tooth decay is encouraged. Tooth decay is primarily caused by bacteria in the mouth that eat away at the surfaces of teeth. Bacterial growth in the mouth is caused by many things, including a poor immune system, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol and maintaining a poor diet.
In addition, individuals may promote bacterial growth when they eat carbohydrates and fail to effectively clear the area. As such, Warren Melamed explains that while consuming sugary drinks and snacks can stimulate bacterial growth, the same amount of damage could occur if one does not brush and floss after eating a plate of pasta or bread. While there are many health reasons to avoid overconsumption of sugar, Melamed says it is important to brush and floss teeth regularly to prevent bacterial growth from occurring.
Those with Bad Breath Do Not Necessarily Have Poor Hygiene
It is a common misconception that individuals who have bad breath—also known as halitosis—are bad about brushing and flossing their teeth on a regular basis. Warren Melamed says that failure to engage in routine oral hygiene can produce unpleasant breath, but there are plenty of other reasons why halitosis occurs.
Sometimes, bad breath is the direct result of something an individual consumed—such as garlic or onions. Other times, bad breath can be related to a greater health problem—such as some type of infection or a cold. Although many instances of bad breath can be alleviated with sugar-free chewing gum, mouthwash or the restoration of health, Melamed encourages those who have ongoing episodes to consult their dental health provider to see if the halitosis is prompted by an oral health issue.
Dental Work is Not as Painful as it Once Was
According to Warren Melamed, one of the most common reasons a person fails to see their dentist on a regular basis is fear that any type of cleaning, inspection or surgery will result in serious pain. Sometimes this apprehension can prevent an individual from gaining treatment they need and will eventually experience even greater pain as an oral health problem develops.
Melamed explains that the public needs to become more aware of how much dental care and surgery has simplified over the years to reduce pain, promote healing and even reduce the amount of procedure time. Through modern technology, individuals no longer have to fear that a root canal will cause severe ongoing pain or that wisdom teeth removal will prove a brutal experience. Even in cases where there is slight pain, dental health professionals can utilize anesthetic to numb an area, allowing a patient to feel nothing as one operates on his or her mouth.
Past Philanthropic Endeavors
While Melamed proves adamant about community involved today—especially in regards to health-related charities—he has remained a philanthropic professional long before his time in Nashville. In fact, during his career at Monarch Dental, Melamed led his company to serve as the corporate sponsor for an organization known as Our Friend’s Place. The charity provided a safe place for young at-risk girls to find shelter and transition into a more productive life. As a professional committed to inspiring progress, Warren Melamed has also served as a contributor to Honest Reporting, the Jewish Federation of Nashville, as well as his alma mater Meharry Medical College.
As previously noted, Warren Melamed has witnessed a wide variety of advancements in the dental field as new technologies and practices have been implemented to improve both the patient and dentist experience. Already experience such impressive industry progress firsthand, Melamed is a strong believer that dental health care will continue to improve at a rapid pace.
As far as surgical practices, many suspect that the dental industry will one day offer comprehensive, convenient procedures using laser technology, stem cell applications and even nanotechnology. However, Melamed says that the actual tools used by dental professionals are not the only things likely to change. For instance, he suspects that as analysts continue to report the widening gaps of oral health care between the wealthy and the poor, dental services will become more accessible and affordable to all citizens and improve the overall trend of dental health. Additionally, he says toothbrushes, dental flosses and other consumer dental products will continue to evolve to offer a better, more effective hygienic experience for at-home use.
Current trends in dentistry are already being detected, which may indicate future possibilities at a wider scale. For instance, many general dentists have started to pursue training in pediatric dentistry to expand client base, resulting in the greater potential of family dentistry becoming commonplace. Cosmetic dentistry has also experienced tremendous growth as more people look to dental professionals as a way to not only improve their oral health, but also their appearance.
While these changes in the industry will certainly drive progress in the way the American public views dentistry, Warren Melamed adds that for dental health to truly improve, patients will have to become more involved with personal care. As such, he urges all individuals to reassess their dental hygiene practices, engage in routine brushing and flossing, maintain a healthy diet and visit a trusted dentist at least every six months.

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