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Sunil RamlallPhD
United States
Age: N/A
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Dr. Sunil Ramlall is an HR Educator and Consultant, I am able to utilize relevant theories, frameworks, best practices, and experience with world-class organizations to develop HR practices that improve your employee and organizational performance.

Sunil Ramlall has a BA, MBA, M.Ed. and Ph.D. He attended University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall's website is

Dr. Sunil Ramlall is the President of Strategic HRM Consulting, LLC. For more information, you can visit

In his role as President of the company, Dr. Sunil Ramlall:
• Conducts market analyses in partnership with senior leaders
• Develops and partner in implementing business and HR strategies to foster competitive advantages
• Provides coaching to executives and high potential leaders
• Develops training and development programs
• Designs and partner in implementing and evaluating programs such as Strategic compensation plans, Succession plans, OD Interventions, Recruitment strategies, and Performance management systems.

Sunil Ramlall is an outstanding consultant with deep HR knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall worked as an Associate Professor of Management – School of Business, Hamline University, MN and as an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Thomas.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall taught several classes primarily:
o Leadership, Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Change Management, Organization Development, HR Strategy, T&D, HR Metrics, HRD
o Lead Faculty for Module 1 – Leadership, OB, Management, HR, Ethics
o Lead Faculty for Module 4 – Strategic Management
• Leadership Roles
o Lead Faculty, School of Business to hire and mentor adjunct faculty
o Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee
o Faculty Council Representative, School of Business Rep. to the University Faculty Council
o Faculty Representative, MBA Admissions Committee
o Member, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
o Member, President’s Budget Advisory Committee
• Research
o Conducted primary and secondary research and published findings in relevant peer-reviewed journals.
• Advising - Advisor to Management Students.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall was appointed to MN Governor’s Systems Excellence Committee (Workforce Development Council), 2008 - 2010.

Prior to teaching, Sunil Ramlall worked in industry at various companies including Target, Carlson Companies, Northwest Airlines, and University of Minnesota.
Sunil Ramlall's accomplishments include:
• Partnered with other leaders to develop the company's overall strategic plan including the goals and objectives, strategies, and measurements.
• Partnered with the company's executives to develop, implement, and measure key human resource activities and initiatives.
• Assessed the company’s benefits plan and recommended changes to retain critical employees.
• Developed and implemented strategies to improve employee effectiveness and coach supervisors on ways of improving employee productivity.
• Provided advice to executives and other employees on effective career development and management issues.
• Managed the succession planning process.
• Provided advise to the training and development team on ways of aligning the training function to the overall business objectives of the company and ensuring employees have the appropriate skills needed to develop organizational capability.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall's Publications:
Ramlall, S., Al-Kahtani, A., and Damanhouri, H. (in-press). Positive Organizational Behavior
in the Workplace: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. International Journal of Management & Information Systems.

Ramlall, S., Al Yafi, W., & Ghamri, N. (2014). HR Competencies: Understanding the Impact
on HR and Organizational Performance in Saudi Arabia. British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade, 4(5), 706-723.

Ramlall, S., Alqurashi, S., & Sindi, T. (2014). A Critical Review of Ethical Practices in the
Public Sector. British Journal of Economics, Management, & Trade, 3(4), 366-371.

Jensen, V., Ramlall, S., & Buechner, M. (2013). Retaining Associates of Color: Understanding
the Core Reasons for Turnover and Strategies for Improving Retention. American Bar Foundations, 2(1), 1- 14.

Ramlall, S., Al-Amri, H., & Abdulghaffar, N. (2012). Human Resource Management in Saudi
Arabia, International Business and Economics Research Journal, 11(10), 1155-1162.

Walden, P., Bryan, V., & Ramlall, S. (2011). Learning in the Workplace: A Comparison of
Two Models, International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management, 11(1), 1-15.

Ramlall, S., Maimani, K., & Diab, A. (2011). Compensation Practices and Plan Effectiveness in
Saudi Arabia, Compensation & Benefits Review, 43(January/February), 52-60.

Ramlall, S. & Ramlall, D. (2010). Continuing the HR Evolution: Building Resilience in
Turbulent Economic Times, International Journal of Global Management Studies
Quarterly, 1(3).

Ramlall, S. (2009). Case Study: Strategic Human Resource Management at Mayo Clinic,
Journal of Human Resource Education, 3(3), 13-35.

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Behavior, Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 38(6), 1580-1600.
Ramlall, S. (2008). Enriching the Meaningfulness of Work through Positive Organizational Behavior – International Journal of Management and Decision Making, 9 (3), 281-287.
Ramlall, S. (2007). Current HRM Practices in the U.S. Airline Industry, Journal of Air
Transportation. 12 (3), 59-78.

Ramlall, S., & Sheppeck, M. (2007). Educating Highly Competent & Principled HR Professionals in the 21st Century – International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management, 7 (3/4), 215-226.

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Ramlall, S. (2006). Identifying and Understanding HR Competencies and their
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Ramlall, S. (2006). A Review and Analysis of Compensation Practices in the Caribbean. International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management, 6(1), 48-67.
Ramlall, S. (2006). Strategic HR Management Creates Value at Target. Journal of Organizational Excellence, 25(2), 57-62.
Ramlall, S., & Owens, E. (2005). Creating and Sustaining Economic Growth in the Caribbean through Human Resources. International Journal of Human Resource Development & Management, 5(3), 227 - 239.
Ramlall, S. (2004). A Review of Employee Motivation Theories and their Implications for Employee Retention within Organizations. The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 5(1), 52-63.
Ramlall, S. (2003). Measuring Human Resource Management's Effectiveness in Improving Performance. Human Resource Planning, 26(1), 51-62.
Ramlall, S. (2003). Managing Employee Retention as a Strategy for Increasing Organizational Competitiveness. Applied HRM Research, 3(2), 63-72.
Ramlall, S. (2003a). Enhancing the Effectiveness of HR through the Integration of IT. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 1(10), 47-56.
Ramlall, S. (2002). A Critical Review of the Role of Training & Development in Increasing Performance. Journal of Compensation & Benefits, 18(5), 12-17.
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Ramlall, S. (1998). An Analysis of Expatriation Practices in the Airline Industry. International HR Journal, 6(4), 25-30.

Dr. Sunil Ramlall's future goals include:

Teach FT in HR/Management and/or a leadership role in a School/College of Business.
Publish 2 - 3 scholarly journal articles per year.
Achieve teaching excellence.

Core Competencies
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Strategic HRM
  • Training & development
  • Positive organizational behavior
  • Online course delivery
  • Curriculum development and design
  • HR Metrics
  • International HR
  • Team Building
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