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Roy Kessel, the co-founder of SportsBrain, is a life-long athlete, coach, and entrepreneur.
Roy Kessel, a lifelong sports enthusiast and business entrepreneur, has spent his life studying sports. His main focus is concussions and how athletes can cope with head injuries and make a full recovery. Concussions, however, happen in every sport. This is why he went on to create his own company dedicated to fighting the concussion battle.

He recently founded SportsBrain, a company that offers comprehensive concussion management programs and baseline concussion testing. Clients range from youth and high school programs to college and professional athletic organizations. The goal is to provide concussion education programs for coaches, athletes, and parents wanting to learn more about concussions and how to manage them. The company also provides mental performance solutions that help organizations and teams better assist their athletes’ physical and mental performance.

Utilizing state-of-the-art baseline testing, the company is able to conduct on-site testing to provide more convenient and immediate information for concussion victims. SportsBrain provides all of the testing equipment, trained staff, and athletic experts in order to generate accurate results and guide athlete recovery programs.

Roy Kessel says one of the key reasons SportsBrain is unique and successful is because of its industry connections. Over the last fifteen years of working in different parts of the sports industry, he has grown a huge network of athletes, agents, sports business professionals and media. Since launching Sports Brain he has focused his efforts at cultivating a growing network of athletic trainers, physicians, and teams that allow him to utilize all of the resources in his arsenal to deliver the best care programs to injured athletes. Sports Brain’s goal is to provide practical, cost-effective concussion solutions that are financially viable for youth and high school sports organizations to implement on a widespread scale.
Roy Kessel has proved himself in a number of arenas, most notably in sports, education, sports business and public speaking. Two of his main career focuses have remained the same for more than 20 years: Raising awareness of concussion-related injuries and helping athletes organize meaningful, impactful, and feasible philanthropic events.

Roy Kessel earned his BBA in finance and marketing from the prestigious University of Wisconsin before attending Northwestern University School of Law and obtaining his Juris Doctor. At Northwestern, he was an editor for the Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business and was involved in a number of other activities.

Since then, he has created a number of golf tournaments for charities, celebrities, and corporations. Roy Kessel was responsible for organizing the first ever sanctioned Tournament of Roses event that was held alongside the 2000 Rose Bowl matchup between Stanford and Wisconsin. He has also put on events for a number of major organizations, including the University of Wisconsin, the Stardust Casino, and the NFL Coaches Association.

Other than golf events, he founded the Sports Philanthropy Foundation that seeks to empower sports programs for youth. The initiative is designed around education and opportunity for young athletes, and it brings together athletic organizations, professional athletes, universities, sponsors, and teams to help support youth athletics.

Roy Kessel was also an instructor for the master’s in sports administration program at Northwestern University and served on the program’s Admissions Committee.

Philanthropic Endeavors

He represented professional athletes for several years and was involved in many celebrity golf events. During those interactions, he saw one common theme. Athletes want to give back to their respective communities but are seldom able to do so because they lack a systematic framework in place. As a result, even the well intentioned athletes do not have a way to positively impact foundations and philanthropies.

Instead, athletes would typically only host small events with goals that were far below the wide-reaching impact that the athlete could have achieved. To counter this issue, Kessel works with athletes to figure out the best way to spend their time in terms of philanthropic activity and how to create the maximum impact without detracting for their athletic performance

Often, athletes would grant big sums to major charities because they had no other option. Roy’s consults with these athletes to give them ways to empower their engagement and do meaningful work for organizations they wanted to impact. This is one reason he founded the Sports Philanthropy Foundation that allows athletes and other sponsors to support meaningful programs that show real results.

Roy Kessel has also spoken to diverse groups throughout his career due to his background as an agent, educator and philanthropist. Roy is able to overcome one of the biggest challenges of communicating a meaningful message by adapting to the particular audiences, sharing anecdotes, and engaging listeners in unique ways.

Having the platform for these presentations allows Roy to share his ideas on philanthropy and sports as a whole. He has also spoken on business and leadership topics to, startup businesses, philanthropies, nonprofits, and educational institutions. He is able to tie his background in sports and philanthropy into his speaking events to engage listeners and provide valuable insight into the sports business industry.

The Concussion Question

Concussions, unfortunately, are one of the biggest issues in modern sports. Roy Kessel launched the Sports Brain blog in 2012 with a focus on covering national news concerning the sport-related injury and how athletes are coping with recoveries. Concussions are considered an epidemic in professional sports, especially in football, hockey and soccer, though cheerleaders, baseball players, divers, horseback riders and any other athletes still have a chance of suffering a concussion. .

His SportsBrain venture has become a major player in the topic of concussions. The company provides facts, resources, baseline concussion testing and other information about sport concussions, recovery, and educational programs. He also founded the Concussion Support Network that is launching to help athletes and their families cope with concussion-related injuries.

Throughout his career, Roy has proven himself as an authority on sports-related injuries and concussions and his dedication to philanthropic support for organizations.
One of Roy Kessel’s main goals is to focus all of his attention on SportsBrain. Though the company is already well-known for its concussion resources, he hopes to continue diversifying its services by offering more insights into the mental side of sports. Athletic organizations in every sport usually focus most of their resources on physical training rather than how the player is learning and applying (i.e. how does the athlete learn) mental conditioning is taught by coaches and reinforced by companies like SportsBrain.

He is focusing his company’s efforts on developing a learning style for athletes that allows them to communicate effectively on and off the field. The goal is to help them better understand communication as a whole and, by extension, increase performance.

Most notably, Roy wants to continue offering time, capital, and effort to his charities and philanthropies. He founded two such organizations, including the Jewish Sports Foundation and the Sports Philanthropy Foundation. Each of them have become notable names in athletic charity.

One of his main goals is to educate, inform, and help athletes understand concussions and how to recuperate from injuries. A serious injury on the field can lead to a major decrease in performance, which, as all athletes know, is a lifestyle. These athletes get paid (in a professional sense) to perform and are unable to do so without the proper mental and physical conditioning. As for youth and community sports teams, Roy Kessel believes that everyone should have access to concussion awareness information in order to avoid life-changing injuries like a concussion.

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