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Tylor Wymer

United States
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Tylor Wymer is a reference librarian dedicated to providing high-quality customer service, while fostering a love for reading and educational growth.

Tylor Wymer is a reference librarian at the Indiana-Marion County Public Library, where he has a variety of responsibilities, all of which he greatly enjoys. From ensuring that patrons receive the best customer service, to helping spark an interest in reading, Wymer makes the most positive impact he can.

Librarians do more than what meets the eye. When many people think of librarians, they don’t usually realize the various job descriptions and responsibilities that this career consists of. While in the past, librarians may have had the simple job of checking out materials and shelving books throughout the day, today, librarians are multi-tasking wizards.

Tylor Wymer is an information investigator, literacy pro and trainer, a community programming coordinator, technology expert, manager, manuscript reader and at the end of the day, a great storyteller. And while fulfilling this mouthful of duties, Wymer shows passion, as he demonstrates the importance of public libraries in today’s community.

These are some of Tyler’s everyday tasks:
● Promotes early literacy and outreach information to instill life-long learning
● Preserves libraries and their duty to access free education
● Inspires reluctant-reading children and teens to reach their full potential and harvest a love for recreational reading.
● Uncovers necessary information for patrons
● Partners with other literacy advocates and professional associations to further advance the profession

When patrons need help using the reference sources, Wymer is there to lend a helping hand. He instructs on various topics, including how to use the catalog and access information online, as well as how to use basic reference sources. In addition, he can expertly guide those looking to consult encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs and so forth; so anyone completing a project can do so with ease.

Tylor Wymer received his bachelor’s degree in English from Indiana University in Bloomington. He returned one year later to complete his master’s in Library Science. His specialization lies in reference services. He expanded his knowledge with courses regarding library management, social science, government and business information. As a reference librarian, Wymer has developed a deepened passion for reading, researching and communicating new information to library goers of all ages.

Tylor Wymer is passionate about helping promote the professional growth of library users. Once a week, he assists with technical instructions and teaches a basic jobs skills course free to the public. In doing so, he helps sharpen participants’ resumes and educates patrons on basic job searching applications.

He also received his certification in child and young adult librarianship. He discovered this area while studying at Indiana University. After gaining knowledge of early literacy and the importance of inspiring reluctant readers to indeed read, he grew passionate about helping promote readership and learning.

Everyday, Tylor Wymer shows his commitment to three primary sectors of librarianship: technical services, user services and administrative services. As a reference and children’s librarian, his foremost priority is to leverage information and spread a love of learning in the community. Everyone has the right and ability to learn with ease.

Tylor Wymer strives to bridge the generational gaps and bring the community back together. To achieve this, he is enthusiastic about providing free and educational programs at the library. The public library regularly hosts yoga sessions, book clubs, storytelling programs, jobs skills training, book signings, youth events and more. Wymer even provides a unique service for those looking to take an introductory course on the ever-relevant Microsoft Word.

To promote early literacy and cultural engagement, parents are urged to bring their children and toddlers in for story time. Some people believe libraries are all about quiet time. However, it really depends on what time of the day and what day you come in. Many libraries are a hub of community life and that is exactly what Wymer strives to make the Indiana-Marion County Public Library. Yes, libraries typically have quiet workspaces, but if you check their schedules, the many activities provided offer plenty of time to interact with friends and fellow community members.

As a vital part of the community, the library is also committed to the personal growth and professional improvement of community members. The library serves as a beacon of hope for those struggling and unemployed individuals, providing an abundance of free services, at a time where “free” anything is almost unheard of. Yet, the Indiana-Marion County Public Library, with the help of Wymer, remains dedicated to uniting people through their educational outreach programs.

Professional Associations
American Library Association
Tylor Wymer is a proud member of the American Library Association (ALA). As the largest and oldest library association in the world, ALA provides news, events, information and advocacy resources for members, librarians and library users alike. It was founded in 1876 during the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. The mission of the organization is to provide leadership for the development, promotion, and improvement of library and information services. In addition, it works towards advancing the profession of librarianship, for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience and ensuring that all have access to the needed information.

Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC)
Wymer is also affiliated with the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), the world’s largest organization dedicated to supporting the enhancement of library services to children. ALSC members are innovators in the library field—from creating creative programming and teaching children the best practices, to informing about continuing education and providing professional connections. ALSC’s network is extensive, consisting of over 4,000 children’s and youth librarians, children’s literature experts, publishers, education and library school faculty members, and others. All members are dedicated to enhancing children’s lives through libraries.

Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)
Wymer also proudly represents the Young Adult Library Services Association. As a national association of librarians, library workers and advocates, its main mission involves the expansion and strengthening of library services for teens, aged 12-18. Its member-driven advocacy, research, and professional development initiatives, helps libraries and librarians engage, serve and empower the minds of young adults.

Public Library Association (PLA)
With over 9,000 members, the Public Library Association (PLA) is one of the fastest growing divisions of the American Library Association (ALA). Founded in 1944, PLA’s member-driven community offers a diverse program of communication, publications, advocacy, continuing education and programing for members and others interested in public library services.

Tylor Wymer is a strong supporter of the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF), a nonprofit organization, also affiliated with ALA. Raising A Reader (RAR), a group dedicated to helping children practice home-based literacy routines to equip them for future success, is another organization Wymer continually shows support for.

Personal Interests
Tylor Wymer loves traveling to beautiful destinations with his wife and two daughters. Two of his favorites locales are Lake Tahoe and Columbia River Gorge. He’s a huge fan of the outdoors and enjoys showing his daughters everything the great wilderness has to offer.

He is a musician, with the ability to play the mandolin, guitar and harmonica. His musical abilities are a hit when he uses them during storytelling and other library programs. Additionally, Wymer
is also a great cook and especially enjoys cooking Mediterranean cuisine.

What might come to a surprise to some is that Wymer, a now avid reader and promoter of reading, was a reluctant reader as a child. It was only after an inspiring librarian luckily came into his life in elementary school that his love for literature was awoken. Today, Wymer is now a professional librarian, utilizing his knowledge and love for education, to motivate others. Tylor Wymer makes school projects and other sometimes-daunting tasks fun, exciting, and more educational.

Passed his duties as a librarian, Tylor Wymer continues to extend his services to community. He takes on the role of a consultant and coordinator for birthday parties, daycares, non-profit children’s events and more. His storytelling and librarian services have harnessed an impressive following. Some days you can catch him performing story time for the young tots—complete with his guitar playing, themes, singing and educational books—all in one weekly program.

For those interested in his services, Wymer is available to perform at libraries, schools and other functions. In performing these services, he is fulfilling his mission of inspiring children to acquire a lifelong love of reading and learning. He oftentimes performs presentations for local preschool teachers to inform them about early literacy. He also instructs childhood education workshops, for which he is seen as an extremely valuable resource to a wide variety of teachers.

Tylor Wymer is 100 percent invested in getting kids to read and enjoy learning. He even leads multiple book clubs and summer reading programs, where he strives to encourage reading no matter the genre or age. He will continue to use his experience as a reference librarian to help people find the types of reading that sparks an interest in them, as well as help them explore new genres and new callings. He challenges people of all ages to read, especially if you have children, because reading a key component of personal growth.

  • 11/1996 to 05/2000
    : University of Indiana
    : Bachelor of Arts in English
    : United States
    : Bloomington, IN
Career History
  • 10/2000 to 12/2099
    : Librarian
    : not defined
    : United States
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