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Kevin CarterHUDMakingHomeAffordable

United States
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Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, offers mortgage management and renegotiation services via a non-profit government program which is free to its clients.

Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, focuses on helping hard working Americans stay in their homes. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is a program sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. HAMP may lower monthly payments in order to make home payments more sustainable and affordable over the course of the loan repayment process. The program is for working people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments.

The qualifications are, in part, that the home must be a primary residence. Further details are available here:

Kevin Carter has a 100% percent success rate in working with this program. Priding in honesty, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, he approaches the process of mortgage Modification/re-evaluation with a deep knowledge of the field and a tenacious dedication toward winning the best possible outcome for his clients. Based on the East Coast, Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, is licensed in over 27 states. His goal with each client is to affect a resolution to their mortgage issues in between 45 days and six months. Typically, he offers a combination of three approaches to the task at hand: reduction in interest rates, extending the term of the loan, and the lessening of the principal balance along with stopping foreclosure for those that need it. As a testament to the quality of his service, most of his clients learn about him via word of mouth.

Kevin Carter graduated from Harvard Law, where he focused on business law. He later developed a specialty in real estate law. He has worked as a Senior loan officer before moving into mortgage modification legal side, where he has built over 7 years of experience.

Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, notes that this product is by way of a number of government programs. Following the 2008 financial crisis, in which subprime lending and adjustable-rate mortgages played a very prominent role, many American homeowners found themselves in a monetary bind. Mortgage rates had eclipsed the actual value of the property, putting many hard working people behind a financial power curve. To address these concerns, the federal government instituted a variety of relief and bailout programs aimed at both lenders and homeowners. Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, emerged as a leader in the home mortgage modification industry on the strength of their understanding of these programs.

The Home Affordable Modification Program was instituted in 2009 in order to provide that sort of relief to distressed homeowners. The criteria for qualification were as follows:

• The mortgage was obtained before January 1, 2009.( This is NO longer Valid )
• The total owed on the property was less than $729,750 on the primary residence or single unit rental property.
• For two-unit rentals, the total debt can be no more than $934,200, for three-unit rentals, $1,129,250, and for four-unit properties $1,403,400.
• The property is not condemned.
• The homeowner is undergoing financial hardship and is either delinquent in payment on the loan or in danger of falling behind on their mortgage payments.
• Non-occupant owners must be delinquent in order to qualify.
• The homeowner must have sufficient, documented income to support the modified payment.
• The homeowner must not have been convicted of felony larceny, theft, fraud, forgery, money laundering, or tax evasion in connection with any mortgage or real estate transaction within the last 10 years.
• The homeowner must have attained their mortgage through a participating mortgage provider.

HAMP is intended for single-loan mortgage holders. Homeowners laboring under a second mortgage may qualify for the Second Lien Modification Program (2MP). In order to qualify for 2MP, a homeowner and loan must meet all of the following criteria ( Please Remove ) I don’t do 2nd Mortgages ( Please exclude 2nd Mortgage info )

• The first mortgage was modified under HAMP.
• The homeowner must not have been convicted of felony larceny, theft, fraud, forgery, money laundering, or tax evasion in connection with any mortgage or real estate transaction within the last 10 years.
• The homeowner must not have missed three consecutive monthly payments (Not true statement ) on their modified HAMP loan.

Other criteria may apply, depending on the circumstance of the homeowner, the lender in question, and other changes in regulation. Carter provides expert guidance at navigating the complexities of both the HAMP and 2MP programs, among other options offered by HUD at this time.

Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, became a rapid success in the industry, helping homeowners from across the United States and all walks of life stay in their homes. Priding himself on a personal touch, Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, chose a philosophy of treating every client with the individual attention they deserve. This has shown over the years in the number of referrals the business has received. Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, has also received a large amount of fan mail from homeowners expressing their thanks and satisfaction at the quality of the service provided. Reading the words of real Americans drives home the importance of the work that Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, has held in their lives:

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication in helping me through such a difficult and challenging situation. If I didn't have you advocating for me, I don't know what I would have done. Your hard work made it possible for me and my children to remain in our home and have a stable environment, we will be forever grateful! I really appreciate all you have done for me. My best to you in all of your future endeavors.”( I want to add Clients Name and city )

“I feel foolish to ever having doubted you. Here attached is the new contract with Chase. Please have a look at the last page in the pdf and tell me the interest rate is fixed not an ARM. I believe it is a fixed interest rate. Tell me if I’m wrong, Sweet Success!”( I want to add clients name and city / state )

“I've been doing some thinking over the weekend. I'm tired of stressing about it. I want to thank you again for your assistance throughout this whole thing. I really do appreciate the rate decrease you got for me.You are truly the Best in the Industry and I am glad I found you with my Mortgage Modification needs. This approval is better than I could ever hope for.”

“I made my 1st payment to Chase on the 28th. This is a beginning to hopefully an end to my long battle with Chase. Hopefully they will not do an about face on me as they have done before at the end of my last so call trial run for three months. I must say this trial mortgage amount was better than the last amount offered and I must credit you for this accomplishment. I will have to stand in line with all others who have praised you on the Internet. I'm usually the one going far and beyond for free, helping others in a time of need, finally my good Samaritan efforts have been returned to me. So I will end by saying as I always say, thank you sincerely for all you have done thus far and if in anyway I can assist you, do not hesitate to ask.”

These simple, heartfelt words are a deep and honest expression of the relief found in a mortgage restructuring. Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, has consistently received these reviews from those he has helped. Falling behind on a mortgage and losing one’s home is a nightmare that too many honest people have faced over the last five years. Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, has worked tireless to shield people in their hour of need.

The work of Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, continues. The US economy is in an interesting position. The overall data currently available suggests that we have entered into a period of recovery. First time delinquent home loan rates fell to below one percent for the first time since 2007, suggesting a slow return to pre-2008 crash levels. This optimism is reflected by some of the experts in the industry. Mark Zandi, the chief economist for Moody’s Analytics Inc. had this to say in a recent interview with Bloomberg: “Mortgage quality is improving rapidly. Once we’re able to work through this last bulge of foreclosed property, which I think we’ll be able to do over the next 18 to 24 months, mortgage credit quality is going to look absolutely beautiful.” And again, the numbers support that analysis. Thirty day delinquent mortgages dropped to five million in March of 2013, down from a peak of nearly eight million in 2010.

However, many homeowners are still behind in their payments. Economic recovery nationwide has been uneven, as many of Carter’s clients can attest. Large areas of the country still have high default rates, and some of those will be a long time in reversing course. The need for mortgage restructuring is still very much present, and programs like H.A.M.P. are still viable. The approach of Kevin Carter, HUD Making Home Affordable, is client-oriented and his stunning success rate puts him at the top of the industry, to have him rescue you from your Mortgage shortfall/ hardship, simply call 800-707-8153

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