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Krystal Shannon is the Director of Research and Development at
Krystal Shannon is an experienced professional who utilizes her unique skill set to excel in a new and growing field. As the Director of Vendor Relations, Shannon works closely with various departments of the online reputation management firm to ensure that all business is conducted as efficiently as possible.

She selects the company’s service providers, finds innovative ways to cut costs and constantly develops ideas to improve operations. She also plays a vital role in communications between internal departments. Essentially, Krystal Shannon keeps running at maximum capacity.

Shannon’s day-to-day responsibilities are varied and diverse, just like the professional experience she brings to the table. Having held two previous coordinator positions with, Shannon’s experience in the industry is vast and sometimes requires her to play more than one role.

She follows the trail of content, making sure that no important information gets lost between departments. She discusses strategies and processes with the Content, Sales and Social Media teams.

Each day, Shannon maintains clients’ high rate of satisfaction with and works in a field of high confidentiality.

As a previous Social Media Coordinator, Shannon is called upon to contribute her knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization). In this department, Shannon works in research and development, SEO, related searches, autosuggest and strategy.

Because the world of SEO is constantly changing, Shannon is dedicated to staying on top of each new update and industry trend. As is plain to see, she is a woman with multiple professional talents.
In 2005, Krystal Shannon entered Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania as a motivated and eager freshman. She immediately became involved at the university by playing women’s softball and rugby.

Shannon decided to take an educational path that incorporated both her passions and her talents. While taking courses that taught about business, management, sports and sports medicine, she was accepted as a member to Alpha Kappa Psi, a coed Professional Business Fraternity. This fraternity is the oldest Professional Business Fraternity in the U.S. and helps students to develop into professional leaders.
With this honor, Shannon was granted many educational and networking opportunities.

She became a member of Shippensburg University’s chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Shannon spent 3 months working as the Student Athletic Trainer for the Shippensburg Football team. She was responsible for prepping the athletes as well as organizing and stocking the training room.

Krystal Shannon graduated from the John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She successfully pursued a dual concentration in Marketing and Management.

She shortly returned to the university to pursue a degree in management. Balancing stacks of homework with the time commitment imposed by college athletics caused Krystal to become wise in time management – an asset that still benefits her in her professional life.

Adding to her impressive skillset, Shannon also became proficient in sign language as well as Spanish. In today’s diverse business world, any language proficiency is a sought-after attribute.

Because her interests were so diverse, Krystal Shannon tried her hand at a few different careers before settling with ORM at

Shannon became a Pennsylvania certified Emergency Medical Technician in 2009 while working in the HR department of a well-established company. As the HR Assistant, she learned how to properly keep track of and administer payroll. This was a wonderful learning experience that gave her valuable insight into a business’ financial department.

Although this experience was valuable and time-consuming, it was not enough for Shannon, who has always been able to handle multiple commitments at once.

During her four years in HR, she also coached girls’ softball at schools in the Portland area. This commitment had begun long before her entrance into the business world. In 2005, she was named Miss Maine Softball MVP. For 9 years, she coached girls ages 9-12 in minor league. She trained these girls to play well, hard and to become leaders. Shannon taught lessons on teamwork and the importance of practice and dedication. Shannon was even able to lead her team to a record of 11-1, a best in the league.

Krystal worked as an assistant coach with the South Portland School District. She coached pitchers and catchers of high school age and helped them to develop their technique. Her team reached the Class “A” Finals and achieved the league’s second-best record.

Krystal Shannon’s life changed, however, when she decided to pursue a career with a different East Coast company. She left her familiar surroundings in Portland, Maine and followed an emerging business to the Greater Philadelphia area.

In 2012, she became employed with as a Social Media Coordinator. Although the company was rather small at the time of Shannon’s arrival, it has since become one of the top ORM firms in existence.

Her responsibilities were crucial to the company’s success. She developed and implemented SEO to accomplish one of’s most important services. She used her intelligence to develop social media strategies for clients. Her work in this position was crucial and required her to manage various accounts simultaneously.

In a position as Campaign Coordinator, Shannon was able to act as the center of communication for clients and the various departments of Not only did she construct and convey strategies to meet clients’ goals, she also kept track of campaign results to ensure the company was providing the best services possible.

In the ORM field, some may find it difficult or stressful to work under so many confidentiality constraints. Shannon, however, has never had issues maintaining an air of professional privacy – one reason that she has become such a vital part of the company. Her dedicated service, unbeatable work ethic and exceptional results eventually led her to become Director of Vendor Relations, the position she holds today.

Although it may be surprising to hear that Krystal Shannon has any spare time due to her numerous responsibilities, she is dedicated to giving back to the community. Shannon’s humanitarian interests include animal welfare, children, education and health. She publicly supports St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Shannon has even taken part in the well-known Relay for Life run by the American Cancer Society. During these fundraisers, team participants walk around a track for 24 hours to raise both awareness and funds for cancer treatment and research. These events occur all over the U.S. and are some of the most successful and popular fundraisers in the nation.

Throughout her life, Krystal Shannon has been led by her passions to professional success. In addition to becoming a central asset to an ever-growing ORM firm, she has found the time to fulfill her personal interests. Along with her dedication to softball, rugby and humanitarian endeavors, she has developed a multitude of other interests. Over the years, these have included ice hockey, soccer, basketball, swimming, snowboarding and electronics. Despite her professional office setting, she has always enjoyed being outdoors and active in her free time.

Due to her varied education and experiences, Krystal Shannon has accumulated an array of valuable experience. She has been able to fruitfully combine Marketing, Human Resources, Computer Software and Social Media Development into one career. In the world of Campaign Strategy, her resume is difficult to top. Her specialities including the following areas, among others:
• Brand Marketing
• Google Autosuggest
• Operations Management
• Web Based Data Management

Taking a look back at Krystal Shannon’s past is an indication of how well hard work, talent and dedication can pay off.
In years to come, Krystal Shannon will inevitably find new ways to exceed expectations in the business world. Because she entered Campaign Strategy at such a pivotal moment in the history of the field, she will likely maintain her position ahead of the curve.

So far, she has been innovative in her work with, bringing the best assets of marketing to the online realm. In the future, the need for online reputation management will only become greater – and Shannon will remain a top provider of those services.

She has risen in rank in only a few years in this industry, and Shannon hopes to continue this trend. By learning all she can and working harder each day, she would like to expand the assets she brings to Eventually, her work with the company could change the world of online reputation management.

As she knows well, branding and marketing will always be necessary services to provide to businesses. She feels that the intelligence and innovativeness that are so inherent in the company will send her down a challenging and mold-breaking path in the future.

Krystal Shannon also hopes to continue pursuing her personal hobbies. When you are passionate about your work, it is easy to let the office consume your entire day. While she is happy with her day-to-day activities, she plans to make time to indulge in athletics in the future. Additionally, her participation in sports will keep her happy, healthy and stress-free.

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  • Shippensburg University , United States , Shippensburg, PA

    Bachelor's of Science Business Administration
    08/2005 - 05/2010
  • South Portland High School , United States , South Portland, ME

    09/2001 - 06/2005
Career History
  • Director of Research and Development , United States
    08/2013 to 12/2099
  • Director of Vendor Relations , United States , Philadelphia, PA
    07/2012 to 08/2013
  • Sherwin Williams , Grandville ,

    Lead color blender
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