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Rex Bell Morris offers custom fitness plans and diet solutions to members at his gym, Fitness Works.
Rex Bell Morris owns and operates Fitness Works, a gym located in Seattle, Washington. At Fitness Works Morris serves as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He offers nutrition education to clients who want to eat healthier and improve their lives. He makes personalized plans for each client, tailored specifically to their needs, including food allergies. As a personal trainer, Morris offers one-on-one training to individuals, creating a unique exercise routine for each client and teaching clients specific fitness techniques.

There are a number of different classes that members of Fitness Works have access to. These classes include aerobics and step, kickboxing, dance, cycling, strength training, Zumba, Pilates, yoga and boot camp classes. Each class is taught at convenient times throughout the day, offering many options to clients. Additionally, each class is taught at different skill levels, allowing all clients to participate regardless of his or her fitness level. Because many of the classes offered include a dance or relaxation component, clients feel like they're having fun rather than exercising. The number of classes offered also allows clients to vary their exercise routine which prevents them from getting stuck in a rut. Additionally, Rex Bell Morris encourages members of the gym to participate in a number of different community fitness programs. He promotes and hosts local events such as triathlons, and offers discounted incentives and cash prizes to individuals for local community events in order to encourage gym members to work towards healthier lifestyles.
Before Rex Bell Morris opened Fitness Works he earned his bachelorÕs degree in psychology with a concentration in health science. After graduating with his degree he decided to pursue a career as a registered dietician. While pursuing this career he qualified as a personal trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) personal trainer certification. The AFAA offers a three-day certification workshop onsite or online which includes lectures, practical demonstrations, and written and practical exams. This course then prepares you for AFAAÕs Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. In order to pass this certification exam you must learn a curriculum focused on a number of different things, including:

Anatomy and kinesiology
Fitness assessment testing procedures
Nutrition fundamentals and weight management
Special populations and medical considerations
Listening, leadership and motivational skills
Exercise programming in the weight room
Wellness programming and screening guidelines

In addition to passing the exam and becoming a certified personal trainer, Rex Bell Morris also learned in kick boxing and the essentials of Pilates. In the past he has spoken at numerous fitness workshops about how to make healthy choices and approach the fight to obesity. As he continued to advance his career as a personal trainer, he gained experience in weight training, endurance athlete training, and core and plyometric training.

When Rex Bell Morris founded Fitness Works seven years ago he envisioned creating a place where individuals of all fitness levels could unite in the common goal of healthy living. He wanted to help individuals struggling with weight or nutrition problems come to the gym and work to transform their lives.

The Staff

When Rex Bell Morris founded Fitness Works he knew that he needed to staff the gym with professional, qualified trainers that could help clients learn about nutrition and work towards a fitness goal. He set out to build a team of knowledgeable and certified trainers, eventually hiring four, each of whom can share information regarding weight loss, sports and endurance training, cardiovascular and strength training, Pilates essentials and injury-safe workout techniques with the clients.

The Philosophy

Morris designed Fitness Works around two specific components: nutrition education and fitness through one-on-one coaching.

Nutrition Education

Prior to founding Fitness Works, Morris worked as a certified dietician. Through this role he learned the value of custom meal planning for individuals. He designed the nutrition education program to create unique meal plans for people struggling with obesity, in addition to people suffering from a variety of afflictions, including heart disease, cancer, allergies, osteoporosis, eating disorders or any kind of pediatric condition.

Morris designed the nutrition program to offer a comprehensive plan detailing how clients can eat smarter. These plans include super-fruits and supplements you can add to your diet, and detail how the body responds to healthy eating.

One-on-one Coaching

Rex Bell Morris is a certified personal trainer, so he founded Fitness Works around the idea of one-on-one personal training. Through these coaching services, clients receive a custom plan to fit their goals. Additionally, the plan was designed to give clients techniques and knowledge about fitness, and inspire and motivate them to keep training.

Rex Bell Morris designed the gym around a threefold approach:

Individualized Care

When Morris set out to found Fitness Works, he wanted to create a gym where individuals of all fitness levels would feel comfortable. Whether it was a bodybuilder looking to participate in another competition or an obese individual working towards losing weight, Morris wanted the gym to be a safe haven for those with fitness goals. He worked to employ professionals that would be able to effectively help individuals meet their health and fitness goals. Additionally, he implemented a system that would allow him and the other trainers to prepare customized plans tailored to each client and his or her specific goals. When founding the gym he created a personalized care approach which allowed for every client to receive a full evaluation of their fitness capabilities, followed by a personalize plan which outlined realistic ways the individuals could meet their goals. Morris also implemented a one-on-one coaching system to allow coaches to truly focus their attention on each individual.

Community Approach

When he founded Fitness Works, Rex Bell Morris wanted to create a community-oriented atmosphere in the gym. He hoped that by showing individuals how eating right and exercising regularly could impact their lives, they would become inspired to do the same for other members of the community. Since the gym was founded, Morris, the gymÕs trainers and the gymÕs members have organized and hosted several community fitness events that bring men, women and children in the community together. These events include local triathlons, 5-K runs, and other events.

Outreach Approach

When Morris started Fitness Works he wanted to use the gym to combine his passion for fitness with his passion for community outreach. Morris enjoys connecting people with fitness and educating them about the bodyÕs relationship with food and exercise. In order to meet this goal, he created boot camp Sunday morning sessions and other events to educate individuals in the community. After founding the gym he also began to work to reach other individuals who did not frequent gyms because of their physical limitations, allergies, pediatric disorders or specialized conditions.

Morris founded Fitness Works seven years ago with the goal to create a gym where individuals of all fitness levels could come to work towards their fitness and health goals. He created a program focused around nutritional education and fitness training that utilizes his experience as a certified dietician and a certified personal trainer. Rex Bell Morris staffed the gym with fitness professionals within extensive experience in fitness training and nutrition, in order to allow clients to receive unique eating plans and workout routines customized to meet their health and fitness goals.
Going forward, Rex Bell Morris plans to continue to help educate individuals about the importance of fitness and eating right. When he founded Fitness Works he envisioned it as a place where people could come to receive customized fitness routines and diet plans. As the business progresses, he plans to continue to provide individuals with plans specialized to help them meet their specific goals. Additionally, Morris hopes that he can reach other individuals within the community through outreach programs, to help spread information and knowledge regarding fitness and health. He plans to continue holding Sunday sessions and other programs to help educate his clients as well as he community at large. He also hopes he can teach young children about the importance of being healthy, in order to curb the childhood obesity epidemic.

In the future, Rex Bell Morris hopes that he can expand his client base to include people who are not typically inclined to go to the gym, because of low fitness levels or other health conditions. His background as a certified dietician allows him to create diet plans for people suffering from several inflictions, including heart disease, cancer, allergies, osteoporosis, eating disorders or any kind of pediatric condition. He designed the gym to be a place where any client can come, regardless of fitness levels, and he plans to continue encouraging this philosophy at the gym. Additionally, he plans to stay up-to-date on fitness trends in order to better provide his clients with training and techniques.

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